I'm a Rebel a Father a Veteran of Combat, and of a tough life, a word magician. check out my YouTube Channel for spoken word version of all my work.

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  • rebeljones777 4d

    True roots

    The world is a dark
    and mysterious place
    I too embraced the pain
    the internal suffering
    I've taken lives directly
    and indirectly
    as a slave to war
    and survival

    my words comes
    from that suffering
    and something
    deeper even.
    The surreal ethereal
    unseen reality
    deep within me

    begets thee
    begot thee
    My ignorance has moved on,
    forgot me
    the worst is over
    there's nothing left
    to stop me
    but me
    I need to trust me
    brush up on a
    forgotten language,
    true me

    An embroidered
    history of hidden
    wounds, eventually
    surfaces painfully
    with needled memories
    braided into me
    allowing me to gain
    a friend in pain

    where will I end
    up a year from now's
    a mystery
    to me
    considering where I
    came from in history
    let this be a lesson
    learned for the
    sons of me
    the suns of man,
    and the daughters
    that exist from me
    the lesson here
    is pain is part of existing,
    drain from it,
    it's positivity, vampirically
    learn to make
    your fears fear you
    like mine fear me
    becoming fears tyranny
    read each word carefully
    with empathy
    if you listen close enough
    you can hear my voice
    and the strength in me


  • rebeljones777 4d

    False Entitlements

    As infinite worlds collides
    Blended timelines,
    Changing our memories forever,
    Making our history lies,
    We've blended so much, we don't know our histories size,
    Alternate signs that the times have been altered,
    They've tried and they've tried but have faltered,
    Placing humanity as the sacrifice at the altar,
    For what you say?
    For a belief by evil fiends aka
    terrible human beings,
    That believe they're elite,
    Entitled to more than the rest of humanity,
    The epitome of vanity,
    Which is truly insanity
    That people really believe they deserve so much more than you and me.
    Where possibly could this originate,
    This mad mentality,
    This type of thinking is only partial hemispheric,
    Without the true understanding of human empathy,
    No stock or ownership in sympathy,
    Only selfish living through summoning the sickening powers of greed.

  • rebeljones777 5d

    Man The God of lies

    Oh the magnitude of it all
    is in greater detail
    then your blind minds eye
    could ever perceive
    Listen to me
    In this pale of water I do see
    More than reflections of me
    I see
    big bombs
    bursting in air
    No longer in countries
    proud song
    But now cries of despair
    God did not bless us,
    God did not care,

    Fore Men gave up
    in such beliefs
    When they made themselves
    the Gods they once feared
    Justified or mostly lied
    About a
    non existent birth right,
    Worth more than
    your weight
    if your birthed white,
    Classified as birthed right.
    So much hate and ill will to other humans lives,
    mere humans
    with egotistical beliefs,
    that it's alright
    to take
    natural value away
    from human life.

  • rebeljones777 5d

    Message from the fires

    I'm getting closer to the point that all walls
    All the barriers are torn down,
    Feel me now,
    there's a point to what I'm saying, and the point will come around when your ready to slow down
    and hear its sound,
    A message from yourself thumping around in your brain,
    A sound alarm to awaken,
    You've been asleep far to long,
    And forgot the mission you were on,
    To enlighten your mind,
    strengthen your vessel,
    and get to know the soul
    From here it won't be long,
    Watching the world from the outside
    Realising you don't belong,
    Men have become the demons they despise,
    the greedier they get
    the more you can see the great big empty fill their eye's,
    Men that lay with men,
    and women with women
    never truly satisfied,
    Now they lay with beast and lose all human life from their eyes,
    A true story sad to say
    soon to come in future days,
    This atrocity becomes a normalcy, when morals became second to diplomacy,
    Addicted to theoretical knowledge, allowed you to trade in your humanity,
    But you
    you have the audacity to judge my insanity,
    formed by feeling the pain of humanities sins of greed and vanity,
    Expecting me to fit in to your idea of free society,
    Certainly plain to see society is painfully miserable,
    masquerading through life as satisfied with life and happy,
    With an occasional sappy extraordinary story
    of another individuals unusual heroics,
    To slap you in the face,
    with an awakening that your life has been mundane,
    and it's time to change your story,
    Step outside your sheep like category
    Speak a voice that's only yours
    and see how fast the society you once thought the only way will shun you.

  • rebeljones777 1w

    I Wonder

    I wonder if they even have a clue how much pent up crazy I struggle to restrain inside.

    I wonder if they have an Inkling of even a fraction of the ongoing never-ending war in this mind.

    It tends to cloud any hope or permanent turn around,
    You call this spoken word,
    art, or poetry,

    but for me
    its the only outlet available to comfort me in my times of need
    for that
    deep mental or
    emotional release,

    in my times of pain,
    or just simply when the madness within desires to speak.

    Noone that loves me could ever get it down to an understanding of the crack in my mental crown,

    and it's not their fault,
    it shouldn't be their curse but thus far they've chosen to stick it out.

    It can be very scary at times the thoughts that I have, and
    I wish I could aggressively and
    violently rip, shred, and tear them out.

    It's so fucking loud in my head
    from all of my guilty past
    haunting the inside of my head, scratching at my attempts to deny that they live.

    One day I know I'm
    going to answer to them,
    but for now I don't have the head strength to confront all they are screaming about.

    My demons aren't generally
    confronted vocally or aloud
    but you find hints of them in my written content blazing from the depths of my inner hells

    as they ferociously yell my hidden pains over and over and over again.

  • rebeljones777 2w

    Soul searching/Star search

    Are you hungry yet,
    Has your thirst been satisfied?

    So many variables to learning what's been taught as wrong and right,

    Here's the part where my mind takes flight,
    like bugs that can measure
    how close they can get to the light,

    Trust your boundaries brothers and sisters
    You'll be alright.....

    Cautionary travel into madness,
    To elevate our celestial sight....

    Pardon me sir and mam that came along for this crazy ass flight,
    Strap on those seatbelts tight,
    This is gonna be more than a bumpy ride.....

    Trips like this can get dark quite quick when you're trying to ingest some deep dark in-depth shit.....

    I don't write this stuff to impress,
    I write these truths because they are not mine to possess,
    And if I hold on to them to long
    I will never progress!.....

    Eventually it'll blow, explode from within, I mean implode!....

    Here's something random,
    And a little subliminal
    By this point I should have your attention now, and in a slight state of psychosis and ready to free run this untravelled road
    of fermented thought......

    Ssssshhh did you hear that?

    The sound of noisy silence brought on by vibrating shots of verbal shock?

    I've penetrated your minds eyes where we fuse our inner thoughts.

    It's like a dream but it's not,
    It's lucid thought!......

    I've done pieces like this before
    When the light hemisphere's merge with the dark,
    and the Madman in me's journey starts as we embark on a hunt for answers of my spirits start,
    But not as my spirits shark,
    More like a student of my spirits art......

    Have you ever let your mind
    take you off the charts,
    maybe slow your heart,
    Breathe deep,
    Hold it and let it slowly depart?

    change gears,

    don't fear the initial departure,
    that's the extent of the discomfort,
    the rest of the way just follow the beautiful music and Sparks.

    Insisions made to penetrate
    the minds eye
    leaves true thoughts
    no longer caged
    Leaking real vision and light
    to all the dark crevises of the brain,

    Once there you no longer need common sustinance, the wise old stars of late is all the food you need,
    And a steady paced heart.....

    I now exit this meditative state
    And Pandiculate my arms and legs
    To outward universe bound as particles of energy secreet
    from out of me and back to the stars ascending slowly remembering exactly who they are.

    Welcome home child of the stars,
    Allow us to embrace you,
    Fore you've travelled so very long
    and far....

  • rebeljones777 2w

    The people of the future
    need us now.
    Let us walk forward to help.

  • rebeljones777 2w

    #POD # Spiritual #DeepPoetry

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    Soul Exposure

    When the temperature of the pen is raised with my internal ink bleeder,
    I'm friends with the flame
    as it inspires thoughts and sends mobility to the ink feeder.

    It's time to captivate the mind's, hearts, and souls of each listener and reader.

    Open your soul.

    I feel on occasion I've been mused by the same ones that spoke to John Paul and Peter, because I can't even reason attempting to convince myself that I alone came up with this content I've often written,

    I'm not even a Bible reading believer.

    I've been places within, you could never visualise without my ink painting views and scapes as the written painted pictures of dreams that become manifested into real life.

    I now present to you a study of this design created by something much greater than you or I. This creator has placed a key inside all of us meant for us all eventually to find.

    Meant to unleash the powers of our third eyes.

    The words I describe as I scribe truths upon a world filled with convincing lies tells a tale of all of us, as we have all traveled the cosmic timelines, life after life.

    How many can honestly and openly admit they have never had the feeling that they didn't belong here?

    Theres a reason why.

    Deja Vu exists to remind us that this isn't the first time that we've been here. Dreams and imagination are not just ideas of being creative, they are not fantasies, but memories of other times that we were previously here.

    Empathy and emotions belong to the soul, and the spirit. Theres no possible scientific description depicting a material evidence discovered to prove it's existence. So stop looking outside yourself for answers.

    Let the soul interject speech to your thoughts as you begin to truly innerstand and explode artistically with messages and philosophies the spirit wants told.

  • rebeljones777 2w

    The Music
    By RebelpJones

    Sssh silence please,
    The symphony's begun,
    The most beautifully painful music plays for all the world to feel,
    But all the worlds been deafened by the bribes of fake appeal,
    They take you from what's natural and real,
    Getting you hooked on synthetic highs and good feels,
    Caffeine for breakfast, caffeine in pills to replace your meals,
    Your getting fat you've lost sex appeal,
    Everything is music projecting what we think and feel,
    But if what we feel is fake then that means life's music isn't real.

  • rebeljones777 3w

    The Visitor

    One night when I couldn't sleep,
    not even for a moment,
    a shadow came to me and,
    speechless by lips,
    but vocal inside
    spoke me a message.

    An eerie feel I must declare,
    A shiver crept throughout,
    it was rather quite chilling,
    the noises I swore I had heard,
    It showed me wearing
    bright shades of fear for a suit,

    but where was my armor of bravery
    I was so accustomed to,
    as I was currently being Pummeled
    in this battle with new truths.
    I shook and I shivered,
    Frozen in paralysis,
    I could not move.

    A fear for what I was learning,
    for my life would never be the same,
    Released from a life of being comfortably numb,
    I would finally feel real love
    and true pain.

    (A gained opportunity
    to see what life really is.)

    How far back in the past
    would I have to travel
    to find the individuals
    that are to truly blame

    The rabbit hole is deeper than I
    first understood
    and when I allowed myself to
    start falling down it,
    the darker this new truth was.

    It allowed me the opportunities to
    see what lies beneath,
    it also allowed me the
    most limited sleep.
    This new visitor I
    call new truth,
    although not new at all,
    just to such an infantile
    mindset that's existed for
    thousands of years and
    still holds ignorance to
    much I call the unknown.

    (Or maybe just misunderstood.)

    The images it showed me
    as the fall took a pause,
    allowed me to see more
    than just humans,
    you know,
    more than just us,

    every aspect of every living realm has
    a natural law of justice,
    and a natural moral code
    The natural order of things
    that allows every other
    living realm to fairly coexist.


    We humans seem to be and
    always have been
    the most petty when it came to
    how we feel and
    our actions we present
    in order to
    emotionally heal.

    To feel
    was meant,
    I do believe
    to be a strength
    but we abused this ability
    and it became our demise
    it truly became
    what makes us weak.

    It's come to the point
    to where our
    bias overpowers whats logical
    and the decisions,
    and choices that we make
    are ultimately made blind
    and with very little thought,

    We a species
    found easy to
    control by those
    whom mastered emotional manipulation by psychological penetration and
    intricate lies to make it seem
    like we the people
    are making choices
    while we are just moving
    one foot in front of the other
    in following the rest
    in the same conforming direction,

    and upon further inspection
    of a reality covered in
    sugar coated shit,
    I see the vision
    of us all
    we're all just comfortably
    treading daily right on through it,
    while claiming success
    because we do it,
    life for more than a thousand years
    has been truly stagnant and lucidly ignorant.