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  • richardbeck 5d


    Some ancient call
    Under the floor
    My brain stem developed from a million
    Me things
    Walking blind toward the light
    Forget God
    I drop like a stone
    It doesn’t care.
    It just kick started the engine
    And forgot to hold our hands
    In thunder

    Where are you
    Dislocated like you never came back
    Sweet dis location
    Of the

  • richardbeck 1w

    Sweet Dreams

    Everyone’s searchin fa som thing
    Basss boom. Bouncing fickteeze

    Who am I to disobey?
    Broom just wanna feel anotha way
    I already know
    Time to run and turn it on

    Don’t tell tell nobody
    Body screaming disco feet already
    Money in the corner popping
    We won’t tell no body
    Don’t let me go

    Eternity we will frock the shock
    Bounce booming basssss
    Crash the moon and crack the sky
    Feather rich strum magnet guitar

    Twist metallic
    Spin the prayer it’s the one please continue everyone
    Grip the pillow

    Take my hand to never ever land.

  • richardbeck 2w


    Open sun palm
    flesh soft snake bite
    Sweet juices
    Natures froth the seed of angels
    To pollinate the earth
    Segregate beauty
    Petal pump and squeeze
    Color thirst - third eye blinds
    Magic eternal sunshine in the mind

  • richardbeck 4w


    Where is that painful city that we fear
    Is it here?
    That most horrendous of wanting the ache of which moves planets
    If it could
    just outside the tips of our most yearning outstretched hands
    The hell is individually packaged
    To custom suffering

    Visions planted in my brain of where I should be
    Who I should be
    How I should look
    How they should see me

    With the words of prophets painted on subways

    Like pentatonic, syml and anthrax
    The poets like Hetfield share blood and sound of dark despair to let the human suffering mass know
    There is light
    The can split the black of night

    And he’ll has no echo in the grateful bright lit heart

  • richardbeck 4w


    Find someone or something
    It licks your heart
    Reaches in and finds a place beneath the hard walls of crusted indifference
    “If you loved me why did u leave me?”
    Human eyes stare up
    Into me
    Mirrors of time
    It’s hard to breathe
    No will to fight

    I’m sorry
    Sorry I let you go
    Sorry here the upside is down
    That I’m tired and old and change is hard

    “Will it be all right?”

    Yes my little man, it will be all right
    They will carry you

    I can’t remember how to shine.

    Is anything out there? Watching as I drive nails into my child’s heart? I feel her loss.
    Dagger knife eyes shred my hope and lay bare the wickedness of this act

    Letting you go.

    “People don’t get rid of things they love. It would have worked out”

    Words can scratch the soul. Can rip the lining of your heart as it shatters black shiny decisions in rainbow flickers.

    Lost art.

    Bang the drum. Split the spine.

  • richardbeck 8w


    Mask the face
    Hide from invisible monsters
    World pandemic blares CNN but no one I know got sick
    Or died


    We haven’t hit the next wave

    I pray to any god that will listen
    Don’t mutate as our guard is down

    Caution fatigue

    I barely wash my hands so please let me get back to work

  • richardbeck 8w

    Boxed In

    Square corners
    thick steel strong invisible walls
    Edges cut through paper thin skin
    Black fire - smoke - riots
    Claustrophobic changes
    Too much
    Living in the exit zone
    Pushing back on walls closing in
    I can’t breathe
    Neck, Knees and social media
    White is trending light
    The silence deafens as the status quo
    Draws lines
    We whisper
    As the establishment knows
    A storm is coming

    The winds of change are blowing so maybe we should all open our ears and hearts to our family

  • richardbeck 11w

    Love Lost

    Wild youth embrace the strawberry fields forever
    As the brittle Beatles sang
    Lonely Tuscan skies
    She never believed I could love her
    So she left

    And I the twig -
    Snap crackle

  • richardbeck 13w

    Cable Tie Necklace

    Twist this plastic snake with apple shaped eyes and thorns for teeth
    Rib pain as her lips surround
    Crunch of sweet flesh
    Skin peel
    Broken promises
    If only someone could stop me
    To convince me that falling back to sleep
    Is not better than the daily hellish reigning sky of arrow insults like some medieval battlefield in my mind
    The mind without a shield I must say
    If you can’t see the self hate it’s because I wear a mask
    I the actor
    Pretending to be real
    To be normal
    To be confident?
    No not that

    It’s time. To say fair well to the light
    To go back to sleep with a plastic necklace cutting off

  • richardbeck 13w

    Echoes lost in space

    It’s never coming back again
    I lost my wild youth
    Disappeared so softly in a swelling slow moving storm
    Never to be seen lonely road
    Reaching hands to touch something warm like a heart
    Like the wind slipping through my hands like memories trapped on paper and computer screens I know
    It’s never coming back again
    Right before my eyes it slipped through -
    This feeling
    Of losing things I never really owned
    Just relief in knowing the light was a gift given without consent
    Freedom in knowing I can’t go back and now is all there is - now carries us along the stolen places
    Like the echo lost in space - this is us
    Now carries me away

    Based on Dean Lewis Song called Waves