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  • robwjeter 1h

    When life gets intense, and it will, follow your heart. Follow your instincts. All of us are free. That is, if we chose to be. Watch the bird. Yes, it enjoys the company, but it also enjoys its freedom. Enjoy you. You're worth it!!

  • robwjeter 1h

    When widsom walks it's best to follow her path.
    She will always lead in the right direction.
    Your own way will lead to self wrath.
    Lost in your own way of self manipulation.

    When wisdom talks it's best to listen.
    Telling you exactly what to do.
    Your heart will shine and your soul will glisten.
    Everything around you will seem brand new.

    When she walks it will be very quietly.
    Never will she force your hand.
    Telling you the truth oh so politely.
    Never giving you more than you can stand.

    When she walks she won't always be seen.
    Many of the people are so blinded.
    But she'll give you a peace that's so serene.
    And with love did she lead for us to be beautifully collided.

    Picture credit to Layla Nowras

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    When She Walks


  • robwjeter 14h

    Today is my girls birthday! She has been in a bad place lately. But we don't want that today! Let her know how much she's appreciated. I love you, Jessie!�������� @angels_halo_always_shines

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    Happy Birthday, Jessie!


  • robwjeter 1d

    Good Night.

  • robwjeter 1d

    To Jessie

    Just before I gave up, a light rose over the horizon. Your fight in this life is such a struggle. And you found a way to love me. I'm speechless and in awe.

    Everyday, we can wake with a smile. Knowing that the biggest problems are nothing. The combination of our loves will completely destroy all of the negativities. Bringing back to life what once was dead.

    Special, you are to me, baby. Can you feel this heart? Since birth it has beaten only for you. Empty and so cold without you. This soul was in danger of death without you.

    Starlight sprinkles gleaming in our eyes, as we are entranced by each others longings for each other. In each others eyes we find peace. We find the real us. Who we were meant to be.

    Inner hurts and pains melt away. Day by day as we go down that road that may not be easy, but will make us happy, finally. Understanding what it's like to really breath. We are each others breathe.

    Enjoying the times spent. Even if we just take a day and do nothing but hold each other, enjoying the touch. Feeling the real. Knowing the textures of each others skin. Inhaling each others smell. It's all about us, yet, in my eyes, it's all about you.

  • robwjeter 1d

    Questions about how to move forward? A question mark on your road? Run it over. Keep going. Do only what you can and everthing else will fall right into place. Don't stop and look at it! Keep going! There are some hidden jems that you just won't see if you stop now.

  • robwjeter 2d

    As I wage a war of one
    My armaments can't fail me now
    Having all I need, on the inside, for a victory that's done.
    Fighting off all evils surrounding, as you can watch, I'll show you how.

    Giving your all is not a mistake.
    The chosen ones beside you, only.
    Love is the spoils of war to take.
    The rest will be left lonely.

    Everything will be fine.
    My character will build bridges.
    All against me will never cross that line.
    Rough seas and deadly ridges.

    Yes, I wage a war of one.
    You better not be against me.
    Never will you see the sun.
    Me, I'll be the one with the victory.


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    On The Inside


  • robwjeter 3d

    What's that in front of you? A mountain? No it's not! It's just a hill. Stop just sitting there. Sitting there just waiting for something to happen that never will. Never will without your permission. So many of us feel so alone in a world full of people. What went wrong? We let a few people close us off.

    Only you can answer the questions. The questions of what you need. Of what you want. It's just a hill. We've wasted too much time on unnecessary pain that has been added to actual pain.

    Remember, you can't control what anyone else says or does. But you can control you. So, stop it. Stop being helpless. You're only fighting yourself. And you will lose every time.


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    Just A Hill


  • robwjeter 3d

    Keep the fires burning in you.

    The world needs so much more than it's given.

    Show the world that there is





    It's so desperately needed.

  • robwjeter 4d

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 3 word micro-tale on Regret

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    Destroy regret today.