I find my abode here���� Not everything is personal�� Waheguru��

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  • ritii_ 4w

    I wish I could run away
    and get hid into solitude
    away from all this chaos
    and all the social formalities
    peace would be my abode
    away from all judgements
    where I could be me
    bravely wearing my scars n flaws
    I wish I could run away..

  • ritii_ 4w

    These days LUDO is teaching me that every game doesn't go in your favour. No matter how hard you try, you don't win each and every game. Some times you still wonder at your victory and sometimes it's hard to believe that you loose. Things are same with our life. All we need to do is to do our own best and accept the things as they are rather than stressing what we can't control. Neither can we win all the time nor we are there to loose every battle. Our efforts and spirit is all that matters.

  • ritii_ 4w

    For some mistakes,
    forget about the world,
    you can't forgive your own self.

  • ritii_ 5w

    How long could those broken pieces be held together?

  • ritii_ 6w

    Jst thoughts

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    Though all the obsessions don't grow according to our personal wish or want. But still there should be a rule out there in the universe of having obsession of the things only which could be controlled. Otherwise
    they start being a demon frightening every now and then and possessing all the control over one's life.

  • ritii_ 7w

    Some aches have no reason to be explained and no treatment to be cured.

  • ritii_ 8w

    Kitni acchi trah istemal ki jaa skti hain cheezein..
    Maloom hoga, zra apni kamzoriyan kisi ko bta kar dekhna..

  • ritii_ 8w

    I wish feelings could be tamed
    so that I could be everyone's favorite

  • ritii_ 8w

    Some stories need not to narrated
    not at all need not be explained
    the guilt for their happening will forever remain
    but even the thought of sharing them would be lame

  • ritii_ 8w

    Happiness is not always a choice