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  • ritalinreese 2w

    I'll trade you my vice for advice
    If it's talking through the night
    My time for a purpose,
    my dreams for a life.
    A sugar coated woman
    cotton candy zip ties.
    Strawberry tongue
    cherry on top eyes.

  • ritalinreese 3w

    I'm in love with someone
    I've never met.
    Painting island pictures
    in my head.
    A soul string silhouette.
    If you pull my heart I'll act like
    I never left.

  • ritalinreese 4w

    There was never meant to be.
    Only conscious or misplanted seeds.

  • ritalinreese 5w

    Try and sleep in the evening,to
    dream like you do.
    Probably come up short again.
    Pick apart the pieces,
    it's all in your head.
    Coming up short again.
    People think they know it,they
    don't have a clue.
    They hide behind their views again.
    The river flows in slow motion,
    how will we beat today.
    I'll hide behind my view again.

  • ritalinreese 6w

    Happiness is a pessimistic glass
    and the absent past.
    Absinth hour glass.
    Drip the brains of sand.
    I've opened the doors of perception
    like the back of my hand.
    I've had handshakes and hand shakes.
    Both from what I lack.

  • ritalinreese 6w

    Invisible state lines.
    What exactly are we bound by?
    Bigger picture fiction?
    I could be your talk to listen.
    Loosen the distance.
    The noose of life is a nuisance.
    I'll see you when I've lived out my bruises.

  • ritalinreese 6w

    Your thoughts fall like
    Rain hidden behind windows.
    I'm only thoughts away like the
    loss of lovely widows.
    They say there's plenty of fish
    in the sea.
    I just see sharks and minnows.
    I want you to hold me close like
    talks on pillows.

  • ritalinreese 9w

    I can't render outside.
    But I can render blue eyes.
    Run cloudy skies.exe

  • ritalinreese 9w

    Why you gotta float down the sidewalk?
    You can't just do what your told?
    Wandering eyes looking for someone.
    Sometimes mine wander too low.

  • ritalinreese 10w

    Remembering in 5d.
    Bing bang,
    drip drop,
    ripples in reality.
    Love life,
    Find truth in the fallacies.
    Break the ice and talk,
    Try to find some outer peace.