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  • rhythmic_words 4w

    If I were to ask, would you care to stop?
    If you were to stop, would you pay ears to my thoughts?
    If you were to listen, would you still choose to stay?
    If you were to stay, would it all make sense?

  • rhythmic_words 6w

    This night may take longer to fade
    For there's hours between every hour
    And minutes between every minute
    The darkness, that's almost frozen and dead
    Hangs heavy as defeated shoulders
    And the air so thick, so dense
    As if all the nights of all the days
    Have set camp under this shed
    The noise the still and quiet make,
    They bang the eardrums deaf
    Night and night as fas as you can stretch
    This night might take forever to fade

  • rhythmic_words 6w

    This life sometimes feels like
    Building a house on a shore
    I keep building and
    It keeps getting washed away
    Taking away a part of the dream it was made of
    And all I do is make a new one
    Hoping it will stay
    As if there's no place else for it
    As if my feet were nailed to the ground
    The ground where nothing really stayed
    But these feet

  • rhythmic_words 10w

    I'm smiling tonight
    Thinking about the times I was foolishly naive
    Taking all the wrong turns, knocking all the wrong doors;
    Ending up in a tragedy so tragic that it's all too funny now

    I'm crying a little
    For all the times so perfect, they could fit right into the frames of one of those movies
    You'd go back and watch again for the millionth time
    So perfect yet so painful, they won't present themselves again

    I'm thinking a bit
    About the times when I had all the right words in the world
    But I chose the wrong ones, not thinking through
    When I did the thinking for far too long and lost the chance at words

    This night that I'm far too familiar with
    With the same string of thoughts playing over and over again,
    Like a song stuck in your head
    I'm hoping tonight
    These distant crickets won't turn into a choir of birds outside my window

  • rhythmic_words 15w

    Don't wake me up tomorrow
    If it's going to mimic today
    Don't wake me up
    If the sun dresses up in its finest glitter and gold to mock the dull in me
    Don't wake me up
    If the clouds come out in cheerful groups to play outside my drab window
    Don't wake me up
    If the garden's richer a bud and I'm still empty handed
    Don't wake me up
    If people turn out of their houses while I'm still a prisoner of my own head
    Don't wake me up
    If the world goes about its business when I try to dodge my own shadows
    Don't wake me up
    Don't wake me up tomorrow
    If it's just going to be like today

  • rhythmic_words 15w

    The time after this time, is they say will be mine
    So, I'm waiting for this wait to get over
    And take steps away from these steps that lead nowhere
    The living that's different from the living I do
    A life of the alives and not of the dead
    To not be afraid of the fear of loosing
    For all that could be "a loss" has already been lost
    The will to push this will of unwillingness
    Perhaps, a reason to not reason everything
    And do as I may

  • rhythmic_words 18w

    They say, "everything will fall into place", but why should it 'fall' when I'm trying hard to keep things from falling.
    And why still after all the failing and falling must things again fall to find and fit their place?
    How can one trust a fall to make things better when they're still picking up pieces?
    And how that has already fallen, fall again.

  • rhythmic_words 19w

    There's a body that knows
    Knows when to sleep and when to wake up
    When to eat and what to eat
    It smile to strangers, laughs on jokes
    It gets mad, cries like all
    There's a body that has mastered the art
    To go about the 24 hours, round the clock

    There's a body, it resembles a machine
    On when told and dead when not
    Existing in disjoint moments
    Meaningless in the voids between those
    A perfectly functional and yet pathetically broken
    Form of whatever it was supposed to be
    And everything that it was supposed not

    And there's a body still as human as all
    Perhaps a lost purpose and a dead soul

  • rhythmic_words 22w

    Constantly surrounded by nothing
    Nothing that touches, nothing eyes can define
    Yet heavy and opaque and thick
    Keeps getting taller and taller,
    Overshadowing everything, narrowing my view
    Like walking through an endless corridor
    While the lights fade one by one
    From the far end towards me.
    Half swallowed by own thoughts
    The other half, already knitting new ones
    Resident of a body that doesn't have its own
    Perhaps a grave is a privalege to lay in
    Than to be walking in one.

  • rhythmic_words 24w

    There a hollow pit in my stomach
    And I feel the whole of me being pulled into it
    All of a sudden, this rush of emotions hits me
    All at once I feel my senses dying
    There's piercing light, there's blindning darkness
    But no safe in between
    I pull up swords and shields
    Against my self; in my own defiance
    I fight, loose and win, all with my own self
    Every word looses it's meaning before I even utter them out
    Every action just as worthless as the last one
    I try to search every other pair of eyes that's not mine
    Try to find the comfort and solace, they preach about
    For all goes in vain,
    For there's no such thing as no pain