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  • rjd_creations 3h

    The day on which an eternal thing called your birth process completed.

    The day on which you left the shelter of womb.

    The day on which your existence was experienced by the Universe.

    The day on which your respiration become independent.

    The day on which your senses got activated to feel the world.

    The day on which a path opened to travel this world.

    The day is your BIRTHDAY!

    I don't have much to say!

    It may be that I have nothing to give you

    But it's certain that I have lot to write for you.

    The words “Happy Birthday" is all you really need today because it was the day you were brought in to this world. But then, that might be a little too brief – not to mention generic.

    A very happy birthday to a very wonderful soul. May your life be filled with love, happiness and all the dreams come true.

    Happy Birthday Di❤️ You finally made it to another new year in your life, a year of perfection. God will give you all-round victory in every sphere of your life, the Angels of the Lord will surround you to keep you from falling. They will carry you through this year and your days will be filled with joy, more grace and more prosperity.

    Di I don't really have much to say You know that you're special to me I just want to say that live your days to the fullest. Stay Happy Stay Blessed and Live your life.
    Hopefully we'll meet very soon. I want to thank you for everything you did to me Love you infinity. ❤️


    By unknown writer

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    Happy Birthday Di❤️
    Sorry I didn't wanted to post anything...
    But it seems rude so here it is.

  • rjd_creations 2w

    Just let the breeze blow my hairs
    Let the drizzle touch my skin
    Let the zombies demolish my body
    Let the phantom dominate my soul

    And one day I'll be gone
    Thinking life feels so done

    I hate the world I have no hope
    I feel so cold I see no scope
    I feel like I stepped off the edge of a mountain
    I hope the impact of the fall will kill me
    And I hope every beat my heart ever made
    Would come together and make a rhythm for my release
    And I hope every breath of air my lungs ever endured
    Would create a breeze to blow my soul away
    And I sit with a thought of my death
    And admire the life I never had

  • rjd_creations 2w

    As I said my posts are never going to make sense anymore :)

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    "The pain you feel today is the strength you'll feel tomorrow"

    This isn't true❎

    The pain you feel today is the glimpse of pain you'll feel tomorrow

    This is truth✅

  • rjd_creations 2w

    I wonder how people can be so selfish yet so reliable :)
    (Nevermind you'll never understand my posts from now on)

  • rjd_creations 4w

    I am become death, the destroyer of worlds.
    ~J Robert Oppenheimer
    (Father of Atomic Bomb)

  • rjd_creations 4w

    Choose one...

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  • rjd_creations 5w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 7 word one-liner on Prism

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    You're like a prism of rainbow

  • rjd_creations 8w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 3 word one-liner on Ignore

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    Ignore this post.

  • rjd_creations 8w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 8 word micro-tale on Path

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    Feels like there's no path left anymore....

  • rjd_creations 19w


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    Idk if y'all know or not but ye
    Clouds can date Mountains and Oceans
    Yk why?
    Cause he's so down to earth!