I really like poetry. It's pretty much my passion.

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  • renpoe 14w


    Without you, I am nothing.
    With you, I am something.
    Together, we are everything.

  • renpoe 14w

    We Are Blind

    You don't need to look for me.
    I am always here.
    I'm just hard to see.

  • renpoe 23w

    I struggle with anxiety, and sometimes it gets to me. God gave me poetry as an outlet. This is just how I Express it.

    #anxiety #poetry #anxiouspoet #Poetryistherapy #poetryismyoutlet #godgavemepoetry #God

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    I hate my anxiety.
    I hate doubting everying.
    I hate that I worry bout you and worry bout me.
    I worry and worry and worry.
    Like I don't already gotta hurry; it hurts me.
    Forget everything I worked for.
    It's not worth it if I want more.
    It's not worth it if my hearts sore.
    It's not worth it if I doubt.
    I know I gotta figure these things out,
    But I just cant stop the doubt.
    My world is a rain forest,
    And my thoughts are the drout.
    God please take away the doubt.
    My mind makes up the society.
    My thoughts are always fighting.
    I've tried to stop the hiding,
    But I dunno man, I just cant fight the anxiety.

  • renpoe 26w


    I feel like a ghost
    Without a host.
    I get nostalgia for things I've never seen.
    I get nostalgia for places I've never been.
    I get nostalgia for all the little things.
    I get these feelings I don't understand.
    I get the feeling that my mind is canned.
    Sometimes my heart feels crammed.
    I've got a lot on my mind.
    I get the feeling that I don't have a lot of time.
    I wanna experience memories that aren't mine.
    I feel like a ghost
    Lost in life.
    I feel human
    When I feel strife.
    I feel mindless, when I lose my mind.
    I feel like a ghost
    Lost in time.
    I feel like a ghost
    In a body that's not mine.
    I feel my life.

  • renpoe 27w

    Honestly have no idea what I meant for this to be. I just wrote it because the words came into my head
    #poetry #writing #deepthoughts #dreams #chasingdreams #unexplainedpoetry

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    Bullet Holes in Our Dreams

    Bullet holes in the trees.
    Bullet holes in the trees.
    I am muffled
    By the way
    You suppress me.
    Now there's bullet holes in the trees.
    Bullet holes in the trees.
    I thought we were chasing dreams,
    But you were only chasing me.
    Now there's bullet holes in the trees,
    And only I can see
    The way you make me feel.
    There's bullet holes in our dreams.
    Only I can see
    What you have done.
    Why are we waiting?
    I can no longer see
    The clearer memories,
    The better days when we
    Knew ourselves.
    Cause there's bullet holes in the trees.
    Why are we still waiting
    With bullet holes in our dreams?

  • renpoe 30w


    Sometimes I wish that the nights were longer,
    And the days were shorter.
    Every day I find myself looking back more and more.
    Every day I find myself missing something I never had.
    Every night I look to the moon, and count all the stars.
    It's just like counting the scars
    That dwell in my heart.
    I never knew myself from the start.
    I never knew it was I was reaching so far.
    I never knew it'd be so hard.
    It's a familiar nostalgia
    That keeps me going.
    It's the pain that callused.
    The blood that keeps flowing.

  • renpoe 34w

    All Lives Matter

    We are divided by our races,
    And honestly I hate it.
    It feels like all the love in the world has faded.
    We can't see the hurt on each other's faces.
    Why should I love you less cause the color of your skin?
    Why would I put someone above me because of a darker or lighter pigment?
    All lives matter.
    Everyone's heart is beaten and battered.
    Yeah, we all goin through somethin,
    We all been shattered.
    We're all brothers and sisters through the blood of Christ.
    Whether you're black, white or blue,
    You got a lot a things you're going through.
    So instead of the separating and spreading of hate,
    Why don't we spread the love and find someone to save?
    The burning of buildings,
    The beating of children,
    The hurting of innocence,
    Man it's all ridiculous.
    The police brutality,
    Rioting like it's something you do righteously,
    The fighting so tirelessly.
    All lives matter, not just you or me.

  • renpoe 34w

    We The People

    We The People, until we hurt the innocent.
    We The People, until buildings are burning.
    We The People, until violence is used against violence.
    They want to pull us down.
    They want to destroy America.
    Two wrongs don't make a right,
    But it seems people don't see the light.
    This is not how you protest.
    This is what We The People should detest.
    Controversy after controversy, still no one seems to understand mercy.
    We The People, until we divide.
    They don't think about what's true, and what's false.
    I don't think they think at all.
    But the others aren't innocent either.
    You are supposed to be our protectors.
    Yet you're being reckless.
    Protectors and protected, hear this now.
    Violence is not the way out.
    Don't burn, don't kill, don't shout.
    We The People, until someone's patience runs out.
    And for what?
    Why are the people destroying what we need?
    We The People, until we become conceited.
    We The People, until "United" is defeated.

  • renpoe 36w

    Well, I want this to be more than good enough. I kinda wanna get out there as a poet, but it's proven more of a challenge than I thought.

    #poems #poet #poetry #deepthouts #motivation #goodenough #donewaiting #imnotpatient

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    Good Enough

    I thought good enough was good enough.
    But it seems no matter how much I work,
    Things always mess up.
    I thought practice made perfect, but it only made better.
    What's the point of getting better if I cant make it perfect?
    I thought good enough was good enough,
    But it's barely enough.
    Everyone has a fantasy of what someone should be.
    Everyone has a fantasy of who can do what perfectly.
    I thought good enough was good enough,
    But now I think I have to step up.
    I'm tired of waiting around, asking when things will happen.
    I want it to happen now.
    I don't have the patience to wait.
    I thought good enough was good enough,
    But good enough is what I hate

  • renpoe 37w

    Mothers Day

    I used to complain a lot.
    Well, I still do,
    But complaining wouldn't be the same without you.