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  • rebelpjones 12w

    wild soul

    A rhythmic heart
    A chaotic wild soul,
    Formulated from fathers seed
    And placed in mothers sacred stone.

    A strong swimmer,
    fighting civil unrest
    in order to make it home.
    The oceans of chaos
    flood replicas of me
    within the queens quiet storm,

    Won't see for nine months
    the light of day upon
    the three dimensional shores
    of the long ago explored,

    I swear to Yahweh
    I've been wild
    in this world before.

    In my spirits history
    I've written
    the most profound words
    for scholars to absorb,

    I've painted history
    upon the ceilings of our world,
    I've conducted the worlds
    most soul touching scores,

    I've swung the most
    mighty forged swords
    of histories
    Most read about wars.

    I'm back again
    to unleash who I've
    been in the past
    to help me become
    who I am to be
    moving forward
    but once again.

    A war is coming
    So as I wear my
    warriors armor,
    And spread my Phoenix wings
    Its time for this
    immortal spirit
    To once again soar the
    heavenly skies once more,

    Just to fall from broken wings
    on the sands of memories shores.
    For we know from the past
    what the future has in store,
    And me life and its history
    have been through
    so much thus far,

    what's another battle scar,
    what's another song sung
    or war story told,
    as they fall on
    young excitable ears
    as did heroic tales
    in my younger years.

  • rebelpjones 13w

    Restless spirit

    Scattered words interwoven
    within a storm of partial thoughts,
    The madness inside infused with a rebel spirit that seems ever so lost.

    A world at war
    deep within my inner core
    my morals and thoughts are becoming chaotically blurred.....

    Within these thoughts is a
    haunting musical score
    Composed already and
    playing forever more......

    so loud is the screaming that
    only I seem to hear,
    so loud is the silence
    that the world refers to as fear,
    Fear is a mere hurdle often obscured.....

    This ink you read is
    spilled from souls tears
    that cry to me,
    to write a story untold
    of my spirits history.

    It waves its voice
    all around
    inside aggressively
    pressuring me
    until words begin to bleed profusely.

    coursing through my bloodstream,
    I feel its warmth, and tingling,
    before it leaks from fingertips
    to loose leaf.

    This here tale is not based on
    something real loosely but,
    the one bleeding this ink is
    introducing the world to the
    true me,
    Through the fleshy me,
    entrusting me to manipulate these
    words I weave,
    and its you the readers responsibility
    to find the messages within these
    lines I've crafted for you to see.

  • rebelpjones 13w

    Thanks Dad.

    Come here you fucker!
    Over here stupid!,
    You ain't never gonna be shit!
    So why do ya try so hard?
    What are ya a fucking retard?
    No one ever told me growing up
    I was a gift from God
    as was this life that
    I've suffered and walked.

    Constant harsh words
    Reminders I'm a
    A fucking let down
    Look at me now!
    A broken man but
    stronger than ever
    Showing the world
    How I've turned
    my life around!!!

    This is for that guy who
    claims to have had a
    hand in my raising,
    But the only thing you ever raised
    was the whip and the fist to me.
    Thanks dad
    Growing up with you
    made life
    a dangerous
    risk for me!

    Breaking my spirit inside
    You had me hating to be me,
    While starving for a father
    who would rather
    spend quality time
    Cheating on mom
    and beating on me.
    See I use to get even
    by stealing money
    from your wallet,
    and I know that was wrong.
    So I moved passed my conscience
    too allowed it.
    And anyways what about the
    childhood that you
    robbed from me?!

    And lets talk about when I was
    fourteen or fifteen
    and you took me out
    looking for hookers while
    mom was at home cooking
    hot meals for us to eat!
    "Don't say a word" you said
    You said no-one would ever believe me,
    but the proof is in your actions
    you spent nearly forty years
    with my mom cheating.
    Well in forty years
    You got any idea
    how many souls
    took a beating?
    A waste of space,
    you aren't even
    worthy of breathing
    Or bleeding,
    for you're just a
    soulless worthless
    human being.

    You had a saint for wife
    My mother
    It's because of her
    you had such a
    golden fucking life!
    and now you two are over
    you're still trying
    to screw her over
    Without even
    an Inkling
    of a thought
    to try and
    make things right.

    I wanna expose truth
    about you
    to the world that
    sees the public persona
    of you.
    How well would your empire do
    With the title of pedophile
    in front of you.
    Deny it if you wanna
    There's more dirt
    than that on you,
    How about the invite
    to watch pornography
    while in your tight whities
    Saying this is what it means
    to be a man,
    What a great father figure
    you turned out to be,

    Remember dad
    when you tried to
    purchase my daughter
    from me with a moderate check
    if I agreed never to come back,
    what kind of a man does that?
    And how about after mom left you
    The life size
    collectable doll that
    you had half naked
    in moms spot in the bed,
    Man I swear
    you're infested and plagued
    with the sickest and darkest
    of demons in your head,
    and when you finally
    lay to rest
    I pray for your spirit
    to show you
    the most painful things
    in life that you did
    over and over and over again.

  • rebelpjones 13w

    S.R.V. a smoke ring visions collection
    By RebelpJones


    There's no stopping
    what happens next.
    A train derails,
    A plane goes down
    A bomb in the British castle,
    The worlds at a turning point
    And that turning point is critical
    Everything's about to change,
    Spiritual will become a proven visual
    They had to dumb numb down the masses,
    And introduce the truth,
    Produced as entertainment
    Brought to you by the masters.

    In the darkest hours
    the white smoke rings
    tell tales of stingy pockets
    Of men in power,
    not Gods but false idols
    with big towers,
    And statues in honor,
    Biographies to
    collect dust on
    ancient shelves
    not seen in centuries,
    Thats how they like it
    rule from the dead
    and shadows.
    Never talked about
    thought about,
    Archived as some secret elite,
    Rich assholes
    Creating profitable wars,
    Using countries as
    money laundering whores,
    Need I say more you know
    Who you are!

    Part 2

    Catering to the masses
    That's what I do
    My passion is Namaste
    To awaken you
    Until this happens I
    Say I'm bound to each and
    every last
    One of you,
    You touch my soul because your human,
    That's what life is supposed to do
    Where is the love I miss that shit
    I ain't felt it since black eyed peas made it a hit.
    The times world wide have gotten critical,
    And folks still don't get it
    It's bigger than you,
    See what the basic problem is
    There's no compassion left
    It's been hijacked by something sinister with a terribly dark gift
    And see it doesn't sound realistic if your a sleep
    Because everyone knows you can't tell the difference of real and fake when your stuck in dreams.

    Look deeper into my smoke rings
    Find what truths you need to see
    Let my descriptive gift give you the indepth visions you need.

    Part 3

    "When I finally lay to rest,
    Do not come to me in sorrow,
    Those whom have my heart,
    Embrace my hands
    and laugh with me,
    As I tell you things of tomorrow
    With one last laugh,
    And one last smile.....

    As the last few dew drops drip
    from morning rose petals
    I mettal in matters of meditation,
    The waters steaming as I dip my feet in, and begin trascending deep within....

    In the final moments of moonlight.
    The darkened hours of morning are my favorite,
    for the wee hours the thoughts of randomness come pouring leaking from my finger tips....

    The dragon berry black leaves
    hold my grains of herbal seeds,
    boldly inhaled, when burned in proper form leave me with visions within my morning smoke rings.

    Frictioned thoughts fused
    as they touch,
    singularily they stay afloat
    in loopy forms of cloudy smoke,
    This  here in thought
    is when message
    presents itself for me
    to boldly unfold.....

    The ink you read
    was found washed up
    on the sands of some
    deep regions in me,
    Shipwrecked upon shores
    of secrets rarely seen let alone beckoned to speak upon loose-leaf....

    The quills dark sharp tip cries stories presented in poetic song in harmony with deep message from the past not that long gone, one thousand years of perception seen from ancient eyes tell stories of a future planned for man blueprinted so long ago.

    The owls eyes
    reflect stories spoke by
    prophetical voices heard
    from black mirrors by
    holy betrayers to tarnish thou truth,
    So wickedly twisted to poison thy  fruits from the trees roots,
    Beware I say now more than ever for granted chances the Devil will sanction ever a chance to speak again the truth.....

    Part 4

    A penetrating force releases sands from times hour Glass,
    rarely seen in such thoughts
    a need for humanity to
    take on a rather large task,
    taking, your lives back,
    but for that to happen
    you need to put down the microchipped devil that's equipped,
    before it becomes permanently attached,
    There's few that come back from that.....

    The seas Bellow a cry
    for the lands natural magic
    to bring beautiful back
    as it once was before terrible creatures called man
    took hold of these oceans,
    the skies, and all of its land.

    Winged beasts
    once ruled the skies
    before metal monsters
    took over by programmed deceit.
    Man too will have that battle before long and shall lie down in defeat,
    As we all pay some form or fashion to become the top slave,
    we have already paved the way
    and accepted being beat,
    and this is how the battle of the spirits continue without being seen,
    but by a few who have chosen to manipulate these things,
    to make life for their kind more Keen to their comforts in the evil dark future to come.
    For peace we shan't see
    anytime soon it's been coveted by those who think they found peace,
    but they never shall
    for they gave their soul for a piece
    of humanities deathly disease,
    Fake currency,
    Power over others seems
    to be
    man's idea of wealthy.....

    These are my smoke ring visions......


    As I put two fingers
    and flick
    the negative weather
    out of my atmosphere,
    a whole new perspective
    and perception
    seems to appear.

    This place I'm in internally
    This meditative realm,
    there's no hate here
    there's no fear
    except for a
    healthy dose,
    with much respect
    for my Creator,
    and not learning from
    all of my failures,
    for that's how you repeat
    ignorant behaviours.

    I once took a leap
    to the death
    from the top of the
    mountain of life,
    and to no avail was there
    ever a chance to
    forever rest this breath,
    this voice.

    I attempted once
    to escape this flesh,
    As my spirit spiraled through
    left over loopy smoke rings
    from the previous purple herbs
    of earth I blew.

    As I laid below,
    awaiting the reaper
    to collect my soul
    The piercing eyes
    of someone or
    something else
    watched from up above
    awaiting my arrival back
    to ready me
    for the trials soon to come.

    It whispered thoughts
    into my mind....
    " we are not yet ready
    to feed you back
    to the dirt and stars,
    there's still much work to do!"

    Raising the words of truth
    In a manner that you
    the reader
    Can relate to,
    is a task
    not done alone,
    but with the help
    of an ancient muse.

    This voice, this muse
    brings more than just
    lines of poetic verse
    but of future news
    far beyond the
    questioned gender
    of the next western
    political shrewd,
    or the
    insignificant reportings
    of celebrity views.

    There's something deeper,
    something far more sinister
    approaching soon.
    I see it in the shadows
    of the icy moon
    that projects the arrival
    of something wicked whom
    wishes to consume
    the spirits from me and you

    The visions of
    future occurrences
    are picturesque and spotty
    In my herbal smoke rings
    that seems to stay stuck mentally
    like herbal resins
    sticky to fingertips
    that stain
    to my unique lines
    of fingerprints.

    These visions relay
    a cliffhanger message
    that I must pick back up
    as I study what I see
    in between
    my steaming tea leaves,
    interpreting a language
    frowned upon by society
    So I put magic spells
    within my lines
    to super impose
    the rhythmic truth
    inside my poetry.

    As a reality unknown to us
    merges onto the pages
    of our story
    we've become to comfortable in,
    all to familiar with,
    mankind is taken by surprise
    by a deceptive being who wishes
    to be called a divine king,
    but he is no divine being,
    he is ruled by darkness,
    shadows, and greed.

    A war for the ages
    ran by bloodlines
    of the ancient,
    Or so they claim,
    Nashar  Nashar Nashar
    That's all I have to say
    Research on your own
    if you need to translate
    the lines I write
    the words I speak,
    or the thoughts I poetically display.

  • rebelpjones 13w

    By RebelpJones

    She worked her fingers
    to the Bone
    With daydreams of being
    whisped away
    by the magic
    of fairies and gnomes
    Tempted to retrieve her
    freedom and flee from
    this laboring slavery,
    But remember friends
    this is only a day dream,
    she'll remain where she stays
    for the rest of her days,
    fore these thoughts belong
    to no reality of hers
    fore it's not in her social class
    to serve any other purpose
    but to serve the less selfless and worthless.....

  • rebelpjones 13w

    Madman's Requiem

    I honor the blessed lessons
    left behind by the dead
    as their spirits speak their messages
    inside of my head.

    My elders speak deep and far
    from the grave as they plant
    the words with a rhythm
    Intertwined with my mind
    for me to write.

    A scribe for the speechless
    and invisible,
    as my pen
    bleeds at night.

    There's a music in my head
    That plays as I write.
    Its hauntingly eerie
    and beautiful at the same time.
    It speaks to me in tones,
    beats, and hi-hats.

    And at times
    I hear the spirits
    cries for closure
    in white noise and static.

    Or their messages
    in sounds of crumbling plastic,
    Its like the tiniest sounds around me
    can sometimes trigger something
    ancient and magic.

    Silent meditation mentally speaking
    in an ancient language
    unaware until
    penned to paper.

    You see, the past has a way of
    doing the future a favor,
    Yet we humans don't
    generally recognise this and
    continue on in life blind
    with ignorant behavior,
    Waiting for an
    already present savior
    whom stays waiting
    in a state of restless slumber.

    It is us and
    with love we could save us
    completely unlabored.

  • rebelpjones 13w

    what would you do

    As history leaves glimpses of itself imprinted on shards of broken mirrors,
    They show of love and pain,
    Loss and gain,
    Stop for a moment,
    Pause these thoughts let's take it to another train of thought as we leave this place portrayed as life, and nothing more outside of this exists in sight, I refuse to except this as truth!

    "You don't have to" says a voice from a place within a mess of sound within myself, a hidden place within where there exists a different voice with a different sound, so frequently loud,

    "What if the few whom knew the truth kept it from you?, What if everyone is wrong except this elite certain few? What if this was truth, how would it feel, what would one so hungry for truth do?" Would you let it consume you, take over your very breath, and choke the soul right out from within you? Well tell the truth would you tip toe a foot over the line, thinking it easy to turn around, and leave it behind, once you got a taste, and seen it all in sight?

  • rebelpjones 14w

    The Self Within

    I'll write you a poem
    that'll leave a lasting echo
    ringing forever in your mind,
    Just as it has
    ever since
    it first entered mine.

    There's something
    deeply interwoven
    Inside that allows me
    to express the
    workings of human emotion,
    Or how to explain a way
    to rip your
    conscious wide open.

    Through this written gift
    I can even take you
    into other realms
    of meditation,
    where it becomes
    conscious travel,
    And more than just
    some content written,

    It's possible
    I could guide you to a place
    Where if you have questions
    Its okay to ask and learn
    the answers
    not widely spoken about
    out in the open.

    This meditation can
    cure you of your
    addicting need for
    I was there once
    so I know this,
    This meditation can
    help guide your focus so....

    Open your mind up
    while you read this thesis
    of spiritual reaching
    exercise that will help
    keep your positivity,
    and exercise your demons
    of negative feelings,
    this here is the
    most natural way of healing,
    and the best possible way to
    find and increase your
    higher frequencies when
    life gets overwhelming and
    you have trouble dealing.

    Listen deep within your core
    to the whispering lady wisdom
    As she kisses
    your soul and mind
    with the thoughts
    you need to know to shine the light necessary in a darkened sad stricken world.

  • rebelpjones 14w

    Haunted Poets

    I ghost ride
    Ghost writers
    To give thoughts
    For ghost writers
    To write!

    I write from a place
    Deep in the mind
    From a place that leaves
    Me with visions and signs
    Ripples in time,
    A place to get lost
    In the harder times
    And the darker times
    Of life.

    Poetry painters
    Masters of words
    Magic manipulators
    Of emotions
    and feelings
    heart, and souls
    truth and
    dream bringers

    The ink becomes
    voices of God's
    For the audiences
    souls and thoughts
    The anticipation of
    Turning pages
    and facing
    Truth knowledge
    and wisdom in
    Which every scholar
    In history has sought.

    A haunting in this
    poets thoughts
    allow descriptive
    Written pictures to
    transcend you to a
    world of laughter
    pain sadness and fear
    Smiles, heartbreak,
    and tears,

    These pieces we bleed
    As we starve our souls
    For yours to eat,
    For a poet are the
    most passionate beings
    With the loneliest souls
    That die starving and poor
    But imprinted as legend for history

  • rebelpjones 14w

    Lets Stay Together

    Bang bang bang
    their shooting in the streets
    As the raging riots break free,
    Fiery flames engulf buildings
    that once maintained
    a purpose lighting up the
    once dark night,
    we a people
    not a race or culture
    but we a people are
    fucking angered at
    we the people
    whom initially put
    we peoples lives in danger,
    "But wait lets not dismiss,
    but diminish this hate and anger."
    This is major
    we don't need no more division,
    We must unite
    lets stay together
    at times like
    right now,
    were we should be joining hands
    not pulling arms and
    causing unnecessary storms
    where love could take over and
    give life back its natural form.
    I could sing the same old song
    but since this songs been sung
    nothings changed thus far.