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  • rinybharadwaj 95w

    Hold my hand,
    Say it's gonna be Okay,
    Look through these walls,
    And Rewrite the past,

    Lower the threshold,
    Pour those words in my mouth,
    Words which will be melting,
    Imprisoned in my warmth,

    Hold my hand,
    Say it's gonna be okay,
    Exempt the dismay ,
    Like some birds in a cage..!

  • rinybharadwaj 109w

    Those dreams that I had,
    In these hundreds of months..
    Hold them in your heart,
    And your eyes as you dream..
    In your deepest slumber,
    Or your brightest reality..
    And every figure,
    Escorts your each frame of mind..
    Dream about me,
    Every breath of your life!

  • rinybharadwaj 114w

    They see change
    Rejecting the better you,
    Entitling with worse!
    As if the eyes changed,
    Making the heart ache
    Of the naive girl in the mirror!

  • rinybharadwaj 119w

    Is it love,
    When two hearts meet
    Two passions unite !

  • rinybharadwaj 120w

    And he said,
    "I've suddenly fallen in love,
    The bindi illuminates,
    The duskier kohl in your eyes..
    And the melody of the jhumka,
    Matches the tunes of your flowing scarf..
    Escalating the fire in my veins,
    And liberating the solitude of my heart!"


  • rinybharadwaj 123w

    Let go,
    But what about the promises you made
    Let go,
    But what about the smiles you framed
    Let go,
    But What about the music you played
    Let go,
    But what about the dance my heart dared
    Let go,
    So what if you said let go!

  • rinybharadwaj 145w

    Was it the chill of the wind,
    That made her eyes welled up!

    Was it the breeze fighting the trees,
    Hitting her body,
    That tranquilized her soul!

    Was it the dance of the trees,
    The notes of the wind,
    Harmonising with her hymn!

    Was it the chilling stillness,
    Was it the warmth of words,
    That was her pacifier!

    Was it her own peace,
    Was it someone else's,
    That found her!