Insta handle: sword_of_word_86. Reshma Kausar Mohideen is a commerce professor. She is an aspiring writer as well .

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  • reshma_kausar_mohideen 1w

    D- Drowning in the oceans of drugs and bitten up by the shark of death bit by bit.

    E- Encapsulating restless and wandering souls in the casket of unseen fear.

    P-Pricking emotions playing hide and seek where one finds and loses oneself umpteen times.

    R- Rational thinking gets strangulated with the ropes of saturated thoughts.

    E- Entices the witch of suicide with a broad wicked grin promising eternal peace.

    S- Standing alone in crowd where one feel abondanoned and disowned.

    S- Seeking cure through the medications of love ,care and attention.

    I- Itching web of anxiety and panic attacks thickening gradually and the prisoner struggling to find a way out of it.

    O-Oars of rehabilitation in the hands of friends and family to help the sinking boat reach ashore.

    N- Negativity rippling around to the core and at the edge gulping down a life and the last finger left to be drowned yearns a hand of positivity to rescue.

    *Reshma kausar Mohideen.*

    *Insta Handle: sword_of_word_86.*

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    D E P R E S S I O N.


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    The era of damsels in distress,
    is too old-fashioned to survive,
    life of girls is now a cacti of mess,
    she crowns herself with thorns with great pride.

    The pebbles that our society throws,
    getting slipperier with rules as she grows,
    so that she stumbles upon and rolls over,
    her feet plays with each of them as a means to acupuncture.

    Damsels today have worn the cloak of lionesses,
    battling with grace, splitting the situation that distresses,
    times when she needed a masculine back up have been left far behind,
    she is the backbone at home and work, has got the world inclined.

    The only thing she needs is respect, love, care & appreciation,
    the weapons of self-defence and sword of education,
    icy camphor of willpower with ignited flames of aspiration,
    she is the dark horse of the race on the boots of determination.

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  • reshma_kausar_mohideen 1w


    Some problems are better unsolved because if they get detangled they would rather gulp down many lives than sorting them out.

  • reshma_kausar_mohideen 1w


    Water the blooming bud of your soul with good deeds that would adorn the empyreal garth of the creator rather than beautifying the perishable urn of your body that can only impress the mortals.

  • reshma_kausar_mohideen 1w

    Modern problems - Modern Solutions.

    Modern solutions seek modern solutions,
    so true is the fact and the lines of conclusions,
    the greatest example that suites this quote in mention,
    is the latest problem, the Corona pandemic taking rotation.

    The problem was that we shouldn't be touching each other,
    modern people did panic buying of various flavoured sanitizers,
    whilst backwards were contented with cheap soapy lather,
    and bottles with mixture of water & foam got them their cleansers.

    The problem anew was that we shouldn't be together for work,
    no earning with constant expenses, the darkest clouds of murk,
    daily wage workers & alike witnessed the witch of starvation,
    modern humans worked from home having access of internet connection.

    The problem novice that occurred was schools couldn't operate,
    they came with online classes, together yet seperate,
    a few back In the rural areas where teachers weren't trained,
    internet became an issue, education had to be restrained.

    Small and huge businesses & traders witnessed a great setback,
    small venturers & vendors got stabbed hard with acute lockdown,
    while others, having know-how of internet, possessing bigger sack,
    spreaded the net of online bazars targeting the whole town.

    The masks created strangest of scenes irritating innocent nose,
    a few backwords covered their mouths with rugs or worn fabrics,
    modern bees being fussy about the designs & hues they chose,
    lower class feared Corona less than the basic needs' pinches & pricks.


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    Conincidence is the way of supreme to remind the earthlings that he exists and exceeds.

  • reshma_kausar_mohideen 1w


    *Insta Handle: sword_of_word_86*

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    जब किसी की जिंदगी में सब कुछ बहुत ठीक नज़र आने लगे ना, समझ लेना कि कुछ भी ठीक नहीं है l

  • reshma_kausar_mohideen 1w


    I am lost in some another world, the world of imagination, the world of words where feelings can be felt in the purest of forms, where words dont decieve, the place for which I was born, probably this is what I was destined for, I am alive and the life colder than death has caused me to hibernate forever. Don't wake me up as corpses in their graves are to be allowed to rest in peace, so what if some breaths are still left to leave.

  • reshma_kausar_mohideen 1w

    Wrong/ Right.

    Sometimes you get so well adjusted with the wrong that even the right seems to be faulty. It's all in the mind.

  • reshma_kausar_mohideen 1w


    Anger is a catalyst that can sublimate glaciers of goodwill within split of a second.