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  • re_ms36 1d

    Shshh! Something is echoing
    In the silence of the town ;
    Over the noisy crowds and
    The tantrums of the natives.
    Oh! This is the call of the wild.

    It is calling me to the valley
    of beauty and tranquility .
    Where truth resides on every
    tongue and lies cause allergy.
    Where silence speaks the
    Words of wisdom and sagacity.
    Where love is the religion and
    the caste of all,is but Humanity.

    Where inhabitant flies from
    One nest to the other,having
    Considered each their abode,
    Singing the songs of liberty
    And of the unity in diversity.
    Where each one is sheltered
    Under the same blue sky ;
    And where against the odd rains,
    An umbrella of care, each provides.

    The throne of purity where
    rules all hearts and the fire of
    Hatred doesn't exist anyway.
    Where no one sleeps of hunger
    And betrayed no one feels.

    Oh! I am bequeathing this town
    And returning to my home .
    The Home we left, ages ago ;
    Tempted by the desires so selfish .
    The Home that yearns for its natives
    to come back in that ethereal land.
    The Home that'll greet and welcome us all
    for coming back from this foreign world.

    Shall you, the natives, gather the
    courage and come along with me,
    to the land, where we all should be?
    Shall we embrace the real us in the real Home of ours?!
    Shall we make an exodus to vivify the lost Home of ours?!

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    Shall we embrace the real us
    in the real Home of ours?!
    Shall we make an exodus to
    vivify the lost Home of ours?!

  • re_ms36 2d

    W intery Winter! Why are you so chilling?
    I n the corners are we all left shivering.
    N umb icicles, running noses & chill weather
    T o escape the chill;are the hotpots all together
    E thereal beauty of you,decorates some attires more
    R ising of sun & shining of moon are but quite & cool.

  • re_ms36 3d


    As a sojourner, we all are wandering
    In this ocean of dreams and the
    Palaces of melancholy. Dwelling in the
    Chains of our own thoughts, and the air
    a little foreign,bothering the comfort of ours.

    Melody ranging with the hymns of love
    And the barrel of flowers spreading
    the amalgam of fragrances around.
    With a little of cacophonous sounds and
    a little of literary ballads,we listen to the Life itself.

    Somewhere in the concealed metaphors,
    And somewhere in the touch of similes,
    Sometimes an unrhymed syllable and
    Somewhat a touch of imagery,makes us
    Live a thousand lives of the myriad of souls.

    We pass through the ebbs and flows
    Sometimes dive down and sometimes
    Drown into the depths of the oceans.
    The blues of the sky and the mirage of
    the blues of water leads sometimes us astray.

    Countless dazzles in the dark night sky,
    So are the pebbles of the sandy soil,
    And often the dust particles whirling,when
    passes through the dark; a shining beam of light
    Trying to count them all, we surpass a voyage ourselves.

    Nourishing the Hopes with every new morning.
    Refreshing the passion to live more lively
    Painting the empty corners to fill in the beauty
    Drawing the mosaic and colouring freely
    This way or that way,we travel this journey.

    Some with regret and some with contentment
    Some with little but a lot more valuable
    Some with lot but nothing to be valued
    We all live and all die,but still only some
    Live and some die in this sojourn place.

    This is all but just a mirage!
    Not a destination but a way to it is!
    This is a voyage we all go through.
    We as sojourners come and go ,
    Still are left the things for someone to explore & adore!

    #cees_soj_chall @_luvnotz_outpost_ #sojourn #sojourner
    #writersnetwork @mirakee @lovenotes_from_carolyn

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    This is all but just a mirage!
    Not a destination but a way to it is!
    This is a voyage we all go through.
    We as sojourners come and go,
    Still are left the things for someone to explore& adore!

  • re_ms36 5d

    Sometimes i want to speak my
    heart out; but i feel so broken
    inside that my voice starts crackling
    and tears come rolling down my cheeks.
    And i could not utter even a single word,
    And this very thing has devastated
    me deep inside, since ages.

  • re_ms36 2w

    #Snowfall #kashmir

    Captured : 5 Jan., 2021 12:48 pm

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    In the rooms well-ventilated
    Enjoying hot cups of tea ,
    Snow flakes making them excited
    Other creatures,they don't bother to see
    Filling their galleries with captures serene
    And blurring the helpless scene of ours.
    Ohh Humans! Pay us a heed!
    We are right now in need!
    The Chill outside has us freezed
    Hunger and thirst has made us lazy.
    Isn't there anyone for us to feed?!
    Nothing much, just little grains we need.
    Ohh Humans! Pay us a heed!
    We are right now in need!

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  • re_ms36 3w

    U nited hands, altogether tied
    N ights and days, chains remain aligned
    'I mpossible' is but just a word.
    T ogether they can accomplish the world.
    'Y ou' and 'I' when switches to 'We' and 'Us'

    I t ignites the power of togetherness.
    S ingle drop of water,looks aloof and barely of use

    S ublime river benefits the universe,when together the drops infuse
    T o tackle every threat, that strength Union upholds
    R everberating the hidden potentials;Unity enforces
    E schewing the differences, thwarts the collapse
    N ourishes the stability of the cluster's circumference.
    G arden of morality blooms, when sprinkled the water of unity
    T he flowers of harmony flourishes,leading eventually to the victory
    H umanity certainly prevails when Unity surmounts each Diversity.


    #mirakee #writersnetwork

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    "Unity is Strength"


  • re_ms36 4w

    Smile, not because you are happy
    But you are Breathing.
    And that can show you a million
    reasons to be grateful for;
    provided you wish to see and
    stimulate your fading Vision.

  • re_ms36 12w

    This life is a composition of all the sweet,bitter,sour experiences. At one time, we can see ourselves all happy.Flying high in the air.Everything and everyone seems to be on our side. Nothing bothers our peace of mind at those times. We live every moment more vivaciously. We are lost in the admiration of all the beauty around us. We call that feeling as 'Happiness'. We breathe and feel happy.We see our loved ones smile and laugh and we become happy. We see our favourite meal on the table and it exhilarates us. A little achievement brings enough satisfaction. The soft breeze touches our skin and it seems the happiness hugging our souls. Having quality time with family or close friends makes us believe the world as a happy place to live.We smile with ourselves thinking about some past event when we had had a good time; be it a school function or some college picnic or someone's wedding reception or anything.We feel happy and just smile and relive the happiness of even the things which are gone long back. Recovering from a disease we have fought for a long time, makes us feel the happiness of being blessed by the Almighty. Offering prayers, talking to the Almighty and praising Him gives the ultimate happiness to our souls and we feel enriched with Happiness.Giving anything helpful to someone needy gives us pleasure of the whole world. Doing a little favour to someone be it known or unknown makes us happy. Listening to the chirping of birds gives the delight of a Happy song of the time. Watching them fly makes us feel the happiness of being liberated enough. Gazing at the starlit night makes us appreciate beauty even in the dark. We look at anything and our eyes try to find even the slightest of beauty or goodness in that. We feel our body, mind and soul in a state of contentment and pleasure and we are qualified for the tag of being called 'Happy'.

    And what do we do when things doesn't go as per our expectations? When we lose someone most loved, to death,without whom we never had thought of living the life. When we have sacrificed our every pleasure for a very exam and we don't see our name shining in the results. When we feel lonely and need a ear to listen to our heart but there isn't any. When we get hurt from the best ones of our life. When we see pain and suffering all around us.When we are going through the worst of life and nothing seems to improve. When we are heart-broken by anything or anyone?....

    We just lose Hope in everything. We think that everything is destined to belittle our worth. We underestimate our capabilities. We surrender to the hardships of life.We assume that we are not worthy enough of living a happy life. We end up depressing our minds. We overlook our strenghts and accept ourselves as a 'Sad person'. The things which were once pleasing to our eyes; we don't give a slight look towards them. The nights and the days doesn't make a large difference to us. We no longer want any kind of conversations with anyone. We ignore all the beauty and happiness around us which we had been praising before. We keep on harming ourselves by ourselves for the things which are gone.
    "Happiness" is just the state of mind. It is all upto us how much happy we want ourselves to be and how much happy we could ourselves make. We can find happiness even in the little unknown things and we can find sadness even in the most pleasurable things. All lies in your head.Think of yourself as a sad person and you will naturally throw all the happiness away from your life by yourself without even knowing that. And think of yourselves as a happy person and you will make ofcourse your life better and also spread happiness in the lives of those around you too.
    We fail to realise the reality of life. The life could not be sweet only. This has to be somewhat bitter and sour too; so as to relish the taste of sweetness. We often ask the question"why me?". But you ai'nt the only one. Every person, i repeat,Every Person, from a little kid to an oldage person,faces hardships and problems and sadness in life. We all have some ups and downs in life but what makes the difference is that how you will overcome and get a lesson from them and use those problems as stairs to your successful future. And i think that is 'Life' all about.
    We unnecessarily entrap ourselves in the web of problems and all the heartaches we have suffered from, not knowing that it costs us our peace of mind and happiness of heart; therefore making it the most expensive. So, my dear reader, be a little miser there. Don't pay such a high amount. Don't ever let anyone or anything make you believe that you don't deserve happiness. If today there are some hardships going on , tomorrow they will be gone. Take the lessons from them and move on. There would definitely be something better and wonderful to come.
    And if you are happy right now, be grateful to Almighty. And spread your happiness to everyone around you. Be polite in your behaviour with everyone.
    Remember Nothing is permanent here. Neither hardships, nor happiness.Neither good days,nor bad days. Neither life nor you and me.
    This life is a journey. Lets make it the pleasant one with all the positivity we could spread. Face the harsh situations with strength . Embrace all the good around you. Appreciate all the things and see the beauty in all.
    For it is rightly said by persian poet, Islamic Scholar and Sufi mystic,Moulana Jalal ud din Rumi (R.A.) :
    " Everything that is made beautiful and fair and lovely is made for the eye of one who sees"


    Oops! This long!! Pardon me��


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    "Happiness is just the state of mind. It is all upto us how much happy we want ourselves to be and how much of happy we could ourselves make"

  • re_ms36 15w

    Why am i not able to write anymore?
    Is my paper angry with me or ,
    My paper doesn't find me adorable anymore?
    Have i started embracing the happiness?
    Is that the reason ?
    Oh ! Then you will get me back soon.
    Because pain is my faithful partner.
    If Happiness is the morning then;
    Sorrow is the evening of Life.
    Both will come one after the other.
    As these are the part and parcel of life.
    You must not lose hope, my pen!
    I won't and can't deceive you ever.
    You were all ears to my
    Senseless, turbulent thoughts.
    You have all my secret pains
    Absorbed with pleasure.
    You have all my wrath
    Endured with patience.
    Such a faithful friend i won't lose ever!
    This blessing will be cherished forever!