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  • rizwanwrites 8w

    You can learn, win and gain
    If you accept the reality
    while embracing the pain.


  • rizwanwrites 11w

    *Anthology publishing*

    Hello my dear writer's
    Myself *Rizwan*
    And I'm compiling a Anthology.
    Title: *The unrequited love*
    Genre: Poetry
    Theme: unrequited love, Nature, Family, Relationships,Betrayal
    Language: English
    Our book will be over viewed by the editors of Asia's largest publisher's
    ~ Notion press publications
    For further queries dm me@8074059477

  • rizwanwrites 13w

    You will be blessed with
    Light, rainbows and Stars,
    If you let go of that scars.


  • rizwanwrites 14w

    Are there alternatives for everything?

    I asked looking at the dawn sky,
    Are there alternatives for everything.
    It replied to me by dropping colours in the sky.
    Deciphering the truth that,
    everything has a alternative!
    But you don't say it that way.
    You call it ,in the name of opportunity,
    To heal ,grow ,learn & love.
    And now,
    I feel nature would never Lemme down
    In answering my quests.

  • rizwanwrites 15w

    By unknown writer

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    Great lessons can be learned
    Even through the arousal of simplest thoughts and meaningless actions.

  • rizwanwrites 25w

    Earn a learn in every burn.

  • rizwanwrites 25w

    Even I loved..

  • rizwanwrites 25w

    |Worthy realisations|

    I felt I was growing.
    But lately I've realised,
    I was actually drowning.

  • rizwanwrites 25w

    When only word's are enough to express.

    What do I do when I feel low?
    Hear me now
    I walk under the dark nights,
    With my heart roaring in pain,
    That gave no gain.
    And here Iam
    Finding my resilience
    in these empty roads,
    With plugged-in earphones,
    Submitting myself to these High notes,
    But one day suddenly,

    I stopped.
    I stopped there,
    I stopped there and started thinking
    Am I a lost cause?
    Like what they say!!
    I frozed there for a while,
    Like a star in the sky.
    Like a pain in someone's eye
    Like a girl controlling her cry,
    Inorder to avoid a spy.

    May be with the feels,
    Which with iam possesed right now,
    Is because of the girl who is gone for now.

  • rizwanwrites 25w

    You cannot change what has happened but you change the happening and make it happen.