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  • ring79 1w


    Now the time is up and time is not enough its time to say goodbye
    Its time to close the door
    Its time to put down the curtains
    Its time to wave and kiss goodbye we will miss each other but I know that this not end time might be cruel now but someday somehow we are going to see each other when fate allows. Farewell my friend I will carry all the memories we have, all the laughters and tears, the ups and downs, the lessons you teach me and all good times and as well as the challenges we have faced and surpassed. You take Care and be safe always. Till we meet again.

  • ring79 1w

    The Voice

    When I first heard your voice you have captured my lost heart.
    The heart that stops beating for years beats again.
    Your Voice ignited the candle that was once sparks that has been dim many times before.
    Your voice inspires me to sing again.
    Your voice directs me to the right path.
    Your voice makes me want to live again and to live life as what it should be.
    I thank God I found you.

  • ring79 6w


    I want you to stay because I love u.
    I want you to stay because with you I can be myself.
    I want you to stay because I find peace in you.
    I want you to stay because I felt I am accepted and loved with your presence.
    I want you to stay because I am lonely without you.
    I want you to stay because you help me grow and become a better person
    But I have to let you go for now for you to also explore and follow your dreams
    I am setting you free for someday I believe you are will come back and we will be together again.

  • ring79 8w


    I have no place to go.
    I am trap in the ocean of tears.
    It leave me hanging and wondering.
    I feel how worthless and hopeless as I could be.
    Its hard to move on. Its hard to be free.
    I must make a way that I could free myself from the chains I am in, from the bars behind me and from the trap I got caught.
    Pulling myself up to stand again is the only way I could be free.
    Indeed I am a work in progress I will live each day taking one step at a time. I see there is hope.

  • ring79 8w


    In this world we cannot fine real sense of fairness.
    In this world no one is equal there is always something or someone higher than us.
    How could we stop this stigma. We should suppose to have equal rights, equal opportunities and equal privilege. Yet in this kind of society people wants to always be on top. They are hungry of power and position. They have crab mentality which pulls down those who are rising up.
    This illness pulls us down as a society.
    If we continue to do this we could all be stagnant. We can't progress, we will not develop and surely we will not grow.

  • ring79 8w

    Falling in Love

    I never felt like this before.
    You made me feel special.
    You showed how a real friend should be.
    You gave me the courage to do things without fear.
    You trusted me and given me the chance to shine.
    Then I notice unknowingly I am slowly falling for you. I didn't mean to feel this way. For sure you make me happy, you believe in me and you treated me special.
    How would life be living like this. I decided to to keep my feelings for you because I wanted us to just like what we are...friends.

  • ring79 8w

    I miss you

    I long to see you.
    I long to embrace you.
    I long to talk to you.
    I long to spent time with you.
    I long to love you.
    I long to accept your flaws.
    Yet you are gone.
    You are not here anymore.
    I miss you so badly.
    I miss you so dearly.
    I miss you very much.

  • ring79 8w

    Dark past

    I been through hell.
    I been through hardships.
    I have stepped on to sharp torns that deeply wounded me.
    I have gone through sadness, anxiety, fear and destruction.
    I experience pain, sorrows, rejection and humiliation.
    I was crash, defeated and devastated.
    I could hardly stand and move.
    I get weak and very exhausted.
    I was hopeless, I wander around in circles no where to go and no where to run.
    I felt so alone. I felt I have nothing left for me.
    I pull myself up struggle to take back my life.
    I transcend myself from my situation. I will never go back to the dark, I will never go back to where I am oppressed. I free myself from the chains I am in. I longer be a slave of anything that doesn't give me peace.
    I thank someone who is higher than me who save my life, who gave me hope and who accepted me and my past.

  • ring79 8w


    Rain falls in my sky.
    Dark clouds surrounds me.
    I felt gloomy and weak.
    Rain might be cold and dark but it brings waters that quench the thirst of every living species who are longing for waters.
    It gives happiness and life to the earth.
    It might be muddy and dirty but looking into the brighter side in every rain God sends a rainbow to make us feel blissful and well.

  • ring79 8w


    I have to be on time.
    I got to beat the clock.
    I have to move fast.
    I got to get going.
    Like the deadline I need to accomplish.
    Like the finish line I got to win it.
    Like complete task in a day.
    Like mission need to fulfill.
    Rules are to be follow
    I believe that I should follow.
    I should comply.
    I should do it.