I'm sleepin' to never wake up again. Adios ��

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  • risingdrop 1w

    Temporary maybe.

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    And the day your roses wilt,
    My words will be their petals and
    flowers of poetry will bloom in the ashes.


  • risingdrop 3w

    Stars, dead poets they are , waiting for their muses.
    And I'm one of them.
    - risingdrop

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    Love (illusion)

    I wander around love
    hoping i would taste it once.

    I have always wondered
    whether I will like it or not.

    I feel, it's something special
    about love, the way they talk about it.

    I hope about having someone,
    to see what it feels like to be loved.

    I imagine to hold someone precious,
    around my arms.

    I linger around those memories,
    happiness, which isn't real.

    I sing melodies, lullabies,
    to submerge myself into daydreams.

    I fear about losing someone(thing),
    which I never had in the first place.

    I stare at sky, full of stars,
    waiting for one of them to blink.

    But guess what?
    They don't feel a thing, they never did.


  • risingdrop 4w

    And there come the times when I feel nothing, nothing at all.

    I become blank canvas, white or black that depends on night and day, strange right?
    But it is, what it is.

    I crave for a painter, doesn't matter if she is professional or not. Doesn't matter what she draws, which color she chooses.

    It's just that I would be really happy if she uses her hands rather than brushes. No, I'm not against them but i guess i will feel little more alive if her hands touch me.

    She doesn't want me to be a part of any exhibition or an art gallery, and I would be more than happy being caged in her room like one of her secrets.

    I would love be to the shape of her imagination FOREVER,

    funny right?

    Ik. Ik. But let's be real, one day she will get angry, not on me but on her own self. And then she will tear me apart, leaving me in my pieces.

    After realizing that what she has done, she will be pissed off. she will cry probably.

    She will hold my pieces and will try to put them in their places, but I am just a paper right?

    Once torn and will never be same again.

    I wasn't, I wasn't just a blank canvas when she tore me apart. I was the holder of her thoughts. I was one of her precious secrets. More or less I was one of her parts.

    * it's been a long time *
    Collection of lame thoughts it is.
    // suggest me an appropriate title for this, please? //

    @iamjass mistakes?

    @saumya_mis heyy

    @rhapsodist you know i am really bad at this, don't you?

    #pod @writersnetwork

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    It's just that I would be really happy if she uses her hands rather than brushes.
    No, I'm not against them but i guess i will feel little more alive if her hands touch me.

    - risingdrop

  • risingdrop 4w

    And when you see me falling, let me. Let me fall in love with you, even when you know that it's not worth it. Let my words breath for you, let my poetries have a taste of heartbreak once, so they feel alive. Let the pages of my journal get stained with the story of your betrayal. Because I knew, I freaking knew that it's never enough, my love.


  • risingdrop 5w

    You are the only Star, in which I hide my darkness. ♥


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  • risingdrop 6w

    उनकी ये ज़िद्द है,
    वो खुद को मंज़िल बना बैठे हैं.
    और हम ठहरे बंजारे,
    जो रास्तों पे दिल लुटा बैठे हैं.


  • risingdrop 8w

    And her broken promises are still stitching his broken verses,
    word by word.


  • risingdrop 8w

    Lost love

    In that myriad of inanimate gifts lying on my desk I saw a book of poetries written by you for me, breathing word by word.

    It had memories of our togetherness.
    Those gaps and pages were still blessed with the essence of the fragrant roses which are now wilted.

    Cover had title of "lost love". I still wonder  why you gave this name to our love because I still love you and our house still carries your cologne. I live here each day just to feel your presence. It's the same house where you said your last words "I love you Rushi". I couldn't speak more than one word, I just said "Forever" while holding your hand.

    Maybe you knew, you knew that this love is not going to last forever that's why you gave that title to the book with the word 'lost'. But honey you forgot that it's not the love, but the person who leaves. Love stays forever.

    I know you are still there somewhere among the stars, shining brighter than the Moon. I stare at the sky looking for an answer, not from you but from the God, "Why God, why?".

    But I think I know the answer of that, my mind agrees with the nature but this stupid heart, is still longing for you, even today you are the only thing I wish for.


  • risingdrop 8w

    They just guess.


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    Stars are the best listeners and there is no doubt about it, but be careful when they blink. It's maybe yes or maybe no.

    - r