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  • redphoenix 14w


    Black pearl eyes
    Stared at me for a moment
    Innocent heart got played
    I know I am just an unnamed star among millions of stars
    This gaze won't last long
    That smile won't bloom again in my garden
    Like a mirage you will fade away
    Crushing my soul my heart is stolen
    Let it be with you for a lifetime
    Though you will never know it was mine!

  • redphoenix 14w

    Searching for you
    In every poems and fiction
    No hero gave me that feeling
    Which you once gifted
    I am longing Hopelessly for it


  • redphoenix 15w

    Diary of a Ghost

    You can't see me with those naked eyes
    I no longer belong to this world
    Yet I ain't want to leave here
    I was a person who they hated, tortured
    Did they ever know how much I longed for their love?
    Rituals, prayers for my peace of mind?
    I wish if they realized I needed it when I was alive
    These days will be gone with no traces being left
    I will be erased from all of their hearts
    This not my story, this will be theirs too
    Life is too short,realize it before becoming a ghost!

  • redphoenix 15w

    I saw you in that shooting star
    So broken and sad
    Yet granting others wishes

  • redphoenix 16w

    Hold fast to dreams
    Which makes you alive
    Even you are kept in dark
    With no ray of hope and light

    Hold fast to dreams
    Make it real and no longer a dream
    Stop stumbling and being afraid
    Be a miracle and shine like a star

  • redphoenix 16w

    "I loved her but couldn't let her know about my feelings", said he.

    "I wish if he felt my heart back then", thought she.

    They waved to each other like every other friends.

    "It isn't their fate to be blamed. It was their fear which seperated them!


  • redphoenix 16w

    Will it take thousands of years
    Can I erase you with bottles of beers
    Why this gifted me only pain
    My heart was longing for a rain

  • redphoenix 18w

    Smiling without a reason
    Tears without any grief
    Laughing so hard until stomach hurts
    Walking in the night, enjoying the moonlight
    Bathing in the golden sunlight
    Without any fear or regret
    Unchained, uncontrolled
    A sky you own to fly
    No longer a dream
    That would be my happiness

  • redphoenix 18w


    My beloved, hero of my poems
    I could write my whole life for you
    Without you even knowing it was for you
    I don't dare to call this feeling as Love
    I couldn't stop my heart addressing you as my 'lover'
    Someday if fate give us a chance
    I don't need anything except a glance
    Let me embrace you with a stare
    Let me melt in that warmth of your smile
    Let it stay untold, silent and hopeless
    Live in my soul as my 'lover'

  • redphoenix 18w

    Masked faces everywhere
    Wolves disguised as lambs
    Lured hearts cunningly
    Teared souls mercilessly