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  • rhythmic_beats 5d

    When everyone says love is just a myth in this generation, I have seen love very closely. Love seems myth because love is rare. Love is truth and truth is love. But our eyes are fooled to see adulterated beauty and it's the reason we fail to see true love and what is not love we try to put a stamp of love on it which anyways not gonna accepted my soul though social media can accept it!

    We say moon is so bright and shines so beautiful because moon knows to illuminate in darkness! But ever wondered that maybe the moon is loving the sky; yes that pitch dark sky flaunting its navy blue shades to darkest of darkest black! Living in darkness the whole night. But the moon is silently loving, caring, making night's darkness more beautiful by giving it's light to the sky. How innocent it is, right! Loving the sky so much in her darkness, the moon tries to spread it's all light throughout the horizon but still the sky is unknown about the fact that the moon is in love with her. She enjoys the light but is always unaware about this silent love, the untold love.

    May be the moon told the stars to be with her when it's new moon, after all moon never wants to see the sky; love alone. All those stars blossom at night flourishing the fragrance of moon's love to the sky, the sky totally enjoys this love filled waves but unaware about the fact that moon's love is none other than her♥️

    I hope the sky and the world soon realise that love is true and beautiful but it's silent, untold! As the universe is so vast, in every corner of the universe, love like moon and sky exist.

    Love is so simple yet undiscovered and rare♥️

    © rhythmic_beats

    PS. After a long time here. Hope you all doing great ✨��
    Coming to all slowly ��

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  • rhythmic_beats 14w

    How will gears change
    If there are no hurdles
    And difficulties in the road?
    Road is never straight and smooth
    It's always bombarded with
    Speed breakers, different
    Signboards which are mostly ignored
    But they are the most important and
    Significant ones!
    When life seems to be troubled
    People fell down to the astrologers
    To detect faults in kundali;
    But... My mind grasped a
    Different gear as these words
    Of Carl Sagan echoes in me,
    ~~"We are made of stardust”~~
    Then why should I fear
    And not hear
    This tremendous voice to head
    Ahead in life?

    Instead of seeing faults in our stars,
    I adhered them as wheels of
    My soul to rush life forward
    As a reward and an award!

    I caught the gear of
    //Mercury who is swift and
    Fearless of scorching heat//

    I caught the gear of
    //Venus who is known as
    Morning and evening star
    Who blazes it's beauty
    Amongst other brightness//

    I caught the gear of
    //Earth who holds countless lives
    In her with uniform
    Unconditional love for all
    Without any discrimination of
    Living and non living//

    I caught the gear of
    //Mars, the red planet
    Shining energetic like a ruby//

    I caught the gear of
    //Jupiter, the biggest!
    Yet enjoys the universe with
    Its all 79 moons proving that
    Journey is beautiful when
    All together heads ahead//

    I caught the gear of
    //Saturn, embracing 7 rings;
    Which resembles our
    Awakening seven chakras
    Of our body, signalling to
    Enlighten it aesthetically//

    I caught the gear of
    //Uranus, after many events
    Of collisions, it's still orbiting
    Though tilted but continuing
    The path with it's uniqueness//

    I caught the gear of
    //Neptune, attractive and calm
    Like sapphire stone
    Reflecting to be a gem
    By recognizing the inner shine
    To stay clam and wise in
    Every situation//

    I caught the gear of
    //Sun, the star in center,
    Blazing constantly to keep
    Others alive through gravity
    Of kindness and generosity
    And setting an example that
    To shine the brightest
    One needs to burn out
    All his desires and negativity
    In order to be a righteous one
    Who is always ready to
    Change the gear and pushing
    The life of self and others
    Forward, battling the daily
    Challenges with a state
    Of acceptance
    And not with a state
    Of regret, why me//

    Once you understand gear
    Of universe you will
    Always love to ride
    Verses of life,
    With a smile on your face
    And a light radiating in
    Your soul!

    © rhythmic_beats

    Image: Instagram

    PS. Always listen to nature, universe and God to discover all mysteries of life�� we are made of stardust✨dare to shine in the darkest days too!

    #gear_of_life #universe #solarsystem #stardust
    #life #learnings #inspiration #poetry
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  • rhythmic_beats 14w

    Love is not jackpot or lottery that
    You can get it luckily at first time
    Like a miracle!
    Love, destiny, fate even didn't
    Feared to depart God's divine love
    Like Radha-Krishna and
    Shiv-Parvati, and we are humans
    So how can we even expect!

    Listen dear heart, I know it was too much
    For you to handle those
    Chaos, melancholies, tears, pain,
    Broken pieces piercing hard
    Each moment with those
    Unforgettable memories.
    But how long will you keep
    Close the door to love when
    It's time for spring?

    Everything has it's own time and ease.
    Love too have it's time.
    Okay! I'm not an astrologer
    Showing your horoscope but dear,
    How can you ignore the fact
    That give love when someone
    Showers love!

    I still know you are bleeding,
    Your diary bleeds those words
    And those poems show how much
    You value and respect pure and true love.
    Just because one person broke
    Your heart is it necessary that
    Another one will too?

    You are still shining bright though
    Life may seem dark,
    The one who is willing to
    Accept you, see you as a moon,
    The one accepting those scars and beauty,
    The one accepting your imperfections and perfections equally!

    No, this time no expectations
    He is imposing on you,
    No demands, only love.
    Your heart to says sometimes
    Yes love can happen twice
    But the mind still lives in the
    Imprisonment of betrayal and fear!

    You have gone through love one time.
    You know what is love and
    What not is love, you know
    What is attraction, lust and
    Just friend as benefit!
    I know it's an era when love can't
    Even be felt even after expressing
    It in words, when there was a
    Time love was also felt by silence,
    Felt by those deep eyes conveying
    Infinite love like those infinite stars
    Twinkling in the sky.

    Can you accept that old is gold?
    Can love become alive like
    The vintage eras? Then I'm sure
    Love can be restored and trusted like before.

    But my question is will you
    Listen this or delete this
    Or mark this important
    Which will only remain as important
    And will never be accepted?

    Often rainbows appear after storm,
    Sunshine illuminates hope
    After a storm,
    So can't love also get second chance?

    Even the sun who rises
    With shine of dawn
    Sets with dusk
    But sets with colours of twilight
    To again rise with time,
    So why can't you? So why can't love?
    So why can't your right time?

    Listen, love can happen twice,
    When someone really feels
    Your beauty of heart
    More than your face,
    As true love bonds your
    Pureness with your soulmate too,
    Today or tomorrow or soon a day
    But it's for sure!
    © rhythmic_beats

    Image: Instagram

    PS. It's my humble request to all not to make fun of love. Finding it rare to find true love at present time as love really seems like becoming extinct become of cheating, time pass or just for sake of terming it as a relationship! Don't degrade the value of love. Don't break someone's belief in love. Everyone is really feared to love again someone after going through so many pain! Only thing asking you is keep love true and pure like water. Please! Otherwise there would be no trust, understanding, caring nothing and the cycle of pain, cycle of life will continue without any colours of life.

    This looks like absurd and lame try. After all writing about love after so long���� so pardon me for this!

    #lovecanhappentwice #emotions #love #phases
    #beauty #god #rainbow
    #poetry #life #muses
    #rhythmic_beats #mirakee #writersnetwork

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  • rhythmic_beats 14w

    Snow covering the lands like a blanket in January,
    Here comes CARNATIONS; blazing crimson red
    Waking the lazy soul to get up and enjoy the time.

    February dazzling pretty white with those
    Lovely small SNOWDROPS giving warmth of peace,
    Aah! Winter JASMINE shining like gold
    Between the diamonds of snow
    Reflects a brave beautiful lady!

    March welcoming the ecstatic spring
    With LILIES and DAFFODILS lining up everywhere
    Like kids in assembly getting ready for prayers
    Thanking the God and showing gratitude for life
    Oh! Here HYACINTHS gives a smile, a ray of hope
    By its various colours.

    PEONIES and AZALEAS giggles like an innocent child
    In the warm sunshine of April
    How enthusiastically and happily
    The peonies unfurl each petals!

    DELPHINIUM and FREESIA enjoying the
    Play of time,
    To the rhythms of may.

    Oh God divinely beautiful and pleasing
    To soul pouring hearts and eyes
    With love and devotion
    Showing their magic in June!

    SUNFLOWERS smiling and walking towards light,
    And in mid of July there comes rain
    Where ponds are ornamented with
    Pink LOTUSES though growing in mud
    But still lotuses keeps blooming it's purity.

    Poets adorning their pages by beautiful of GULMOHAR
    As August arrives,
    CHRYSANTHEMUM; the rainbow of flowers
    Stunning their colours just after the rain
    And the JASMINES attracting souls with
    Pulchritudinous fragrance and appearance
    Covered with raindrops,
    PARIJAT blooms all night and
    Falls down in the daylight
    Showing her immense love for Lord Sun;
    Though Sun denied her love still she
    Covers the land with godly fragrance and beauty!

    ORCHIDS and SNAPDRAGONS waving their muses
    All around, lovely and wealthy
    September sings its melody.

    CALLA LILIES welcoming you to hold their hand
    Sit with them and pour all emotions
    In the pleasant October.

    November set with firecrackers like those of Diwali
    Lightening the soul with brightness
    To enjoy each moment like celebration.

    December gifted with NARCISSUS PAPER WHITE flower,
    Saying to admire one's own inner beauty first
    As no one can be as beautiful as you!
    © rhythmic_beats

    Image: Instagram (bywilsonn)

    PS. So sorry for such a big poetry. But flowers always demand to spread more beauty ��������

    Could you relate to different emotions? Tried to include seasonal flowers and their beauty didn't fail to amuse me♥️ each season, each month flowers add a different beauty, telling us to enjoy and add beauty to life all moments ✨

    #writingcontest #creativearena #flowers #emotions
    #beauty #blessings #heaven #god #rainbow
    #poetry #life #muses
    #rhythmic_beats #mirakee #writersnetwork #pod

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    Flowers are heartbeats of Earth
    Blooming every month, every season,
    Where nature paints the canvas of land
    And spills its beauty into the souls with
    Enchanting emotions;
    Flowers from lands to hands,
    Flowers from hands to in between
    Pages of poetry,
    This way the flower blooms in hearts
    Of everyone and lives forever
    And they never wither
    As love never dies!


  • rhythmic_beats 14w

    Home to|one|

    So many names, faces, skin colours,
    Different genders, different places,
    Different climates, different seasons,
    Different attires, different cultures,
    Different delicacies, different views
    And different languages,
    Makes all of us unique and differentiated
    From one another.

    There are so many monuments,
    So many wonders that attracts the tourists,
    Different religions and their divinity
    Shines in each place as there is no place
    In the world where God is not present.

    What makes the personality of a person
    Hugely depends on his hometown;
    The culture, the choices, the society,
    From small small things to the big ones,
    Many finds attachment for accent,
    Many finds attachment for the way people are,
    Many finds attachment for the literacy,
    Many finds attachment for art.

    Definitely everyone have endless words
    To express the love for their hometown!
    Hometown owes their heart and the
    Peace when you sleep and rest in the air
    Of hometown gives you a different
    Pleasing moments.

    But what if I say we all have one hometown?
    It may be Earth for someone,
    It may be solar system for someone,
    It may be milky way galaxy for someone,
    Or it may be universe for someone.

    Well the way we all love different seasons,
    The way we love our planet;
    Shining like a gem,
    The way we love our solar system;
    Like precious rings traveling in the space
    The way we love our galaxy;
    Playing and dancing with other galaxies,
    The way we love our universe;
    Having magical firecrackers of
    Nebulae, supernovas,
    Many moons and stars shining bright,
    Universe is home to our soul,
    Universe is one place where we all
    Live in the melodious verses,
    One form we all have common is soul;
    An energy which bonds
    To the peaceful vibrations.

    I'm lucky to live in the hometown:
    Universe which blesses all the lives
    With its muses,
    Giving all an amusing journey.
    Hometown- home to one.


  • rhythmic_beats 15w


    First stanza reflecting your entire life in short.

    Second stanza reflecting your interactions with loved ones.

    Third stanza reflecting that no matter how much love you showed but still they fade away one day.

    Fourth stanza reflecting that you shed your pain in order to blossom eternal spring of your soul����

    If any mistakes let me know��

    #autumn #spring #beauty #seasontalks
    #life #nature #reflections #lessons
    #rhythmic_beats #mirakee #writersnetwork

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    Life sprouts and days pass
    With flying time,
    Moments get captured in glass
    Of images; echoing melodious chime!

    The roots spread wider
    The more you
    Get denser
    Mingling with breathing dew.

    The dew which once used to
    Sparkle with your smiles
    Soon fades away to glue
    With their desires creating painful miles.

    You are a maple leaf embracing Autumn,
    Who is transforming into awakening blossom.

  • rhythmic_beats 15w

    Inner engineering is most important when it seems to be difficult for the mind to survive in the difficult environment!

    #brain #talks #gain #pain #oneliner #life #lessons
    #innerengineering ��©️
    #rhythmic_beats #mirakee #writersnetwork

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  • rhythmic_beats 15w

    It's the season of wedding
    My dear sea, sun;
    October weds November,
    The magic of
    Alluring crimson and warming amber
    Flourishes around like
    All the hearts falling for the warm soul.

    Nine months the sun and the clouds
    Travelled each corner of the world
    Somewhere scorching sunny days,
    And somewhere flooding downpours,
    They remained parallel from each other
    Because of their deep intensities.

    As the month of October arrives
    It seems like a ray of hope arises,
    The lands starts dressing itself with
    The fallen leaves.

    Trees giggle and try to touch the sky,
    Trees hug each other and cover the
    Lands with the hues of love.
    Even the sun couldn't resist to feel it;
    The sunshine enters through these
    Lovely hues forming a canopy
    Where all lives sit peacefully and
    Carve their heart to melody of the autumns.

    The leaves fall embracing all it's beauty
    These are not ordinary leaves,
    They are the shooting stars of our land,
    Each leaf fall for the other leaf and
    And wish to stay together
    And see the magic;
    One by one all the leaf falls for each other
    Still they find joy, the joy of togetherness.

    It feels like all gems:
    Crimson, amber, orange, gathering together
    Forming the land of blissfulness.
    All the eyes witness the awestruck pleasure
    And halts their heart to rest there for many days,
    The hands wave around the fallen leaves
    And collects it like a treasure,
    For the first time fallen things
    Bringing ecstacy to the world.

    The sea and sun cherishing the calmness
    With the lands covered by stunning hues
    Heading for the wedding of October and November.
    All the poets imbibe this divinity into poetry,
    The best wedding photography one could capture!
    All the hearts filled with pure love
    Embrace themselves and feel blessed
    In these warming hues of autumn.

    These hues shine bright and sing like firecrackers
    Up in the sky, when October said
    I autumn you November,
    And the Crimson kissed the Amber,
    The whole world witnesses the best wedding
    When October and November falls in love
    With each other.

    It's the season of wedding
    My dear sea, sun;
    October weds November,
    The magic of
    Alluring crimson and warming amber
    Flourishes around like
    All the hearts falling for the warm soul.

    Favorite season of all the poets,
    Where the pages are inked
    By aesthetic muses of autumn��


    Image: Instagram

    #poetry #poem #beauty #muses #favorite #season #magic #love #wedding #crimson #amber #october #november #vibes #blessings
    #rhythmic_beats #mirakee #writersnetwork

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  • rhythmic_beats 15w

    Our eyes crave beauty outside us but our heart knows beauty of soul, the moment you understand that you already have a seed of beauty planted inside, you grow and see a different shine. Be a beautiful garden blooming various flowers of life��������

    Keep the roots strong in heart and let your branches touch the limitless with soothing shade of experiences, blossoming flowers waving zephyrs of pleasant spring and sweet colourful fruits which rise from your actions��

    First seek beauty inside then you can definitely find outer world's beauty too✨��

    Be strong and beautiful ♥️

    @_peril_ �� have a great time ahead��

    #beautiful #beauty #garden #bloom #soul #heart #drawing #abstractart #abstract
    #grow #sketching #beyourself #layers
    #rhythmic_beats #mirakee #writersnetwork

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  • rhythmic_beats 15w

    Sharam Karo sharam Karo����
    Daily yahi sunke bhi akkal thikane nahi ayi Kya?
    Bichara phone bhi bol Raha hoga bass Kar mere Bhai abh aur kitni!!!

    #fun #meme ��

    Waise yaha bhi hai bohot ese����
    Pehle comments mai phir Instagram pe phir whatsapp pe����

    Kuch padhayi likhayi Karo IAS vias bano aur desh ko sambhalo�� warna baad Mai na naukri milegi aur na hi chokri milegi

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