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  • rjritika 6w

    Can We Do It?

    At times, roads were surrounded by you
    Your presence made the aura reliving
    The wind was blowing merrily
    Where did you learn such generosity?

    Small creatures made a home in you
    By little chirps, they showed their warmth
    Giving lives to thousand of species
    Making Sundarban a World Heritage Site.

    Why don't we joined hands together?
    To make a better world for all
    If a tree can give us so much
    Teaching all of us how to love.

    If they can give us so much by breaking themselves
    Why can't we abandon the thought of grabbing them?

  • rjritika 7w

    Oh, Tree!!

    When I will die, please plant a tree
    Because I really want you to keep me alive,
    With each and every leaf growing up
    I can see myself thriving selflessly.

    When God has given us lives,
    Why didn't he made us like you?

    Breaking yourself into pieces for others
    And helping even with your ashes.
    Such a kind creature doesn't know how to take?
    Is it possible to revive you back?

  • rjritika 8w

    Beauty Is Your Weakness

    Silky skin and glossy lips
    Everybody wants a slim body
    Long hair and long nails
    Is now in the trend.

    People are ashamed of the fat belly
    The wrinkled eyes, The short hairs
    Is it not the mark of a hard-working soul?
    Or it's just the new beauty coming your way?

    Every guy gets attracted by seeing the outer layer
    Try to build a connection with her.
    Being disappointed to get what he wants
    Blame that girl for playing along.

    The mistake is done when he judges her
    By seeing the exquisite face, the coltish smile
    It's not her fault that she is beautiful
    But don't you think it's actually your weakness?

  • rjritika 8w

    Tired Me

    Bruised soul, tired heart, Ached brain
    Tried to give a chance to win you back
    Strength is needed, but who is going to borrow me?
    Is it still possible to medicate me?

    I was deceived by my pals and families,
    Shattered in thousand pieces, tried to calm me
    Nobody was there to wipe my tears off
    Am I too inferior to spend time with?

    Pillow is my wiping partner nowadays
    Because it solely feels the warmth of my cry
    BeFooling every one by my smile
    How strange it is to console every one but die inside?

    Little mix is necessary to make it through
    Admitting this made it little easier though
    If I have to face it alone all by myself then
    Why can't I smile and make it a little bearable?

  • rjritika 8w

    My Happiness

    There was a time when we talked overnight
    You used to value our time together
    Things are so smooth like a melted yogurt
    Our bond seemed mysterious, challenging
    Do you really think that it's not anymore?

    There was a time when my voice was a melody
    Then why you don't want to hear it now?
    My flaws looked like spots on a moon
    But now you think that I m just an ugly lover
    Do you really think that I wanted our thing to end this?

    I tried winning you back, crushed by your harsh replies
    I tried to hold my broken pieces just to make it again
    Discovering that I got trapped by the web of deception
    Which you made by your sweet actions towards me
    Do you really think that I wanted you to broke this?

    I have seen you the way farmer looks at the sky
    Hoping that one drop will fall and their land will nurture
    Those years of staying on the road where you left
    Gave me the vision to believe in our fate
    & To let you go for my happiness.

  • rjritika 9w


    Heart says it's real and permanent,
    Brain yearns to ask numerous questions
    Every time my brain tries to trick you via a puzzle
    Your answer made my heart pump a little faster.
    Will this conflict can ever be stopped?

    You know, I try to console myself due to this brain trap
    But then you perform magic & I lose myself once again
    Sometimes I try to question, why?
    But my heart made me understand how?
    In the greed of getting one more moment, I allowed.

    Fear of being in one-sided tries to put a full stop,
    But your every next move rather changed the para
    Things are getting out of my hands,
    Because you're sewing my wounded heart
    I can't stop it because my heart is now your slave.

    Your voice is like a melody my brain plays on repeat
    Starring you is like meeting the marvels of nature
    You're like a drop of rain fallen on the barren land
    Your efforts nurtured my soul to the extend
    That made me a better person.

  • rjritika 9w

    YOU in ME

    Gawking at your smile, when you just entered
    Your first walk has given me the talk for a decade.
    Fooling everyone by looking at my textbook
    But, sneak peaking at you just trying to know you.

    Like the dark sky wait for one glance of the moon
    The stars start shimmer by getting one glimpse of it
    Just the way, I used to do it every day
    Is it love or is it just another infatuation?

    It happened on Sports Day when I got the attention
    It's like the first ray of sun falling over the ocean
    It's like the first rain falls on the barren land,
    After the scorching heated summer.

    I got my happiness when my hand got that first touch
    That time I got a guard for my heart
    It was good to get tied by the shackles of your love
    It's like my soul was always waiting for you.

  • rjritika 10w

    So Close Yet So Far

    While talking to you, it senses like you're just here
    Standing by my side, holding my hand
    Trying to see me via my smile
    Catch me blushing, in dire need of a hug from me
    Finding reasons just to hear my voice.

    Trying to hide from everyone, how madly you're in love
    Even if we haven't met yet, I haven't seen you
    But It does feel like I have known you from ages
    I know when you're shy when you get upset with me
    When you need me & when you just want me to listen.

    During this lockdown, I have been trying to understand
    The situations that have separated us apart
    Hard stones that bleed our bond apart
    Sometimes broken, sometimes strong
    I tried hard to keep this overpowering.

    You didn't try to find out how hard,
    I have been trying to put my efforts
    How tough this is for me to make you understand
    My compassion for you, my care for you.
    I know I become outrageous at some times
    You don't know how to satisfy me.

    But Am I too shy to convey my sentiments
    Or is it just that you don't even want to see it?


  • rjritika 10w

    Make It Happen

    Trying hard to concentrate on studies?
    But failing to do so?
    Umm. What must be the reason for that?
    Is your daydreaming forcing you to
    Imagine your upcoming successful days?
    Arriving from the car whose door is opening vertically
    Leaving everyone stunned.
    Those jealous souls trying to steal your fortune.
    But instead ended up speaking sugar-coated words
    Just to take one free ride of your life.
    Oh yeah, You didn't mention about that
    Exquisite bungalow, living a life like a Heaven.
    This time you don't have to see the price tag
    You're ready for every challenge life throws at you.

    There is nothing wrong with having large dreams
    This just lifts you to achieve one more Study slot
    10 more pushups/day, not giving up a chance to prove yourself, not going easy on your new diet this time.
    Dreaming is good but you have to decide whether you
    Just want to dream about it or
    You want to make it happen in the future.

  • rjritika 10w


    With every procrastination, I drag away my ambitions
    Every minute of squandering my time made me
    Think of the vision that I have yearned for years
    This teenage got distracted by Netflix, mood swings,
    Personal trauma, my crush, my anxiety of not being
    What I have wished for so long.

    But now is the time to realize the fire lying inside of me
    To make history, to make a decision of not letting go
    My dreams, My future or just try a little harsh on myself and make the miracle happen
    With each step that I am putting forward
    Will help me to sharpen the axe and cut that poisonous tree that I have been watering for so long
    Unfamiliar with the fact that this tree wasn't going to give me any fruit in the future.
    Instead, it was feeding toxicity inside of me
    Which was a parasite sucking energy from my mind
    And instead of detoxifying my soul, I was busy enjoying that little happiness.
    Embrace your inner capabilities and conquer the world
    No one is going to gift you that
    You have to earn it then only you can have the taste of the fruit.
    And this time it will be sweet just the way you wanted.