Writer. dreamer. improv comedy. Terrariums.Mobile Plant Bizness. Artist. property Management. Lover.

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  • regan_woodcrest 6h

    I'm going to a play in Hampton at 230pm.

  • regan_woodcrest 4d

    Well, it happened again. An undercover lover started out as a friend. Her hair smelled like a thousand stolen waterfalls of honey. Our sideways rooftop conversations melted into black coffee mornings. “Why is there sand in your car?” She would say. “It’s fucking December.” I kept my silence. We both knew sand doesn’t discriminate nor use a Gregorian calendar. Somewhere in the distance a puppy was born with its eyes closed. Thursday turned into Friday. Green became my second favorite color. I put my hands in my back pockets and dreamed about walking west.

  • regan_woodcrest 5d


    Friday 815am
    Norfolk Va
    Just 20 mins
    DM for deets

  • regan_woodcrest 5d

    I had a GREAT day

  • regan_woodcrest 1w


    Over 760+ downloads. Thank you for your support & messages.

    Next up for release

    17th February coping mechanisms
    24th Feb open mic with our friends

    Stay tuned. These are recorded & will be released the next two Mondays.

  • regan_woodcrest 1w

    Thank you to a friend

    Remember when you asked me if wanted to hold your hand? I did. And...I did. I’m learning to be direct. No one had asked me that in like a million summers. One day I’ll pay it forward, and ask someone else. Real intimacy starts with trust. It doesn’t always have to be romantic. I just want to stay childlike and curious. Thank you for taking the initiative that day. I’ll never forget it.

  • regan_woodcrest 2w

    Monday 12am Feb 10th

    New podcast released w/ our beautiful and talented friend Erin

  • regan_woodcrest 2w

    feb 2018

    Forgotten wealth & mental health are 2 things I left behind. A note from a friend. She loves me until the end. Her words come just in time. It’s the relationships we do not seek, and forgiving ourselves before we sleep, which give us peace of mind. But Coffee meals, and sugar deals get me every fucking time.

  • regan_woodcrest 2w

    Should I go to Carlsbad or Encinitas California for 3 days after my work conference? No Plan. No Car.

  • regan_woodcrest 3w


    What are your anxiety triggers?