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    And it was the break up day again. I got dumped again. No, it wasn't my fault neither of her. Maybe she wanted something else and I was looking for another fairy tale perhaps.

    To be honest I was used to it then. Every time I got into a relationship I prepared myself for that day. I believe we should accept whatever life offers to us. But still, every time that happens a part of me wants to be broken, a part shatters just to never be same again.

    So like every time I ended up in the bar at night. I was sitting at the counter enjoying my every sip of whiskey while looking at the unknown faces trying to read their thoughts. That's usual thing for me, you see I am a phycologist. That's what I do.

    It was after an hour or two (I don't remember actually) after I went to bar, I found myself totally drunk and sleeping on the counter. Suddenly I felt a hand pressing my shoulder, I woke up and I saw a face. Oh god that face, it was just perfect. Like a perfect nose, perfect eyes, perfect lips, perfect ears.
    I know I know that I sound crazy but trust me it was like I was in my best daydream.

    So, I woke up and was staring at face like a maniac. She was just standing there smiling.

    "Can I get you anything sir?"

    "What? Do you work here?"

    "Yes, I am waitress here. So anything you would like to have sir?"

    "But I have never seen you here before. And yeah one glass of water please."

    "Well that's because I am new in this town and I have joined here just today. And really? just water?" She explained me while cleaning the table.

    "Ohh I see. Well yeah I drank all the other things already to calm my thirst but as you know sometimes some things can't be replaced, like water."

    "So water it is." She understood what I was trying to say.

    "Thank you.
    May I know your name?"

    "Sarah it is."

    "It's nice to meet you Sarah."

    "What about you?
    What's your name?"

    "Let's just keep it hidden till the next time we meet.
    Shall we?"

    "As you say Mr. Nobody."

    - Rutvik

    // It's just raw material. Please ignore mistakes. //

    @_sparkling_soul Just because you said.


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    To Sarah,
    The girl I met at the bar

    "It was just another break up day until I saw you standing behind that counter, wearing that waitress's dress.
    You know it may sound weird but I am glad that I got dumped that day."

    - Rutvik

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  • risingdrop 3w

    Tranquil Mind,
    Submerged into
    The ocean of
    Uncertain thoughts.

    Steady hands,
    Holding quill,
    Dried yet alive
    To leave one last stain.

    Blank pages,
    Getting high with
    every sip of an ink,
    Yet, sober enough to breathe.

    Empty words,
    Screaming out loud,
    Craving for emotions,
    Overwhelmed with a sense of apathy.

    Immortal poetries,
    Written, for and by mortals.
    Betray their Creator,
    By falling over the Muse.

    - Rutvik

    #pod @writersnetwork @iamjass @_sparkling_soul @saumya_mis @__101__ @zenith_ @allbymyself

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  • risingdrop 4w


  • risingdrop 4w

    Have you ever confessed your love to someone?
    Do you know how to do it?
    Have you ever felt that excitement for yes or fear for no?
    Do you know what it's like to fall in love?
    Have you ever seen something so magical in this entire world?
    Do you know what it's like to wait for someone, someone special?
    Have you ever sat in the middle of nowhere, away from the crowd, wondering about how beautiful is she?

    So many questions. I know, I know you must have come across these questions at least once in your whole life.

    You too know about love as I do. Oh yes, I have felt that too dear. I know that feeling of having someone who is completely different and so precious to you than all other people.

    I know what it's like to search someone amongst the millions. That your eyes, they never get tired of looking at that person. How she thinks, how she eats, how she smiles, how she talks, everything you find lovely.

    I still remember that day when I first saw her. Not in person of course. I saw her photograph on some writer's website. I don't remember her bio as biology has always been my weakest subject. ( I know, that was lame but let it be like that )

    She was beautiful. But mind you dear, her look wasn't the only thing which attracted me towards her. Yes, her write-ups, her style of writing were quite different and brilliant of course. I appreciated her work and she gently replied with a Thank you.

    I don't know why but I was always trying to find a way to talk with her. I used to crack lame jokes just to make her laugh. She used to reply back with a laughing emojis. Maybe she didn't know what to reply. Maybe she didn't like them or maybe she did. I don't know, we have never met actually.

    As much as I talked with her, I found myself more and more comfortable with her. Maybe I started liking her. We used to talk about all the things. No matter how silly or stupid or boring they were. But mostly, our conversation were always about love. That how she doesn't believe in it, that she thinks there is no such thing as love.

    And I, well I was and still am a hopeless romantic, who never left a chance to make her believe in love. I wanted her to believe that there is someone out there waiting for you, who is ment to be with you. There is someone who is your soulmate.

    I don't know when, I don't know how but deep down I wanted to be her soulmate, if not her first then her last, one last love. I wanted to scream to the world and say that I love her, I freaking love her. But most importantly I wanted her to know about this.

    It was middle of the night. I was lying on my bed and was thinking about her only. And that's when the first time I realized that no it's not just an attraction. It's love. Then immediately another thought came in my mind, but you haven't met her in person yet.

    It was a logical argument that how can you love someone without meeting them in person. But then again I thought whom do we really meet? It wasn't a question of her looks because I really didn't fell for that. It was her thoughts, how she talks, how she understands me better than anyone else, how she supports me, how I feel much more alive with her.

    Finally after so many arguments and answers my mind was ready to accept what my heart desired. And finally it was a time to tell her. I was nervous of course, but I decided that no matter what I will tell her today.

    I gathered up some courage and wrote one long paragraph. In which I wrote all the things that how I felt about her, that how I had found my soulmate in her, that how I had wished from every falling star to be together with her, that I had never found anyone like her before, that I just wanted to live in those moments with her.

    Her answer?
    Well, that's complicated.

    - Rutvik

    // It's just raw so I am sorry if there are mistakes. //

    #pod @writersnetwork

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    Things don't always go the way we want them to be and specially if it's about love, but just remember one thing,

    You have a heart in your chest and
    love is the only language it knows.

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  • risingdrop 5w

    I'm stuck,
    As always.

    A step ahead
    And I'll meet you.

    But I don't know why
    I can't feel my legs today.

    My feelings, my emotions and my love,
    It's all nothing but a past now, a lost past.

    But I still have some part of the fading memories at the back of my mind,

    I'm still standing in the middle of battle, fighting with my own self.

    A part of me has still belief on love, on you.
    It doesn't want to give up on you, but at the same time,

    Another part of me, it has seen reality, it has seen worst part of love, of you.

    I don't know which will win the war, yeah war because now it's not just a small battle,
    It's about saving the existence of own self over another.

    But, but ain't I the one?
    No, not anymore I guess.

    - Rutvik

  • risingdrop 5w