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  • revecation 2d

    Tum jiyo hazaro saal.

    Happy birthday mera jigad ma tukda. Kitna saara saal hum dono barbaad kar chuke hai bina baat kiye. Kaash tujhse pehle hi baat ho gayi hoti. Chal it's better late then never. Thank you for being there by me. For being the best friend, for being the biggest secret keeper of my life. You know my life's biggest secret. Party chahiye, decide kar lo kab dena hai par party tho chahiye. Aise hi rehna. Badalne waalo mei se tu nahi h pata h mereko. Happiest birthday pagal insaan. ❤❤❤ Many many happy returns of the day. Tu jee le hazaro saal, apna gyaan ka bhandar badhate reh.
    Once again, happy birthday.

  • revecation 2w

    Friendship Day.

    They say in the process of life, you lose some and gain few.
    Well, mine was different. I only lost persons I desperately needed. They left me when I wanted them to stay. I had no one. Since the last so many years, I had absolutely no one. My class teacher knows how alone I used to sit during my school days. As if I was the untouchable. You people made loneliness my lover and hence solitude became my darling sin. So if today I dont wish anyone, the reason behind that must be well known. In all these years I have needed few people so much and they just have mastered the art of not giving me space.
    Loneliness became my battle, solitude will be my strength.
    But time turns. And as they say apna time aayega.

  • revecation 3w

    Anuran senapati.
    He is just not a person, he is a sentiment, he is an emotion, a sensation in the hearts of so many people. He might not be in the postion of a leader anymore but his leadership qualities run in our veins and for us there cannot be any other person as better as him. He is incomparable. The good people are often treated in the most inappropriate manner.
    কিন্তু অনুরণ দা কে সরানো টা মেনে নেয়া যাচ্ছে না. তবে কাল আজ আর সারা জীবন আমাদের গুরু তুমি থাকবে. তোমাকে সুধু একটা পোস্ট থেকে সরিয়েছে, কিন্তু আমাদের হৃদ্‌ মাঝারে একমাত্র তুমি রইবে চিরকালের জন্য. আমাদের ভিতর বাহিরে অন্তরে অন্তরে আছো তুমি, হৃদয় জুড়ে.
    और जो आज खुश हो रहे है उन्हे देख,
    थोड़ा इंतज़ार करो, समय है गुजर जायेगा।।
    साथ निभाते है लोग, आँसुओं के तरह बदल जाते है लोग,
    वो जमाना और था जब लोग रोते थे गैरों के लिए,
    आज तो अपनों को रुलाकर मुस्कुराते है लोग।।
    तकदीर की खेल से निराश नहीं होते,
    ज़िन्दगी में कभी उदास नहीं होते,
    हाथों की लकीरों में यकीन मत करना,
    तकदीर तो उनके भी होते है जिनके हाथ नहीं होते।।
    और...... अभी तो आसमान की उड़ान बाकी है।

  • revecation 4w

    তোমাকে প্রেমিক বলবো না প্রিয় বন্ধু?
    ওই জে রাত জেগে আমার সাথে ঝগড়া করতে কয়েক টা
    মানুষের জ্যানে,
    ওই মানুষ গুলো কিন্তু সমাজে খুব "Hi-Fi",
    আর তুমি বড্ড বেশি সাধারণ.
    ওদের "standard" টা কিন্তু খুব হাই,
    আর তুমি বড্ড ছোটোলক,
    ওরা কিন্তু খুব শিক্ষিত,
    এতো শিক্ষিত জে ওদের দেখে ভোয লাগে,
    মনে হয়ে ওটা যদি শিক্ষার পরিচয়,
    তাহলে তুমি আর আমি মূর্খ.
    বাবা রে,
    ভাগগিস (Bhaggis) তুই নম্র, ভাগগিস তুই মাথা নিচু করে রাখতে জানিস, ভাগগিস তুই 1000 টা লোকের সামনে সব লোক কে বোরো করে নিজে ছোটো হতে জানিস.
    ভাগগিস তুই এতো বোরো মনের একটা ছোটোলক.
    ভাগগিস তুই আমার প্রেমিক.
    তোর থেকে আমি অনেক কিছু শিখি.
    ভাগগিস তুই সত্যি করের শিক্ষিত মানুষ,
    ভাগগিস তুই আমার ছোটোলক.
    প্রচন্ড ভালোবাসি তোকে.
    ~ তোর 87.5%.

  • revecation 6w

    There are people around asking me the reason behind being a private person! Well yeah, I can celebrate the birthday of my closest person and not share a single picture of that. I can wish him exactly at 12 and still not let the social media know. I prefer the silence of nights over the loudness of concerts. But yes I share with persons I think are worthy. Some people will say I am an amazing beautiful soul and some will say I'm a cold hearted asshole. Believe both. I act accordingly. And glad that you didn't meet the person I have fallen for, he's one hell of a private person, atleast in case of us.

  • revecation 7w


    Here's to my best friend,
    To the girl I would have gave my life for to sit with her in the school days,
    To the only one I miss beyond anything,
    To the only girl with whom forever doesn't sound like a myth,
    To the only human I can provide my undivided attention to,
    To the one who doesn't miss me as often she used to,
    To the one who keeps forgetting me eventually for all the new friends she made,
    Attending wehs without you was so so so tough,
    I missed you every moment,
    I had no one like you there,
    I didn't give anyone the space I gave you,
    I didn't love anyone the way I love you,
    You will be my forever favorite.
    Here's to your quarantine birthday,
    Many many happy returns of the day.
    I love you so freaking much.
    Be the way you are, you are an absolute sweet heart. And yeah I love you re. You will top my priority list always. Everyone who comes might be temporary, I am glad to have you as a constant.
    I love you to the universe and back.
    Also start believing that you're a pro in maths!
    ~Truly yours'

  • revecation 10w

    Believe you can,
    and you're
    half way there.


  • revecation 10w

    All great achievements
    require time.


  • revecation 11w

    Be humble, be hungry.
    And be the hardest worker
    in the room.

  • revecation 11w

    Don't be afraid of being outnumbered.
    Eagles fly alone,
    pigeons flock together.