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  • ri_cha 1h


    The brightest of days when seemed to terrify your soul as if life has flown,

    When your sobbings were the soul witness of your state.

    You were never meant to be held
    in some captivating words,
    the mere proses and the verses
    could never coax her to stay,
    for no one could cage a thought,
    arrest a view,
    abstruseness for sure
    she was a free soul

    But there are those journeys that travel
    along paths of words
    accompanied by whispers
    letting you know that
    it’s never too early or late
    to meet the real you.


  • ri_cha 2d

    It is never over, though we are in December!
    9.12.18 ��
    #invisible #writersnetwork #pod @writersnetwork

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    She's a stargazer,an angel
    She's a devil in disguise
    An actress whose parts of her ache for miracles that never die.

    for what needs
    to be said,
    to the
    aching heart,
    which inspite
    of repeatedly,
    screaming out
    your name,
    remained unheard,
    and remained unread.

    And we dip our toes in the sand,
    and the moon swallows our moorings as
    the stars twinkle of every photon of light.

    Holding thorns in the hands and swimming in the sea of fire is definitely not easy. The hands bleed. The skin gets wrinkles, mostly invisible ones. No wonder they're twenty something and act like forty something.

    Don’t cry…it’s not that terrible
    My question stands, unbearable!
    Time wont return, life’s not repairable!
    When was that I became invisible?


  • ri_cha 1w


    I have a perpetual night inside
    of me but not the dark desolate kind
    A selenophile would know what I mean
    A beautiful moonlit night every night.

    the starry night sky enshrouded
    under a perpetual veil of smog.
    We don't value the moments until they became memories, everlasting memories !
    The perpetual memories ! !


  • ri_cha 2w


    A garden loses touch with the beauty of life and colours fade too soon

    I breathe in and sigh,
    remembering where I was
    and knowing where I am today.

    Hollow winds steal the words of the world; it becomes stifling

    One cannot wander too far through the hurdles that spring from the earth

    Finally I sigh and smile
    Tell myself that this would happen
    Only if Sun rises in west and sets in East
    Seeing the sky above ,struck I remain
    Brisk breeze hugs gently and makes me warm and fine
    Listening to my inner voice
    His clouds pass…
    And my Time too pass….


  • ri_cha 2w

    There must be some atom of our life hidden here, lingering in this quiet somewhere.

    #writersnetwork #pod #mirakee #mirakeeworld @mirakee @writersnetwork @mirakeeworld @readwriteunite

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    This was there everything stopped
    This is where everything
    started to fester.
    This is where the night became the day
    There was where rolled another day
    This is where my heart got lost
    And this is where I got everything
    and finally belonged.

    i know i am a memory.
    forgotten like vintage telephones, crooked voices
    90’s soft love collecting silver dust from mouth to mouth,
    a forgotten yellow tainted page, blank as an ocean.

    You would think
    I was some helpless poet
    Trying too hard
    To make you his muse.
    Better not say anything then
    Better keep silent
    For in such matters
    There’s much eloquence in silence.

    To turn over and glance at them
    when you are nearing the end.


  • ri_cha 3w

    If you want to see the seven colors
    Coalesced wonder called light
    Dispersed and showing us all it’s might
    If you want a glimpse, there’s a mechanism
    But for that your heart needs to be a prism.

    Rainbows are children of Rain and Sun
    and I can stand under the rain
    and I can bask under the sun
    I can dance and spin around in their meeting ground:
    I will not only have a rainbow,
    I can be one.

    I put down my pen once again
    Satisfied with what I write
    Capturing poetic prism words
    While thoughts in tinted light
    Shimmering within my head
    Soar as free as vibrant birds


    #rainbow #writersnetwork #pod #cwwrites @mirakee @writersnetwork

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    You know,she is like a crystal prism.. strong and beautiful and she contains numberless rainbows.

    But for her I'm darkness,prisms are no good without sun rays.


  • ri_cha 3w

    I can't stop the tears,
    Shedding through your eye,
    But I'll be the shoulder,
    Whenever you wish to cry !

    You don't need to wonder why,
    You just be my star, I'll be your damn whole sky !

    Prove to me you're sane,and freedom is yours.

    The dainty blooms that create thoughts and smiles without effort, sitting in the moonlight as the windchimes sing, breathing in the heady scent of Jasmine I count each blessing that finds me waiting with open hands.

    Hey moon,
    You're like a mirage...All I love to do ,is admire your visage !

    You think, it's my tomfoolery,but baby, for me it's not paltry ! Indeed, it's necessary !!!

    #ceespicprompt #pod #writersnetwork #mirakee #repost @writersnetwork @lovenotes_from_carolyn @mirakee @mirakeeworld

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    Beyond the terrace
    I pace barefoot through
    Wind spreading ashes, remainders of the caresses of words
    I watch
    and see how life sings
    in the sleeping night garden.



  • ri_cha 3w

    One from the journal ��

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    Ocean, rivers, streams between the valley and stellar peaks

    My soul has arisen astral being, mingling between moon beams

    Can you really capture reality and enslave it depending on the caprices

    Fight the reflection in the mirror, or, steal its identity for a masquerade

    The sun heads home to clouds, as nighttime walks up proud.

    I wave and greet the flock, who goes home according to the clock.

    Drifting darkness drawing in
    visuals fading dramatically
    mist slowly turning to thick, frothy fog.

    with half broken breaths and hallowed mind
    burning the midnight oil
    slowly giving in to the night
    Like the melting candle
    I write
    a poem of love,
    a poem of light.


  • ri_cha 4w

    If I've an instinct,I question the instinct,then I question myself questioning the instinct. And that means I'm probably just going to never move from this spot ever again,and I'm hopeless and pathetic. ��

    @writersnetwork @mirakee @mirakeeworld #writersnetwork #pod

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    Weeks and weeks

    Coruscated across my eyes.

    I am still

    The same old me.

    Dying to be understood in tired eyes

    All I absorb are tears and rain

    wearing a chain of animosity

    through a howling river

    I can’t move anymore.

    Some words were spinning a tale in my mind,

    Making me laugh so hard,

    But unseen, unheard, something crept in ,

    Grabbing my wrist in the dark.


  • ri_cha 4w

    Dwell on the beauty of life. Watch the stars, and see yourself running with them.
    -Marcus Aurelius

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    But all I could care for was this moment
    Where I’ll close my eyes and wish for you
    Again and again
    Until I turn to dust along with you my star dust.
    Without pain and anger and suffering, we wouldn’t have compassion and love and patience.
    Life is a balancing act.

    Gazing at this wondrous expanse
    I worry will the sky fall
    if I say my truth out loud?

    Will the sky fall?