I'm not on social media as much anymore. Health issues are my struggle. Forgive me but I can not friend everyone. It is nothing personal. Thank You.

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  • rene_velez 15h


    took me to Candyland
    to see the northern lights,
    garlic cookies
    in my pockets,
    the day was a purple haze,
    colors of Sunset Sherbet,
    in the distance,
    Jack Frost rode
    a white rhino
    eating cherry pie,
    I petted a red dragon
    with sour diesel
    breath made of fire


  • rene_velez 1d

    I have the best bible,
    the greatest bible,
    the best anyone has
    ever seen, terrific bible,
    the oldest anyone
    has ever seen, perfect,
    nothing short of perfect,
    I never read it but I hear
    good things

  • rene_velez 1d


    The garden grows
    on every doorstep,
    footsteps will bring
    bright colors together
    no matter the weather,
    flowers will survive
    from sunrise to sunset
    in the coming days,
    in better ways, we change,
    flowers to flourish & bloom,
    hands raised in the air
    in peace, for a better way


  • rene_velez 4d


    Let the sirens be heard,
    watch the police cars burn,
    tear gas and rubber bullets,
    police holding the line
    ...protesters showing
    the country
    it's time for real change,

    Racism has to go,
    no more time for hope,
    it's time for action,
    burn the hatred with fire,
    and smoke, young folks
    have the stage, the beds
    in the White House
    have been made,

    people at its gates
    against the disease of hate
    in the wake of murder
    of another brother
    calling for his mother,
    saying "I can't breathe"
    pinned on the ground,

    hear the sound of the
    angry crowds, they've
    had enough, calling the bluff
    of a bad hand, fencing,
    they dodge and parry,
    like Malcolm X said
    ..."by any means necessary"


  • rene_velez 2w


    No angel, I have #fallen
    suspend me from
    my need, word for word
    please let me soar
    like a bird, I don't want
    to touch the ground
    where love & shame
    greet me by name
    every day is the same
    I don't want to hear
    the sound of my life
    crashing to ground,
    silence is too loud


  • rene_velez 4w


    I wrestle inside
    hoping I have
    nothing left
    to tell, but this
    is hell, I struggle
    with self worth,
    am I a blessing
    or a curse?
    life won't let me
    know, father
    never told me so,
    I bath in #bathos,
    I pray I grow up,
    tired of being
    beaten up, the
    bruises are
    starting to show


  • rene_velez 6w


    I feel the #damage
    I'm sure you do too,
    the world is hurting,
    worthy of compassion,
    our actions no matter
    how small can
    inspire us all, there
    are those who stand
    tall & make the
    ultimate sacrifice
    to save lives,
    ignoring their own
    facing ground zero,
    they are the heroes

  • rene_velez 9w


    For again to love
    behold my love,
    to grin once more
    with kin of blood,
    to feel a touch
    of tattered gloves,
    to walk this land
    that is barren of,
    on this road,
    steps I've sown,
    frail like bones,
    my death my own,
    I take to skin quill
    & ink, I walk & wait
    for God to blink

  • rene_velez 9w


    I wonder at times
    how deep the ocean
    is, its fathoms, blue
    whales #outblowing,
    inhaling new air in
    fluid motion, life
    never seen,
    with enthusiasm
    I'd swim deep
    if gills allowed me
    to breath, see for
    myself a wealth
    of luminescence,
    it's essence, deep
    within its presence

  • rene_velez 10w

    A HINT

    that old children's tale,
    the baby & the #stork,
    did you feel a hint
    of shame lying
    to your child?
    the truth too wild?
    how lies grow
    to greater scales,
    honesty has nothing
    to hide, youth with
    those innocent eyes,
    from the beginning
    we teach our children
    how to lie