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  • realchica_official 3d

    Go you own pace
    Dare to show a glimpse of the real you
    Your story is powerful

  • realchica_official 3d

    Go your own pace
    Dare to show a glimpse of the real you
    Your story is powerful

  • realchica_official 3w

    Be yourself.

    Truly beautiful people...
    The kind that shine from the inside out
    make you brave.
    You never know who you’re inspiring by being exactly who you are.

  • realchica_official 4w

    Day 5

    The princess locked herself away in the highest tower, hoping a knight in shining armor would come to her rescue. -i didn’t realize i could be my own knight.
    ~ by: Amanda Lovelace, from “The Princess Saves Herself in this One”

  • realchica_official 5w

    Day 2

    My a n x i e t y encroached as the hungriest w o l f in the pack did. Licking its chops, ready to feast on my bones. You swooped in like the soft crescendo of a
    v i o l i n playing a beautiful melody and rescued me from the beasts.

  • realchica_official 6w

    Black Lives Matter. 🖤

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    Beautiful souls in Black bodies continue to be threatened, discriminated against and murdered.

    I see the Black Community.
    I am listening and learning.
    The Real Chica Community stands for kindness but recognizes empathy is not enough. Let’s get comfortable or uncomfortable discussing race and privilege. Who has privilege, who doesn’t, and understand our relationship with the word. Let’s work to create a kinder, safer, and more inclusive world for everyone.
    To my community, let’s keep an open mind. To my white chicas and chicos, let’s keep checking our privilege.
    We need to acknowledge our history and today’s learned prejudices and do better.
    I will speak up against injustice and continue to listen and learn.
    To my Black chicas and chicos, your hearts, your stories, and your person matter greatly.

  • realchica_official 9w


    I have faith.
    I have the courage to be who I wish to become.
    I am grateful.

  • realchica_official 10w

    Love and support

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  • realchica_official 10w