We all have demons. These demons are try to break us down but we must fight the good fight. I'm going to shed light on them.

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  • riversong 14w

    Yin Yang

    Hoping for someone perfect
    Yet I know there's no such thing
    There's always something wrong
    It's like yin yang
    I pray for the good
    In my past it's always been the bad
    I think I finally found him
    He makes me smile most of the time
    But sometimes he can make me cry
    I feel lost without him
    Yet at times I want to run from him
    I don't know why we keep trying
    But maybe it's our love
    Maybe we just are too stubborn
    But one thing is for sure
    We will be forever

  • riversong 14w


    Just hold me
    Just lay next to me and breathe
    I will listen to your heartbeat
    As my mind begins to fade
    You keep me safe as the moon raises
    You keep me warm and happy
    I sink deep into your arms
    Falling fast asleep
    You kiss my head and let me dream

  • riversong 14w


    Thunder rolling under me
    The wind blows my hair
    I feel the power of the four hooves
    Thundering over the land

  • riversong 14w


    Be quiet tonight
    Listen to the silence
    Look at the sky
    No moon to be found
    Listen to the silence

    A thick blanket covers the ground
    The cold lays thick in the air
    Listen to the snow fall
    Listen to the absence of sound

    Be still
    Don't move
    Don't think
    Just listen

    Listen to my words
    Be still and just breathe
    Listen and be free from your mind
    Look around at your world

    It's not a perfect world
    It's not glamorous
    But it's your none the less
    So just live for the moment

    It may be filled with monsters
    But right now just breathe
    Be still and just listen to your heartbeat
    The silence is a beautiful sound

    Remember one thing
    Remember what silence sounds like
    Remember that you can be free
    Just listen to silence
    Silence will set you free

  • riversong 14w


    I stand at the edge
    Silence is so very loud
    I let the wind blow my thoughts away
    As I watch as the bubbles float up
    Around me the sea green turns to black
    It's demons coming to attack
    The black fills my lungs
    I wake up and listen to the silence
    I hear his heart beat steady and loud
    I feel his grip tighten and I melt
    Into my favorite place
    His grip protects me from it all
    For nothing can scare him away
    He faces danger everyday
    He protects not only me
    He wears a uniform and a badge
    Behind the badge is a marine
    Behind the marine is my fiance
    Fighting for me everyday

  • riversong 14w

    To my lover

    To my lover
    To my world
    You pull me out
    You protect me now
    You keep me from drowning
    You keep me safe and sound
    No one understands like you do
    I have demons all around
    When I fall and can not fight
    You pick me up and fight
    When I can't speak and my body shakes
    You hold me close and sing a song
    Until I too can sing a long
    I pass out when all is done
    You hold me til the rising sun
    You keep your guard up until I wake
    Because I'm a part of you
    And you are a part of me
    You know when I'm in pain
    Long before I know it
    Your gentle touch is the first I felt
    Before you I would scream
    Because of the devil's touch
    By others who only wanted to use me
    When you found me
    I tried to end all the pain
    But you came and showed me the better way
    You keep me fighting because I now know
    What my future now holds
    Happiness and laughing at kids
    It's me and you until the end

  • riversong 14w

    It's not impossible

    My mind spins
    There's nothing but black
    Empty space that is filled
    With monsters
    No one to save me for this
    This is just me

    You gain scars if you're not careful
    Not everyone gains them
    As they have their our demons
    Your arms show marks
    This is from those demons
    That live inside your mind

    Be brave and fight well
    As no one can really know
    What you're fighting
    As well as you do
    This fight is painful but trust me
    It's not impossible

  • riversong 14w

    Night Fall

    She built her wall
    So her heart can stand tall
    As the night faded black
    As the demons began their attack