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  • redheart161 1w

    Happy friendship day to all my mirakean friends here ������....

    @arya_abhipsa @fairytales_ @the97_introvert @taniya_9124 @the_rocking_ray @nehadvn_7 @thesunshineloves @tamanna3


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    Is just a word
    But can someone define how much depth this word carries..
    I definitely can't.
    But I can say that it's absolutely amazing to find someone who shares the same mental disorder as you.
    Someone who doesn't judge you for being yourself.
    Someone who sees the tears behind your fake smile.
    Someone who undersands you when even your parents fail to do so.
    Someone who cheers you up when you are sad.
    Someone who joins you in your craziness.
    Someone who makes those boring lectures bearable just by their presence.
    Someone who doesn't submits their assignment on time just because you didn't complete it.
    Someone who stands by you during your difficult times.
    Someone who guides you to the right path when you are on a wrong one.
    And definitely someone who knows the real you.
    That's why for me friend's means my savior, my advisor, my guide, my crime partner, my lifelines.
    Love you all ..

  • redheart161 2w

    Some days I'm happy
    Some days I'm sad
    And then there are days when I feel numb
    My heart devoid of all the emotions.
    My body just lying down motionless.
    My brain does this organ know how to shut itself
    Maybe it doesn't.
    That's why it starts recalling all the vivid dark memories
    Which I always want to forget
    But it seems I can't.
    The moments where I chose to stay silent instead of taking a stand for myself.
    The moments when I watched my world being crumpled instead of saving it.
    The moment I started running from my problems instead of facing it.
    The moment when I realized I was no longer myself.
    I had already killed my inner self just because I did not wanted to lose the people I've always loved.
    With all these thoughts in my mind
    My eyes starts shedding tears
    Until the last tear slide down
    Making me doze off.

    @ak_anjali_daydreamzz @the97_introvert @dove_wings @nehadvn_7 @taniya_9124 @the_rocking_ray


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    Some days i feel happy
    Some days i feel sad
    And then there are days when I feel numb.

  • redheart161 3w

    Out of all the beautiful lies you told me
    You know which are the most beautiful ones.
    "I love you the way you are. "
    "We will make to forever, babe. "
    "I will love you till my last breathe and
    I can't live without you"..
    Will always be my favorite....

  • redheart161 5w

    For one last time

    I want to be lost in your mesmerizing eyes.
    I want to hear your melodious laughter
    blessing my ears.
    I want you to embrace me in your arms.
    I want our hands to be interlocked.
    I want to feel your lips on mine.
    I want to relive our moments where I loved you &you loved only me.
    I want to call you mine.
    I want to whisper I love you before you bid your final good bye.
    Just for one last time my love.
    Is it to much to ask for?.

  • redheart161 6w

    Don't give up

    If u lose in a race
    Don't dismay to show your face
    If that happens don't feel sad
    Don't think that you have been mad
    Try again and give your best shot
    For you may have in store a jackpot
    Just try try again! And you will improve
    Then closer to your target you shall move
    Take my advice just keep cool
    In the race or you are a fool
    Then victory will be yours for taking
    Success will be yours for achieving
    Try again if at first you
    Don't succeed

  • redheart161 8w

    #1306_7yrs #BTSARMY #7yrswithbangtan #7toEternity

    This is the first time I'm writing something for them. I know I won't be able to express what they mean to me through my words... Bcoz they are just not definable��������....


    From Hold me tight to Love maze.

    Oh my dear bangtan
    I met you when lonelines had started to succumb my life
    That's when the lyrics of this song hit me differently
    You know I would just paint a smiling me in the blank sheet
    But when I used to wake up it just became a picture.
    I used to cry cry and cry that's how I spent my nights earlier
    But with you my dear bangtan things started to change
    Slowly and steadily I started to shine like a scented flower.
    I could see your happy faces motivating me to be happy
    And then realisation struck me
    If you're not here my boys, I'm just a corpse, so how can I breathe?
    Now I can't live a day without you, so please always
    Hold me tight, so I can feel you..

    Oh my dear bangtan
    U always taught me believe in myself
    While being trapped in a maze of decisions
    U said that love ain't a business
    Yeah my boys while falling for you all
    I started loosing all my insecurities
    I started loving myself with each passing day
    My boys now fake noises can never tear us apart
    Baby (BTS) now I don't give a damn what the world say's
    I promise I promise you
    That I'll never leave this fandom ever
    We will be together forever
    In the darkness just the two of us (BTS*ARMY) is enough
    In all these lies
    If we're together, even an endless maze is a paradise.
    -- redheart161

    And I'm really thankful to BTS for gifting me such an amazing army friends here. Without you all mirakee doesn't feel the same...
    Armys I'm really sorry if I made any mistakes ����...
    Saranghae my armys ����������
    Together we'll make it to their concert ��������....


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    Kim Namjoon
    Kim Seokjin
    Min Yoongi
    Jung Hoseok
    Park Jimin
    Kim Taehyung
    Jeon jungkook

  • redheart161 10w

    Well, finally the day ended with a dozens of wishes and tons of blessings and love from my loved ones ������..
    So here I'm for thanking you guys, hmmm wait no not guys, my family my army family ������ for making this day so so so so special for me even during this pandemic situation.... Even though you all were not here but still you all made me feel your presence through your warm wishes and beautiful dedications ������..... I felt like you all were embracing me in your arms and were showering me with your love ������..... And yeah even celebrating our boys victory as they became THE FIRST BOY BAND TO CROSS 1B VIEWS ON YouTube������....
    I'm not a great writer as you all but still had to write this post for expressing the amount of happiness I felt today ������.... And yeah a Very Big Thanks to Mirakee as it is a source through which I met an angel souls like you all ������..... I hope our bond stays like this forever and may we make more memories together ������.......

    P. S-- And guys we have to make it to BTS concert together ������������������........
    Saranghae armies ����������.........
    Purple you all ��������������........
    -- Red heart������

    @taekook_maknae @_nikithasharmabts_rare @nivey14 @aryaabhipsa @the97_introvert @thesunshineloves
    @ak_anjali_daydreamzz @btslove @dove_wings @sharmamanisha_melophile

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    Thank you

  • redheart161 12w

    I'm a wanderer

    I'm a wanderer
    I haven't crossed seven seas across
    I haven't heard the forests applause
    But I've
    Swam across the ancients eyes
    Slept in the laps of gleaming skies
    Thus declare with utmost pride
    I'm a wanderer
    I haven't scaled the mountain heights
    I haven't taken a thousand flights
    But I've
    Covered paths with the strangers alone
    Valiantly sung the merry song
    Thus proclaim with pouring love
    I'm a wanderer
    I haven't visited a single palace
    I haven't conquered any molasses
    But I've
    Wiped tears and extended smile
    Sat with them and spent a while
    Thus announce with open mind
    I'm a wanderer.

  • redheart161 15w

    And today I felt
    I'm finally over you
    But then night arrived
    Sleep took over
    And again in my dreams
    There we were dancing together
    totally lost each others eyes..

  • redheart161 18w

    My love...
    I had an ocean full of love for you...
    But u came with cupped hands.....

    Still you were the one who left me...
    Blaming me that I didn't loved you enough...