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  • redolent_smile 3w

    I sit on the viridescent grass
    under the sky at night,
    Illuminate just a little
    By the constellations of stars
    That I've deciphered
    Onto the black canvas
    That had held before
    Tinges of black and blue only.

    I've always craved to daub the sky,
    With those colours that my heart
    Chooses to bleed.
    But all I could save was
    Gyrates of silver, drops of pearl white
    And shades of celestial blue.

    I spun the star string
    With uttermost elegance and delicacy
    Fearing the chagrin of Athena.
    As had Arachne,
    Her shouts and terror played before my eyes,
    But slowly they faded away.
    Eclipsed by beauty,
    I concocted my own essence.

    My perishable hands failed to darn
    The fabric of celestial bodies but
    "We are celestial beings.",
    Someone once told me this .
    So I allowed my own stardust
    Flow into it with ease.

    Paradigm I wove
    With softness that's not mine
    And sprinkled into them life
    With what was left of my whole.

    Once I was done with it,
    I wrapped the angelic veil,
    Beaded with the string of Orion
    Onto the black space of the cosmic sky.
    And the universe discerned art
    Oozing out of my veins.
    But no single homosapien spared a glance.
    Not a single praise tickled my ears
    And the sonorous silence clawed at my heart.
    But I wouldn't let that be.

    The euphony my soul warbled
    Cuddled deep in the milky way of my creation.
    Too messy to make out
    If all I did was disburse random symphonies.
    Or my messed up tiny heart
    Had pondered for aeons
    To present the orchestra my eyes saw unfold.

    But none of them mattered
    Because the universe of my creation
    Was silent no more.

    - Sadrita

    Perhaps the last post of 2k20
    Happy new year in advance to all of you ❤

    @barasiya__ @the_poetic_soul you guys are the best thing that happened to me this year. Thankyou ❤

    @love_whispererr @_sleepyhead_ you both are my favourite ❤

    @someone_alive I feel so special when you specially tag me in your poems ��

    Edit 1: @the_frozenn_heart I'm so happy to see you here again ��❤ welcome back!!!

    Edit 2: @writersnetwork @mirakee someone pinch me please! ��❤ this can't be true. I'm so happy. So much!
    Thankyou. You just made my last post of this year so special( my first pod and sixth wn repost ��)

    Edit 3 : @the_poetic_soul can't thank you enough. ��❤ you were the one who compelled me to post this. You're the best ��

    #sadri_writes #dulcetdecember

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    "We are celestial beings.",
    Someone once told me this .
    So I allowed my own stardust
    Flow into it with ease.


  • redolent_smile 5w

    The saccharine little laments of my sentiment bringing back the ardent meter play of the pink cherry blossom blushing full on the skyline's panorama that is sombre and meagre that lasts undefiled caffeinated straw in my hand while the void heart only pumps pale red blood , so terribly fragile.

    Drop by drop, it finds a way to those scandalous expressed dumb things and brings back those delusive glitters of elysian nights. Every sip of the saccharine drink which is made of berries that I intake , takes an impost on me tethering my larynx with virulent liqueur, my tongue turning as ruthless as my confessions will gasp me to death while sleeping on a late dark night and leaving blur series of happiness behind.

    I've always been told, but in opposition to that I yell, scream and shout deceiving to stand bold and dauntless, victimized everytime when I tried when I made myself another one of your faults. Drowning numb, zonked and into the murk often attempting to incline to that shimmering moon, the feathers of affection that forges me lunatic and agitated.

    Those tiniest pecks on my shoulders hurts me like blades incising my bones in the most defensive way. The sheer and pellucid shroud that protects my unexpected withering jocund array, manages to transude the sanguine stained cloak through the flickering and compulsive pain and that lately cracked stress of denied strokes are kept safe.

    Soft touches of rose petals on my ecchymosed skin makes it feel spry at times that grew brown in the illusion called
    " l i f e ".

    Unexpected fulgurating glitter that seemed to bloom full and whole, seeped into my eyes and bled them dizzy because

    //the details to captivating tales are always horrendous.//

    - Sadrita

    Idk what actually this is.. Maybe a rant of mine *_*

    The girl in the bg is me *sigh*

    @writersnetwork @mirakee idk why I tagged you guys ;__;

    My reach died. Lol

    #sadri_writes #dulcetdecember

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  • redolent_smile 8w


    A stands for the "a n g u i s h" that lies deep inside my talons that has nothing prepossessing about them. They only embelematize cataclysm.

    B stands for the "b r o k e n p i e c e s" of my heart that I try to amalgamate with the adhesive of hopes every morning. But it ends up rending again and exsanguinates the entire night.

    C stands for the "c r o w d" of anthropoids that I'm scared to deal with because all I see is people preparing themselves to evacuate me soon.

    D stands for the "d i s m a l d a y s" when my anatomy and heart feels torpefied and I discern myself being unable to ramble and smile.

    E stands for the "e m p t i n e s s" that I feel in my heart everytime I try to scrawl a poem with the blue ink of my pen.

    F stands for the "f r i g h t" that paralyses me untill and unless I end up addressing my life as the nerve-racking part of any horror movie.

    G stands for the "g u i l t" I've amassed in my heart for loving someone more than myself. Drops of pearl oozes out of my eyes and says "you should've chosen yourself over anyone else".

    H stands for the " h u m m i n g s " of those melancholic songs that the voices inside my cerebrum do diurnal and I've lost my zeal to warble along every night.

    I stands for the "i l l u s t r a t i o n s" of wounds of pang that has been engraved on the epidermal layer of my skin since ages.

    J stands for the "j u m p" I want to do from the cliff because I feel choked in this world but then again plan to step back because I'm too much of a craven.

    And now ,
    //my alphabet's heartache, they cry for help.//

    The line in // is written by @barasiya__
    Prompt by @barasiya__
    PS: I LOVE YOU @barasiya__ ❤❤

    @someone_alive you're the one who kept on compelling me to write. I love you sweetie. ♥

    @love_whispererr your comments always make me happy ♥

    @writersnetwork don't come if you aren't reposting this :) jk you don't have to repost this!

    P.S: tried to write till Z but failed terribly! Don't curse me ;_;
    #naturalnovember #sadri_writes

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  • redolent_smile 11w

    Well.. I'm struggling to write :/

    @the_frozenn_heart I miss you here. Come back soon :)
    @love_whispererr you can't imagine how much your single comment made me happy :D

    @writersnetwork me loves you ಥ‿ಥ♡ Thank you for the repost :") ❤ my 5th one ❤
    @mirakee :)
    #naturalnovember #mirakee #writersnetwork #sadri_writes

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    To every word I use and every sentence I express, I lacerate a piece of myself scrapping the quill over the yellow paper until and unless it tears apart and shreds off like it never survived and remains obscured.

    //I'm an evocation of love, who promises forever yet never fulfills it. //

    To every splotch of ink and blue of obliged doubts that I'm scared to scratch back and dive into the moana of depression, from where I'm sure that no hand will pull me up and would prefer to leave me getting drowned in depression.

    //I'm a drowning poetry, with every trope, I heave out a exanimate part of me.//

    To every drop of pearl that oozes out of my eyes and successfully smudges the kohl and collyrium of my eyes highlights the puddle adown my eyes. This evinces the disarray I made last night gazing at those surfeit stars in the sky and reminiscing those rhapsodic days and trying to irrefute the sovereignty of my dreamscape.

    //I'm a scream that has been put on aphonic mode, with every inhale of oxygen l fill myself with gloomy dust.//

    To every scorched layer of emotion that still inhabits within me wants itself to get peeled off from me but the friction restricts them to seep out from me and ends up delving in my fragile edges and makes me torpefied.

    //I'm a new torment, with every twist, I spew new ravages.//

    ~Darlin' this is the last time I'm divulging you that I'm a perfidious soul who buncoes people with her smile telling that she's a jovial soul but deep down she's a lifeless cadaver . With every breath, I endeveour hard to liberate the trapped hostage in me but ends up failing every time I try to do so.~

    SADRITA || trying to confess out..

  • redolent_smile 12w

    If you ask me who I'm

    then I'll stare at you with a bemused look for a few minutes and answer in a perplexed tone that I'm a
    v a g a b o n d who carries a transparent yet an obscure heart in the ribcage and forages metaphors in serenity and tries to hear the clandestines that are camouflaged behind the grey walls of my monotonous room.

    If you ask me who I'm

    then I might say that I'm a subdued p o e t e s s who hopelessly scribbles for the one who made me believe that forever is a "fable" and broke my heart into myriad of pieces and wrapped it in the box of melancholy and gifted me. I'm a poetess who spews the remains of the torment reposing in my heart since long in the form of my poesies.

    If you ask me who I'm

    Then I'll say that I'm an underrated p o e m made up of broken words, obscured phrases and nubile vocabulary.I run candidly in the megalopolis of literature unveiling my vulnerabilities and insecurities.

    If you ask me who I'm

    Then I'll say that I'm a s u r v i v o r of the brain wars
    that plunges my larynx with slender knives and swords, awaiting the very moment when I'll perish. Shortly, when I would be gone , but till then let me persevere to endure all the havocs that the brain wars create every day.

    If you ask me who I'm

    Then I'll say with a wide smile on my face that I'm an eensy p u p a sleeping inside the cocoon and anticipating for the day when I'll finally transform into a flamboyant butterfly and float from petal to petal blithely.

    //I'm devoid of life, clutching the brook of tears for aeons in my eyes until I let them transude to cry. Quick chokes all of a sudden declines , as soon as I Iet my pangs lie supine on my sleeves so well that now, I seem half dead to myself.//

    ~Who am I after all? ~

    SADRITA | with a question...


    Prompt by - @the_poetic_soul :)

    PS- idk why but this bg looked so cute to me ��❤

    #sadri_writes #optimisticoctober #pod #tod #writersnetwork #mirakee

    @writersnetwork heyya! Thankeww for the repost ���� my 4th one ♡

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  • redolent_smile 13w


    Another one ��❤

    3d art

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  • redolent_smile 13w

    #artquill ��❤

    Won't delete this because my firefly @philosophic_firefly ordered me to keep this ��

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  • redolent_smile 13w

    The brush of melancholy
    Paints the whole evening with a tinge of blue.
    The katydids croons and
    the birds dance in the balladries of heartbreak.

    And here,
    I sit with a pen in my hand
    And play with your metaphors.
    The metaphors that once procured my heart.
    I still conceal them in my diary.

    I sit on the bridge of reminiscence
    And turn the pages of halcyon days.
    And search those pearly white jasmines.
    But all I find everywhere is withered,
    dead roses.

    You egressed the door of my heart,
    Breakin' it into myraid of pieces.
    And the splintered pieces of my heart
    Often beseeches me to darn them with
    Your metaphors that I preserved in my diary
    and adorn them with jasmines like the
    way you adorned my bun with it.

    ~Darlin' where are those jasmines?~
    //I need them to adorn my
    splintered heart.//

    #sadri_writes #optimisticoctober #melancholyc
    #pod #daadigotyourback
    @writersnetwork @mirakee honestly I've lost faith in you two. Still...

    Well @writersnetwork as I said I have lost my faith in you. Once again you left me with just a like *sigh*

    And the reach these days! *sigh*

    @writersbay @mirakee_ki_daadima

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  • redolent_smile 13w


    Denude your soul to
    those pale yellow pages,
    Reveal to it your
    stygian clandestines,
    Irksome evocations, vulnerabilities,
    Scribbled with the
    camouflaged ichor driblets,
    Of plight and pangs
    tainted by this bleak world.

    Denude your soul to
    Those yellow pages,
    Chronicle the
    catastrophe of terror,
    That encompass you,
    Raising, penetrating,
    The cavernous pits
    of your heart,
    Of your brain, of your soul.

    Spew the wrecks,
    That are spoiling
    And suppurating within.
    Let not the cataclysm win.
    Instead, let alleviating be your aim.

    Bare your soul to those yellow pages
    And let catharsis betide.

    Okay! So I'm making it permanent because of you all❤
    Especially for @coral

    @mirakee @writersnetwork #pod #catharsis #optimisticoctober #sadri_writes #picbprompt

    @writersnetwork not fair! You always leave me just with a
    like *-*

    @barasiya__ I wanted to use your click somewhere but since I ain't writing anything these days, so I used your click here ;_;

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    Bare your soul to those yellow pages
    And let catharsis betide.


  • redolent_smile 14w

    sᴏᴘʜʀᴏsʏɴᴇ ᴘᴇʀsᴘᴇᴄᴛɪᴠᴀs

    //•Foreshadowing the day's end,
    moonlight smells like fathomless
    echoes of •the screams of her
    soul from the grave.

    There she stays obscured
    In the parterre of dead roses.
    Diurnal, she would swallow
    the melancholies that her
    inamorato gifted her and
    would spew wilted hopes.//

    As I walk from the megalomania of my desires to the memoirs of your reality,
    the hush of mellow zephyr shivers my clavicle and an instant clutch of thoughts rolls down my throat through an ooze of sanity.
    And I live in the world where imaginations are beautiful and reality isn't that lovely,
    where curve of my lips no more elaborates the vibes of ecstasy.

    //She paints those moments
    with the sanguine stains
    that are lingering on her
    faded skin since aeons.
    The dancing droplets of rain
    lands on her lifeless body
    and drenches her with the
    reminiscence of those beguiling
    moments with him.
    Those bijou luminous fireflies
    no more ignites her soul with zest.
    The croons of those katydids
    no more sounds dulcet to her.//

    Now stages of my life turned into immortal stories evoking the thunders of retrospect,
    where the aurora of flashback plays a vintage radio flickering storms of my intellect.

    //A blanket of serenity
    covers the whole necropolis
    Everytime she sits on
    the bridge of heartbreak
    And stitches poem with
    those metaphors that she
    Purloined from him once.//

    Fake love, broken trust, dead hopes, unravelled promises,
    withered the walls of my heart
    dearranged the statistics of my heart beats
    and turned my pale fair skin crimson brown,
    where adjectives laugh at me,
    metaphors ignore my existence,
    maybe because I'm no more a noun.

    //She is a debilitated soul who is waiting
    since aeons for her beau to take her back
    With him from where he jilted her//

    Entangled in forbidden thoughts,
    •words and scars collapsed into a pale and obscure desolation of• unwrapped memories,
    where the allusion of my mortal soul took shelter on the horizon of poetries.

    Autumn leaves fell and my heart failed too,
    but I'll live for myself
    because I've got a beautiful life too.
    And I'll fly with the wings of my dreams and swim with the gills of my ambitions,
    and prove to the world
    that I'm the persona of my own reflection.

    ©Sadrita and @the_frozenn_heart
    Challenge by @mirakee_ki_naanima

    Team name : COHERENT ASTRIX

    This (•_________ •) indicates the lines we used from the given lines for the challenge.

    #daadigotyourback #daadisbae #pod #sadri_writes #optimisticoctober #bluethemeofsadri
    @mirakee_ki_daadima @writersnetwork @mirakee

    @writersnetwork silent treatment chal rha hain kya? ;_;

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