You can love her, suffer for her or turn her into a literature! ✌

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  • robinsamuel 10w


    She: I look like a potato!
    He: But you’re my potato!🖤

    And that’s how they had their last picture clicked before he left his home town and flew across the oceans. His home was not only the thing he left that day, but his heart as well. The home is where the heart is. It’s been since a year to that ‘goodbyes’ that’s, meant forever now.

  • robinsamuel 10w

    You gave me a forever...
    within the numbered days.
    And for that...
    I am eternally grateful.

    ~The fault in our stars.

  • robinsamuel 11w

    You know what’s still common between us? It’s the moon and the stars! Just the different parts of the world but it’s still the same! So whenever I miss you I look up to the sky! Hope you would do the same until we hold hands and watch above together.

  • robinsamuel 12w

    I have learned that some are good at being loved and some are good in loving. I could have given you my world in a beat if you would have asked for. But I know you can’t love anyone like you’re in love with your past lover. You’re still in love with him, and I can’t blame you if you can’t reciprocate it back to me. I don’t know why people respond negatively to people being loved who can’t love them back. ‘Ego’, it’s a small word, but if it’s there then how can you call yourself loving them if they can’t love you back as your only “true love”? Remember, sometimes it’s okay to not be okay! But when you feel like loving someone again, don’t be scared to try it again. As I can promise you, whoever he’ll be, he’ll be the one. I know you would give me the world if you could. Unfortunately, us being together is like parallel lines, close but never together. So whenever I’ll miss you, I’ll look up to the stars. But it’s time for me to move on and just keep you in my heart and not to dream about you in my arms. I hope to see you one day with the perfect gentleman and laughing with him , totally in love with him and caressing his hairs like you used to do.

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    They were like parallel lines, close but never together.

  • robinsamuel 13w

    And I started wearing the old shirts that I used to when we met. It still fits me perfectly just as your hands on my hands would.

  • robinsamuel 13w

    I’ll stick to the term, you’re my favourite one.

  • robinsamuel 15w

    To the guy she’ll fall in love with,
    If you made her fall for you, then I am happy to say that you found the real diamond from all the glitters. I won’t be surprised if you wake up every morning beside her and call yourself lucky. I won’t lie that I won’t be jealous, because yes that I would be. But if she’s happy with you then I think that’s all that I ever wished for! So start taking notes.
    First thing first, never ever in your whole life hurt her. She’s too hurt in past, don’t damage her more! I know relationships has it’s own ups and downs, but always remember it’s you and her versus the problems not you vs. she. She’ll give you all the love in this whole wide world, she can run the corners of the world just to be with you, she can swim oceans for you so don’t you dare to let her drown! She will get lot of mood swings, so get ready to handle her tantrums and for all the other emotional roller coaster. She can be rude sometimes but she won’t mean it, so never take it personally. And definitely do keep emotional intimacy, it’s underrated but she’s a good listener. You’ll find a friend in her and then a lover. So open up to her she values honesty. She will share with you memes, sometimes she will send you some emotional quotes so don’t ignore that and try to understand what hurts her and comfort her! Promise her that you’ll never leave her no matter what happens and you will calm her storms. It’s ok if you don’t like the same music, instead she’ll listen to your favourites too. Write poems for her, sing songs for her, let her feel special the way a princess deserves to be. Get her unicorn related anything you can find. Take her out she loves street food and trying in new restaurants. To be honest, she don’t want any materialistic things of the world, but give her gifts, she needs to know that she’s special. On silent cold nights get under a blanket with some hot chocolate and binge watch thriller movies or series. She’s very fascinated for watching unsolved mysteries, real ghost stories or any movie that is Nicholas Sparks’. She’ll get lost into the old pictures that she keeps with her and will start reminiscing her old days followed by missing her friends and everyone she has lost touch with! So hold her and wipe her tears that times. Don’t let her watch F.R.I.E.N.D.S. alone! Surprise her with chocolates and bournvita shakes..she likes to drink that at nights! She will blame herself for any mistake that would have happen, make her sit down and understand her and calm her chaos. Ask for her pictures, she will expect that from you. Call her randomly and tell her how much you miss her. Tell her how beautiful she is that no other women in this world you can compare her with.
    I know she sounds way too out of the world, but if she chooses you, you’re exceptional too. Give her the best life. Don’t repeat the mistakes and make her go through any single shit by herself. Don’t be difficult and ignore her, because she won’t share with you but you have to understand through her eyes! Her eyes speaks a lot about her emotions. Don’t cheat on her. Don’t abuse her or make her feel guilty no matter if nothing makes sense still don’t shout on her. Never count the things you do for her, do it because you love her, because that’s the only one thing that you would have ever wished for. The world is a crazy place and if you get lost it’s hard to find your way back to home. Keep her safe and happy.

    -This date that every year will be remembered through photographs.

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    To the guy she’ll fall in love with...

  • robinsamuel 16w

    To the woman I love the most yet I broke her heart the most. And to those men who make their girl go through it everyday:
    I am an ordinary guy who fell for an extraordinary girl. Her eyes spoke more than she ever could. I lost such an amazing person, whose eyes were only looking to find peace and happiness whereas my eyes were on long looking for her, yet I was not able to understand her and we parted our ways. We laughed, we cried, we fought and we grew together and yet I am far from her. Don’t let your stupid thoughts make her hurt. She deserves the world. One day you’ll sit and regret for your mistakes. Love her the way she deserves to be.

  • robinsamuel 17w

    You light in every star
    You vibrate in my guitar
    Hey, I miss you
    It’s everyday, not once in the blue...

  • robinsamuel 20w

    Eye contact was never my favourite until I saw yours.