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  • redstrings 14h

    We were fools
    Told too soon
    Ways to school
    Of empty pools
    We were tools
    Sold too soon


    Just like a twisted arm
    Joined at angle that pains
    Joking around in town
    Just two unknown clowns
    Laughing, acting, fooling
    But WHO??
    Crossed on angle that pains
    Cursing around the town
    Just two unknown clowns


    Catch those loons.
    Chased to the school
    Born too soon
    Told too soon
    Sold too soon

    Darling, we were fools.

    Were we too young to doom?
    Why can't past go down in boom?
    Get out,
    It's still too soon.
    There is no room
    Not yet for fools.

    Darling, we were fools.

    But don't you swoon
    When I sing like a loon.
    Still is it
    Too SOON.

  • redstrings 15h


    Just writing whatever.
    That's what music does.
    Gone nuts.

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    Who told you to smile?
    Now see who is forced to lie
    That she doesn't know you, boy.

  • redstrings 15h

    i dont know how to cry
    but it seems like you
    want me to try

  • redstrings 15h

    you are perfect
    when you smile
    and thats how
    i know how
    you look when
    you cry


  • redstrings 1d

    Perhaps we lied
    Breaths we styled
    Moments we flied
    Memories we piled
    None but ever cried
    Why no tears we dried?
    As if a stranger pried
    Maybe we never tried
    To battle our hives
    Always running if striked
    Lonely but in love,
    we had lied.

  • redstrings 1d

    How to live?
    Put on a mask
    Show the crowd
    Have the guts
    Hide the fear
    Else they pounce
    Tearing you apart
    But how to be good
    Why to forgive
    When guilty lies
    Still true to his sins
    Endless nights
    Devil stole the dream
    No will to live
    But still a coward
    Now no time lives
    Run, Run, Run
    A race
    Chase money
    Devil will steal
    But you have to sin
    Lie and scheme
    For law is your kin
    That betrays in blink
    Who to trust?
    It never wins
    Loyalty in bin
    Scare the demon
    Chase him away
    Give a breath
    To your heart
    Learn to live
    But how to live?
    When it kills
    To dream
    For hope is skin
    Peeled on pins
    Living in a race
    Suffocated breaths
    Still desire to live
    But how to dream?
    Keep it closed
    Your heart
    It's still weak
    Trust yourself first
    Then the world
    For to dream
    Heart meets others
    Opening it's gates
    It allows you
    To sleep
    In peace

  • redstrings 2d

    Never to reach the Shore

    Somedays I wished
    Stars were confused
    And colors induced
    Lost rainbow dots
    Prolonging the ruse
    Lies ocean brewed
    With a storm it hoots
    As if eager to exhale
    Sailor out there in truce
    War cooked up blues
    Tears stroll in waves
    Ocean thunders in rage
    Burnt up embers rain
    Asking sailor to leave
    It sets water on loose
    Tumble, Fumble, Rumble
    Slowly driving a cruise
    Not a welcome in room
    It wanted to exhale
    Unknown in fumes
    Somedays I wished
    Stars mislead muse
    So I could unravel
    Voyage of all its hues

  • redstrings 5d

    Shadows, I Reflect

    staring back at me,
    stands the figure
    who holds book
    in wrong hands
    and turns pages
    right from its back.

    as each sheet peels,
    once eyes are ahead
    we laugh in concord
    as on breaking a law.

    Gamble has a chance
    Guilty, spare a glance

    prophesize the end,
    she barks in my ears.
    as pages roll on
    nerves sit on a spear.
    slide down the gaze,
    she hisses in my ears.

    a touch on my lashes,
    pulls on those thoughts.
    face was not in a mask,
    so she may had chance.

    but doors are still closed
    for a wall of glass
    could reflect my eyes,
    not contain my heart.

    it paints each breath
    and kink in my skin
    playing with death
    a blink under my skin

    what's in end
    its written all there
    but I refuse to glance
    a coward, says the mirror

    "you feel the tears
    but hide them
    deep in your eyes
    for your heart lies

    you know who will
    kill that light
    but still follow
    their signs
    for your heart cries"

    Sometimes I don't lie,
    cries the mirror

    Look down, just once
    pleads the mirror

    "Those scars you hide
    for your heart keeps
    reading the title,
    All the beginnings
    But never the endings
    Just near your sight"

    Shatter its lies
    for once in your life
    before it breaks
    and abuse your life

    "Love has long ago died"


  • redstrings 1w

    #love #whisper
    Pardon my late replies.
    Old draft.

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  • redstrings 1w

    Sweetness indeed
    Is this dialogue intervened
    With dash of humor yet they bleed
    Hollow sockets out in search of greed
    Hoarding smiles to cover up empty in need
    Pretend, thus pretend for out there, no fresh seed
    Covered in markers, hidden inside the cage we weaved
    Forced to chase the guise of clown, what exactly is breed
    Zombies that breathe, or strength that was never conceived
    Snakes in pit,crusaders of dreams, why were they still freed
    No belts, No prisons, emptiness forced to dream,not bleed
    Blood rotting inside sleeves, penning down lies to mislead
    Who to call a liar, when truth was a mischief, tragedy indeed.
    " It's a lone path,
    If you take a night bath,
    And soak clothes in aftermath,
    For light of stars oft scathes"