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  • rebeltease 2w

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    Creative Intoxication

    My creativity embodies 
    my very mindset
    Inspiration expressed 
    not just an outlet
    My discretion as an artist 
    not to be repressed
    Laid out in any form 
    allowing others to digest 
    Thoughts manipulated 
    then conveyed 
    Carefully constructed, 
    hoping your amazed
    A creative mind never 
    My message ambitious 
    yet always realized
    You influence my passions 
    and intentions
    You see your essence 
    is forever mentioned 
    Never censoring my 
    words or ability 
    You bring about 
    a flexible Impossibility 
    Your attention each 
    word playfully awaits 
    In anticipation my 
    ideas will then intoxicate 
    Appreciating adoration 
    as words sway
    Reciting each verse 
    in my poetic play  
    I can’t suppress my 
    darkest obsession 
    You see you are 
    my creative expression
    Every line has been 
    designed you know 
    Comprised of passions 
    I need to show 
    So if this is how 
    I spark your interest 
    I would do it all over 
    again in an instant 

  • rebeltease 4w

    2020 Goodbye

    Chaos came into the world in a form unseen
    Traveling worldwide causing a deadly scene 
    Millions of people dead and dying, hope is lost 
    Unknown killer none realized it would cost 
    More then we expected and we’re not at our best 
    Racism has escalated to the point of protests 
    The killing of our brown skinned brothers 
    The unjust of some police and then there’s others
    Our streets full when in middle of a pandemic 
    Not the best time but still against racism systemic 

  • rebeltease 7w

    That's The Tea

    Maybe I’m just being petty 
    let me state my case are you ready
    When we first met your swagger made me stagger honestly 
    I stammered over your use of grammar 
    Like a hacker who was attacking with your rap....   
    Your words were so deadly....
    Such a clever endeavor 
    whenever your around 
    a bearer of wealth and treasure leaving me bound 
    Silently you’d sit, 
    yet righteously you’d come back violently 
    leaving those who tried you, lifeless
    Your very vibrancy excitedly delighted me
    How they would think themselves majorly 
    Lol but truthfully only minor league
    Always hittin what you were spittin 
    don’t you agree
    We were a dynasty 
    I say that modestly 
    Always being the talk of society 
    we were their delicious tea
    Over time now I wonder 
    do you still notice me 
    Or perhaps Im just too devoted see 
    I’ve promoted my motive endlessly
    Lowered my guard just a poetess, 
    writing poetry 
    Noted all the unknowns graciously 
    As I’m steadily trying to write impressively
    Countless pieces I bring in a myriad unnoticed seriously 
    So curiously am I petty? 
    You got me 
    I guess that’s it 
    point, blank, period 
    that’s the tea

  • rebeltease 8w

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    You Have Become My Addiction

    You have become  my addiction 
    A never ending condition almost like a conviction
    Isn’t that the definition of love’s light 
    Awaiting the right conditions keeping the mission in sight 
    inhibitions are woven into fragile threads of every dimension 
    and I’m learning it’s quite concerning yet it sheds a new light 
    See my curiosity is characteristic
    I’m obviously optimistic 
    yet still I’m cautiously pessimistic 
    so honestly I am anxiously idealistic 
    Some would say my infliction would be just a contradiction 
    Did that make sense?i
    Fact is mostly I’m just artistic 
    But let me be explicit when it comes to our love 
    I most assuredly would miss it 
    So my position is in opposition to what others think is fake 
    My disposition remains loyal others permission I won’t take 
    See we are a limited addition 
    not many can relate 
    But regardless of what they think they know they’re heartless attempting to deviate 
    So let them keep spinning their opinion 
    it just don’t substantiate 
    its our decision 
    so I’ll keep grinning
    cause I know that it’s our fate 
    So my prediction is it’s my addiction 
    and rehab is not my mission 
    For me it’s just too late

  • rebeltease 8w

    Open Myself Up

    Summoning all my love I have in my heart for you

    As I hold back some emotions staying true

    You entered into my life telling all I needed to hear

    Making me feel wanted thinking you held me dear

    But life is such a funny thing never giving what you want

    To be that special one in your life, and not have to hunt

    My heart has felt so much pain directed to my world

    Ever since I was young and just a small young girl

    It burnt things into my mind that I will never forget

    But you see for all my pain there’s nothing I regret

    Just know I’ve been broken in life many times before

    Dealing with certain things and I couldn’t take it no more

    So if you want to be apart of this life that i live

    Let me know so I can open myself up to you and give

  • rebeltease 10w

    Not Like The Rest

    Let me slip into the crevices of your mind 
    Implant myself within your memories 
    I want to experience your thought process see how well defined 
    Curious as I express I’d have no regrets I’d follow your memories back in time 
    To know you better those memories I’d climb 
    Wanting to know what made you “YOU” 
    Struggles you’ve overcome and all that you do
    Past loves, friendships, pains, through the process that determined it was this person here that would grace me 
    last soul searching decisions how you express, your burdens, assertions, decisions you faced, what gave you that WOW factor 
    I want to know you inside and out, feel what you felt 
    I need to show you I won’t hide, nor have any doubt 
    To reveal how you make me melt....
    babe I want to know you so deep, more than anyone else
    So we can grow, weep, have fun, see what cards your life dealt....
    I want to know you and love you....
    give you my best 
    Because my love 
    I must confess 
    you aren’t like the rest... 

  • rebeltease 10w


    At times our subconscious is
    but memories we wish that had been
    It can contort the truth as it can
    attach a happy signature to
    our very thoughts while forgetting
    the corrosion of the bad as it will
    seal a new memory into our mind
    Instead of being pushed away we
    may view being cuddled
    You do not have to be confused
    to cast out the bad memories
    it may surprise you as it does me
    You see I align myself with the good
    as I choose to cast out all that hurts
    making memories more pleasurable
    and life a lot less stressed

  • rebeltease 18w

    Your Flow

    Strolling through your 
    memory’s ambition
    Entrusting it to an Essence 
    of smooth transition 
    Riding upon your every 
    word so well defined
    As every sentence then is  
    left to be redesigned
    Flowing upon your rhymes 
    to play within your ink 
    Searched hidden messages as they all make me think
    Letting each stanza caress 
    planting in me your theme 
    Loving all the characters in 
    your abstract painted dream 
    Floating on the ebbs and 
    waves of your very flow 
    Each bar you was killing it 
    like in a murder show
    You got this, you don’t need 
    me but I’m along for the ride
    This is a challenge one I needed
    and that I won’t hide

  • rebeltease 21w

    Chardonnay Whispered Truths

    Hidden within the magical
    nighttime fire
    Serendipitous moments 
    manifested such desire
    Just a few seconds set 
    my world in motion 
    Filling me with an 
    undying devotion 
    Showing inside me an 
    essence of subtle proof 
    With your sweet Chardonnay 
    whispered truths
    Giving me what I had 
    unknowingly missed 
    To be lost within your 
    sweet memorable kiss
    Together we’ll welcome in a 
    pastel painted sunrise
    Where I would lose myself 
    in depth of your eyes
    Whispering a goodbye to 
    the velvety moonlight
    Safe within your arms 
    to be held so tight

  • rebeltease 24w

    So sweet

    Show me to heavens 
    door so sweet 
    Give to me the love 
    I have craved 
    Make my heart skip 
    every other beat
    Please help my lost 
    soul to be saved

    Taking away all of 
    my past pains
    That have in truth 
    held me back
    Calm my mind so 
    I’m again sane
    Give me a strength 
    for all I lack

    Answer all my 
    unanswered questions
    Help to build me up, 
    not let me down
    Explore each of my 
    many dimensions 
    While letting me stay 
    safe and sound

    And if my insecurities 
    begin to shine through 
    Need me and show 
    me I’m much more
    Just know in my life, 
    all I ever need is you
    Appreciate me so 
    much more than before