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  • rimareactss 31w

    You Can Contact Me In Case Of Any Help.

    How many of us have posted such things online asking your friends or followers to text you in case they want to talk to someone?

    Why would that person talk to you? Why would that person prefer talking to you over his family and actual friends? What is the gaurantee you won't judge his story?

    They will contact you only if you have made them feel comfortable around you.

    They will contact you if they observed you deserve to know their story.

    But most of us are hypocrite.

    We post because others are posting.

    We ask because others are asking.

    Try asking your colleague if you see they are upset.

    Don't bully your friends or colleague.

    Don't mock their story of pain.

    Then may be one out of 10 will dare contacting you to share their pain.


  • rimareactss 31w

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    People follow you on your social accounts.

    People suggest what you should post and what you shouldn't.

    People will never press the unfollow button because that takes away the power they think they have on you.

    They follow and start commenting on what kind of posts you do.

    The bitch with a similar group about your post.

    But will never press the unfollow button because that takes away the power they think they have on you.


  • rimareactss 33w


    If you cannot find the lighter side of life, then polish the darker side

  • rimareactss 33w


    Sometimes you got to shut up
    Swallow your pride and accept that you are wrong
    It's not giving up but growing up

  • rimareactss 33w


    You keep a lot to yourself because it's difficult to find people who would understand.

  • rimareactss 33w


    Biggest scar is not on the body. These are on the soul.

    Sometimes caused by others. Often caused by us.

    My Clumsy Thoughts

  • rimareactss 33w

    Stress free

    The less you care the happier you will be.

  • rimareactss 33w

    Forever Love

    I still love you, Ram. Please come back.

    Do you remember the time when you understood my thoughts by just looking at my eyes even when my face was covered?

    Do you remember those days when we used to meet almost everyday leaving aside important work and making excuses because we loved spending time?

    And do you remember the time when you cried so hard with pain that you almost throw up?

    You took my side when your friend Sandy said I am not right for you.

    You protected me from everyone like a baby.

    I was happy to know that in the order of whom you love more, I came third after your love for India and your parents.

    And I was happy when you told me your father danced with joy when you told him about us.

    I was in a lot of pain when you told we can't marry because of some situation.

    I was in a lot of pain when you left me alone in India after this.

    I was in a lot of pain when you helped me create a matrimonial profile so I can get married to someone else and I did.

    I did create a matrimonial profile but not because I wanted to marry someone else or because I have moved on but only because it was that one thing you ever asked me.

    I wanted to make you feel jealous so I told you about another guy and said I started liking him but I never liked him.

    But after a couple of months, the same guy proposed and I said yes after thinking for 7 days.

    I moved on in life but my heart still loved you. I could have tried if the situation didn't involve your father.

    The more I spent time with this new guy, the more I missed you.

    I told you how I miss you and you blamed my alcohol for saying that to you.

    You started to put an impression you are a bad guy assuming I would happily move on but you forgot we had spent more than 6 years together. And I know you very very well.

    I felt guilty for not loving the new guy. I felt I'm cheating the new guy.

    I told him I want to break up years ago and I am still saying the same.

    Right now I'm stuck in between, If it is you then God will do everything and bring you back and If it is the new guy then I'll eventually marry him.

    But what about my love for you? What about my heart that still cares for you?

    I tried but couldn't delete any of our memories together. Everything is still safe with me.

    All the pictures, gifts and emails we ever exchanged then.

    One day I felt the urge to "confess" my love that I was trying to hide for years and I called you. My call went unanswered.

    It was you on the voicemail but sent a "Spanish" text message to manipulate. Later, you blocked me.

    It broke my heart and I wondered are you the same guy who would call me in the middle of the night just to check if I'm doing alright?

    You threatened me saying you would not be a well-wisher for me if I kept on calling you.


    A well-wisher never threatens,
    A well-wisher never blocks,
    A well-wisher never hides,
    A well-wisher never lies.

    I wish I could undo all the mistakes, but over time I realised only God don't make mistakes and I'm only human after all.

    I wish you don't give up on me.

    Can you give me another chance?

    I'll be waiting for your response. You know who am I

  • rimareactss 34w

    It's very easy to judge others by impact and yourself by your intentions.
    It's like saying you cough then it's normal and if someone else coughs he has #corona
    #life #lessons #imbibe #positive #quote #judge #easy #difficult #accept #mistakes #writer #blogger #myclumsythoughts

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    It's easy to judge others and difficult to blame ourselves

  • rimareactss 34w


    Whatever good or bad you talk about a person will reach him sooner or later.

    My Clumsy Thoughts