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Honour. Respect. Strength.

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  • ridgereigns 24w


    Stood askance
    With a crooked glance
    A hooded man
    Took a bullet by chance
    So that he could advance
    Command conquers
    Climate demands divisions
    Hardly equipped
    For the higher standards of living
    Lessons learnt from dissections
    Of the tenants' burnings
    Under fluorescent lightings
    Flickering, as the Devil's working
    I step into the gauntlet...

  • ridgereigns 24w


    Fall in the chasm
    Intellectual spasm
    Patterns of the unimagined
    Passages read in Latin
    Biomedical projects
    Demand endless ransoms
    Hands on hearts for anthems
    Riding the bandwagon

  • ridgereigns 26w


    Images burnt into our psyche
    Are highly unlikely
    To be a sound defense
    Against a crime spree
    The untimely demise
    The unruly capsize
    Of the blessed vessel
    That leads to the mental landslide
    We are anti-command
    Flipping switches with no plans

  • ridgereigns 27w

    This too shall pass...

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    He spoke in colloquialisms
    Parochial wisdom
    Intermodal vocals
    To carry for those who chose to listen
    No prescription for ethics
    Call a medic
    Surgery required
    To remove the embedded
    Forget it
    Extraterrestrial companies
    Comfortably numb the currencies

  • ridgereigns 28w

    Life is too short to live in fear

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    Image of the martyr
    Message from the silver screen
    Carving out the thesis
    While peaking on Dimethyltryptamine
    Sharpen the guillotine
    That's when I intervene
    Explode recycled psychology
    Into smithereens
    A little scheme
    Against fear inducing theorists
    Set adrift, trapped within the sphere

  • ridgereigns 29w

    Dive Deep

    Peace to post structural poets
    The scholars of the moment
    The blue collar crimestoppers
    And the cannon fodder
    Squalor to squeeze a dollar
    The televangelists
    Recite the holiest anthems
    Off of manuscripts
    Paid in counterfeit
    Heavy involvement
    From decoded conundrums
    Dragon's Dogma

  • ridgereigns 30w


    Behold the stratified concepts
    Atomising the movements
    Class war coutures
    Canons for the consumerists
    Two-bit portraitures
    Cogs in the formula
    Dogs whistle orchestras
    Separating the fermament

  • ridgereigns 31w

    Keep your head up

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    Be Free (Part III)

    Thanks to my serenity
    I have the ability to be all that is within me
    The blueprint on how to reveal my strategy
    We can all overcome, devour and crush our anxieties
    First, starting with me and you
    The bell rings
    The world's reading
    The fight is on

  • ridgereigns 31w


    Rigid, I traverse
    I put the first in reverse
    The doctrine known across the Earth
    By rite of birth
    Speak as Ezekiel
    Seeking the inconceivable, defeating irredeemables, sepal upheave cathedrals
    A sign of the coming siege
    Retreats inoperable

  • ridgereigns 32w

    No matter how hard it gets, stick your chest out and handle it.

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    Be Free (Part II)

    I sleep at night, though my soul is awake 24/7
    I see the angels in Heaven watching over and under me
    The very thoughts and ideas that are positive to occur
    Explosive melodies and lyrics ready to be launched
    I concur
    However, this is not a countdown to the day I rest in peace
    Rather, the count up to our success