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  • ripmysanity 8w

    My love

    How do I put into words what I feel for you.
    You healed me, you helped me find the real me.
    Your the one I know for sure. Your nothing less than a cure everyone else was a curse
    I swear I'll allways put you first. Before you I had an everlasting thirst now I'm allways hydrated by you.
    I'll allways protect you no matter what.
    I see you everytime my eyes shut.
    You are what I never knew I needed before you my life was overheated close to burning down in flames. I swear you changed me for better I will never be the same. You can turn my frown upside down just hearing your name.
    Thank you for showing me true love

  • ripmysanity 9w

    Vote to ban Karen's

    I, Kermit the frog promise to ban Karen's from the United States of America. they have no place here. much like the heterosexuals they cause chaos and strike fear in our hearts. and I for one will not just watch it happen. please vote and ban Karen's from the United States.

  • ripmysanity 11w

    Looking at you

    Looking at you is like seeing the sunshine for the first time. Looking at you is a feeling of everlasting comfort. You give my heart the sensation of being high up and never wanting to go under. You protect me and I protect you from the rain and thunder .
    When I look at you your the only person in the room. Every feeling of pain or sadness you seem to undo. And for everything you are I can't picture my life without you .
    How I feel about you is a long story that I will never conclude. After all that has insued Everytime I hear your voice I'm over the moon
    All through the day your in my mind. Your more than one of a kind. A girl like you is hard to find. To everyone else in the world I am blind but you give me sight.

  • ripmysanity 12w

    I'm sorry

    This is an apology that is coming from the deepest parts of my heart. I love you more than anything in this world. I'm sorry if my actions have broken your trust or made you feel upset with me I never wanted to make you feel like that.
    And I wanna make this work forever because you are the greatest woman I have ever met.
    And I know I am meant to be with you. What I did will never happen again. Our business is our business. My heart is beating for you.
    Everytime I hear your voice I feel like I am in heaven. I am human and I make mistakes that doesn't mean my actions are justifiable nor Easily forgiveable. When I picture our future together I see everything I ever dreamed of because you are everything I ever dreamed of .
    I am taking full responsibility for my actions what I did was stupid. But my love for you is way bigger than the stupidity I had that day.
    I will be better from this day on I promise
    Erika, your my best friend my everything I would be lost without you ♥️ all I want to do is make sure you never have to feel bad emotions but I caused you to feel them and I will never forget that and I will never forget how it feels to almost loose you.
    I LOVE YOU ❤️

  • ripmysanity 13w

    I love you

    The love i have for you is a force. A force that compleatly breaks the laws of physics I get lifted of my feet Everytime hear your voice or your name. Ever since that day 3 months ago it feels like I've been living a dream. I never wanna wake up from this dream
    Every night before bed I think of you in the mornings your on my mind. And the distance means absolutely nothing to me. I love you with every peice of my heart. Nothing is ever gonna stop the way I feel ever. And I know I'm extra but that's just who I am. And I could go on and on about the little things that you do that make me smile but rn I gotta fit this in one page.
    Thank you Erika for the best 3 months of my life. Thank you for helping me become a better woman. And I cannot wait for the day that I can hold you tight and finnally kiss those beutifull lips.

  • ripmysanity 27w


    There's no taming me
    You can cage me, break me
    There is no saving me I have fallen..

    There is alot they can say,
    But they cannot pray it Away,
    Because at the end of the day there is one,
    One thing I have to say
    One prayer I have left to pray
    One song I want to play

    I love you ♥️

    Dear lord, let me utalize the love you have already granted me to love this woman for all of eternity.

    As I may lay in bed I play the song of your voice in my head, it is the song of angels.

    Angelina Sloan

  • ripmysanity 28w

    It's a hurricane
    My world is flooding with pain, a tropical storm within my brain.
    And the problem is people relate to much to what I am saying.

    The volcanic eruption, the forcefull assumptions.
    My thoughts are exploading in hot lava distorying
    Everything in it's path.

    In the end, there is no end
    Tectonic plates bend, shaking my very core
    Leaving my whole city torn.
    Long term change.
    Long term pain

    In the end there is no end
    Just endless chain of natural disasters #nature #nature

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    Natural disaster


  • ripmysanity 32w

    Guardian angel

    My guardian angel is crying
    It's tiered of watching me trying
    My devel is watching me succeed
    But they are both watching me bleed

    Angelina sloan

  • ripmysanity 33w


    as I let everything that is fair down and I let my hair down.
    it feels like no one hears a sound when I'm around
    I am the queen of overthinking and this is my crown

    and I sentence the decapitation of my own expectations
    and the innibillity to deal with bad situations
    I feel hesitation
    I feel I'm giving my whole kingdom a presentation of incondieration of my own thoughts

    my king is seeing me struggle
    to many thoughts to juggle
    I see my clear reflection in a dark black puddle
    these thoughts I hold onto and coddle

    this is a monarchy in a democracy
    I inherited this but my thoughts have a popular vote
    as I sail off in this boat my thoughts cannot' stay afloat
    I'm cold in a winter coat

    Angelina Sloan