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  • rishitasingh 129w

    Don't you know life is a temple ?
    And here people visit only on special occasions.

  • rishitasingh 129w

    Girl child //

    "That day the welkin was even dank with Adam's ale."
    The surgeon said ; it's a girl child.
    The family said " feticide the baby".
    Her mother's eye's were dank , shrieking , sayin' why i?

  • rishitasingh 130w


    When someone says this i be like " ARE YOU A DEAF AND BLIND ? " i mean why do you shortly need a mate ? Chant your soul ! I mean realistically after death the soul freeze's to heaven or hell. Why do we nostalgically say that we do need a Soulmate ? Ahem ahem ! It's been a navel. Every single homesick would ever need a Soulmate.

  • rishitasingh 131w

    CATCH - 22

    No where in the world. You will find peace with love.
    It comes , as it goes , you're no one to stop.
    'cause it's jurisprudence is I'll stay , as much as , i want and as much as i can.
    There is no catch - 22 , to hold love forever and the persist of it.

  • rishitasingh 132w

    Giving up is ain't a solution , giving it all can be the solution.

  • rishitasingh 134w

    No where i found you.
    Not even beneath my skin.
    The scars through which i feed myself has no sign of you.
    Where you go is always a conundrum for me.
    I have been a navel , scrutinizing for you from the pelgagic to yon the moon.
    I have been an arborist , scrutinizing for you in the lane of pine trees.
    I have being gasping your hull all around drift.
    Still i bear , where your existence for me has behoof.


  • rishitasingh 135w

    Why I need to take out those leftover thrones from my heart and allow it to bleed again for love.
    Follies of mine , it's a game we get into play until satisfied but let's not bleed for it again and again and lose the purity of the body, soul and mind !

  • rishitasingh 135w

    Those windy nights, our tasty fights, hugging you tight makes my life more bright. In the haste of loving being in curt'sy our love makes a flame , Cupid and Venus taught us this game. In all this range , I would unburden all my plots and purposes in front of you again because being with you makes me a heart line game.

  • rishitasingh 135w

    Love !

    The virtue of love was so obsessive that the soul never got the pain of the betray !

  • rishitasingh 135w

    She is a whore!

    The society gave a look of lumber some.
    A voice of them said , you love each other ?
    They both said yes !
    He asked is that a crime loving a whore ?
    When you say love is undefinable and has a privacy !
    It's just that she is a whore and she can't love and have that one privacy !
    What was her crime ,she was propel into that work!
    Remember , you propel her into that mud.
    Now , people use her figure as a food for there hunger of lust !
    Remorseful , seeing people who say she is a whore don't propel every girl into this darkness because girls are not the food for the hunger of lust !