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  • reformed_teetotaler 16h

    Diya jalane ko kha ye patkhe fodne lage
    Acha hai
    Corona ka putla jalane ko ni kha
    Ye musalman jala dete

  • reformed_teetotaler 18h

    Poor people sure will be surprised today at 9pm that what for these people are celebrating for , unknowing that they are showing their solidarity and sending a MESSAGE that how they all are standing in this along with the poor and hungry , funnily sending a MESSAGE and not FOOD.

  • reformed_teetotaler 18h

    Today is a historic day , today the poor and hungry will be overwhelmed when they will see so many people coming out of their house and sending a message that how they are one and stand along with them. But I feel sending food would have been a better option than sending this message , doing this farce.

  • reformed_teetotaler 19h

    Human beings have an inherent tendency to have some excuse to validate their own thoughts , the thoughts can be good and bad , which are further affected and dependent on multiple factors. The thing that is bizzare that even God, can be used as an excuse , it was the faith in God of mother Teresa that she worked for the welfare of poor but also Hitler can be found saying that what all he is doing is for God and he is doing god's work.

  • reformed_teetotaler 22h

    I feel bad for the people who got born before 1947 and died or are gonna die in the modi regime kyonki na to wo azad bharat mai paida ho paye aur na azaad bharat mai mar paye.

  • reformed_teetotaler 2d

    People blindly follow him , he could have asked anything to be done , he could have asked people to donate money an amount as low as 10rs per head , to donate 1 kg of wheat/rice , maybe that could have helped the poor and the affected , but nope ghantiya aur mombati wala maja kha hai unme.

  • reformed_teetotaler 3d

    They say before dying you entire life plays in front of your eyes , means you will spend half of your life watching what you did in the former half , and in that too half time you will be just seeing yourself sleeping.

  • reformed_teetotaler 3d

    Either you continue to be a part of the idocrisy of collective psychology or you have to learn how to stop envying and running for respect and honor from the same collective mob.

  • reformed_teetotaler 2w

    21 din hai saheb
    Bacha lena apne desh ko
    #corona games

  • reformed_teetotaler 2w

    I wouldn't be surprised if the people who are now not staying at home , stay at home during an earthquake .