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  • reddj01 6w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 8 word short write-up on Obligation

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    Love is flower
    It blooms or withers away.

  • reddj01 10w


    Your heart is pretty
    Your smile is breathtaking.
    Your voice very hypnotic.
    Your eyes are like a portal,
    A path to joy less travelled.
    You're pretty own it.


  • reddj01 11w


    Look in the mirror
    Whatever you see smile.
    Your smile can defeat your darkness.
    Smile and find your comfort.


  • reddj01 12w

    I just want to feel

    You took your love
    I'd fall for your words
    Back then before I turned numb.
    It was a plan wasn't it.
    You turned pain it a curse.
    If i could walk away I would.
    I can't...
    I keep coming back to your pain.
    I just want to feel.

    If i cant feel love
    I'll feel pain, or something
    I just want to feel.

  • reddj01 13w

    Love me not

    Say you love me and I'll believe you and I'll take my heart.
    Say you care for me and I'll let you break it.
    Say you'll always be there for me and maybe I'll beg you to stay.
    I'm a fool to love you
    When you love me not.

    I'll let you bring my walls just so you can hurt me more.
    Like wise I'll let my guard down and let tell me all the lies.
    All the skeletons in your closet scream my name and tell me to run .
    I choose to stay, to love you.
    And yet you love me not


  • reddj01 13w


    Your Pain is not a villain don't fight it, feel it. The battle only gets easier when float in it as one.

  • reddj01 13w

    The little lantern

    A little light to brighten day
    A little glow of the lantern's light
    A long path I'll see for days

    In  a land where rainbows never form
    A yellow light of a golden touch
    The dim black light rules the world
    The lantern as slaves
    To pitch black's might
    No light escapes his dungeons

    A little light to brighten day

  • reddj01 13w

    I could be your light

    Maybe if you stopped chasing the darkness would you see I'm your light. All you ever needed was an escape.