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  • rimpi_ 7w

    Woh samne aya,
    Toh ajab tamasha hua...
    Har shikayat ne jese,
    Khudkhushi kar liya!


  • rimpi_ 14w

    Somewhere in my dreams tonight
    I’ll see you standing there
    You look at me with a smile
    “Life isn’t always fair”

    You say you were chosen for his garden
    His preciously hand picked bouquet
    “God really needed me,
    That’s why I couldn’t stay”

    It’s said to be that angels
    Are sent from above
    I’ve always had my angel
    My brother, whose heart was filled with love

    Wherever the ocean meets the sky
    There will be memories of you and I
    When I look up at the sky so blue
    All I see are visions of you
    “While there’s a heart in me, you’ll be a part of me.


  • rimpi_ 33w

    You people suck!

  • rimpi_ 36w

    I'm tierd.

    Photographs of you holding me in your arms,
    You protected me from any kind of harm,
    You influenced me to sing,
    And I was always your number one singer.

    You looked so proud to be my dad,
    But now every day you look so sad,
    I wonder why you turned into this,
    You're violent with your tone and not your fists.

    I'm thankful you're not abusive physically,
    But you turn my emotions into misery,
    Money seems like your only desire,
    You're only happy when your income is higher.

    Why can't you just be happy and smile,
    It could make you feel better for awhile,
    You never wipe my tears as they fall,
    The problem between us is far from small.

    There is an empty spot in my soul,
    Our relationship is taking a toll,
    I love you with all my heart,
    I don't want our relationship to fall apart.

    It's holding on by one last thread,
    I regret the bad things that I said,
    Can't you realize the expression across my face,
    It's drawn with dark colors of disgrace.

    But I guess you just can't see,
    How much you really mean to me.
    I wish I could have a dad and not just a father,
    That would always be there for his daughter.

    You never care what I have to say,
    Tears fill my eyes as I look away,
    I cannot hide my pain any longer,
    Please change soon or I'll be a goner.


  • rimpi_ 38w

    Itne ache lagte ho!

    Saari duniya jhuthi,
    Aur sirf tum sacche lagte ho!
    Itne acche lagte ho mujhe tum,
    Itne ache lagte ho.❤️


  • rimpi_ 39w

    I hope this doesn't seem too creepy!

    Your smile makes me smile,
    Your laugh makes me laugh.
    Your eyes are enchanting.
    You make my thoughts seem daft.

    Since the day I first laid eyes on you,
    My feelings grew and grew.
    In that first conversation, my knees clicked and clacked,
    And those butterflies flipped and flapped.

    And as I spill these simple rhymes,
    My mind goes over time and time.
    Why didn't you ask me to dance
    During that slow song of endless romance?

    I hope this doesn't seem too creepy.
    Please don't think my thoughts have flown too freely.
    Just know that what I speak is true
    And that I have fallen deeply for you.


  • rimpi_ 39w


    I'm sorry for the things I've done.
    I'm sorry for what was said.
    I'm sorry for these words I write
    While lying here in bed.

    The thing I need to tell you is
    You mean so much to me,
    But it hurts so much to realize
    There are things that you don't see.

    I wanted you to love me too.
    I wanted you to care.
    I wanted to belong with you.
    I wanted to be a pair.

    But you made it fairly clear
    That you don't want the same,
    And this, I know, is all my fault;
    There's no one else to blame.

    I'm sorry that I can't stop caring about you.
    I'm sorry it's next to impossible to get over you.
    I'm sorry for believing in you.
    It hurts to feel so unwanted when I only want "you".

    So here I am apologizing
    Saying "sorry" with all my grace,
    And I'm sorry to say that I'm too scared
    To say this to your face.


  • rimpi_ 39w

    Aab tutt gya dil toh isme bawal kya kare?

    Aab tutt gya dil toh isme bawal kya kare?
    Usko pasand bhi toh humne hi kiya tha!
    Aab usme sawal kya kare?


  • rimpi_ 42w

    Wrap me in your arms,
    Kiss like never before!
    Undress me if you want to,
    Love me till you want to!
    Let our souls collide,
    Let the stars in us become alive.


  • rimpi_ 43w


    When I found you,
    I handed you a gun, to point at my heart,
    It took all of me to trust you,
    To believe that you won't pull the trigger.

    Shits got real when the trigger was pulled
    and my heart bled a thousand rivers.