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  • rigzin 15w

    I know people try to keep a lot to themselves because they find it difficult to find someone to whom they can share their feelings. A lot of people say that suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem but what if committing suicide is just  making you lose your chance of making your circumstances better? Just think of what if... before you commit suicide. You might feel like you're  invisible to everyone,  you might feel you're useless to your family or friends or to everyone and that your heart might be torn or you might feel like you are in between the sharp edge of the blade where going forward or going backward would result in tearing you.  Don't forget we are all here for a reason and don't forget that we can only heal by releasing the pain and not by suppressing it! Let's all help people who are having the suicidal thoughts at the moment. Let's us join our hands together and SAY NO TO SUICIDE! 
    -Rigzin Tamang

  • rigzin 16w

    For the reason is you.

    In the cold wintery snow, I’d wait
    I’d wait to hear the song you sing.
    I’d wait to see the luster in your eyes.
    For it these that gave me butterflies.

    In the warmth of the friendly summer, I’d stay
    I’d stay to feel the breeze that brought you near
    For when we stand near the ocean’s bay
    I’d stay to hold your hand, my dear.

    In the fallen leaves of the Autumn day, I’d watch
    I’d watch as you fulfill those childish dreams
    I’d watch as you smile in your success
    For in your life, I’d watch you gleam

    In the season of true beginnings, I’d hold
    I’d hold onto the memories that make you up
    I’d hold onto the tears that tear you down
    And in you, I hold everything I ever loved.

    One day, I’d love you like no one else could
    for you I’d wait for all the eons that pass on before and after
    because for you, in this life or another
    I’d look for the reason.
    That is, you.

  • rigzin 17w

    By unknown writer

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    Find a Reason to Smile
                              ~Rigzin Tamang
    Perhaps you are not a stranger to the dark
    Perhaps the Sun might be becoming dim in your life
    But amidst all the adversity that one is facing
    Find a Reason to Smile Everyday
    Bad days are corrosive
    Always remember, the darkest hour comes before the dawn !
    Therefore find a Reason to Smile Everyday

  • rigzin 23w

    By unknown writer

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    When fear grows intensively, to handle sorrow lies within our scope.
    Yes, you can't fix something which has been already broken but there are some things in life which can be mended with time. The agonizing wound which seems to be never fading will be healed, with time. So is the situation with covid-19, we shall overcome this pandemic one day. We need to challenge the reality.
    We are working against the clock. Together we can fight back the virus and bring about the miraculous result .There will come a time when we will bid goodbye to Corona Virus. That day is not far away.
    -Rigzin Tamang

  • rigzin 23w

    Words have value only if you say it to the right person.
    -Rigzin Tamang

  • rigzin 25w

    Sometimes one needs to wake up
    Because most of us are hypnotised in this world of materialism
    That we forget to take rest from our busy schedule
    And forget to savour the beauty of nature around us
    It is a crying shame that we we don't have time
    A time to stop and smell the roses
    A time where one spends with their family
    But little do we realise the importance of it
    And by the time we realise it
    It becomes too late
                                                      ~Rigzin Tamang

  • rigzin 26w

    Never take your family for granted. Think for a moment how you would feel if your mother or father were no longer here.what gesture have you forgotten to perform and what thoughts have you forgotten to express.It is never too late. Express your gratitude before it's too late.
    ~Rigzin Tamang