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  • redhunter00 1d


    I can't promise you a fairytale love
    The tears would drip for sure.


  • redhunter00 11w


    He asked,
    'Can you revive a numb heart?'

    She replied,
    'I am no doctor but I'll give it a try.'

    #life #consciousness


  • redhunter00 12w


    Five roaches sat comfortably
    On the ash stained pavement.
    The sixth, suffocated between his lips...
    As nicotine haze fills the night sky.

    #cigarette addiction


  • redhunter00 13w


    You said I'll never find happiness without you.
    And it's TRUE, you made me realise not to put my trust in mortals..
    Because humans disappoint and are flawed too..
    But ever since you left through all the loopholes
    Of doubts and insecurities you created,
    I found happiness living in solitude..
    With all my thoughts of bliss and hope..
    A happy place, to revive a broken self...



  • redhunter00 13w


    Nine years ago, I saw it all..
    That fateful Wednesday, I saw a mighty tree fell.
    With it's buttress roots..

    #Death #TimeHeals


  • redhunter00 13w


    She was the only flower in my garden..
    A Chrysanthemum!
    Until a red Rose sprouted..