Learning how to express my feelings with letters Instagram: rochi_sd

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  • rochi_sd 15w

    Don't worry, I won't get mad anymore, it's time for you to understand that I'm done and ready to move on.

  • rochi_sd 34w

    You will never find the same person twice...... Not even in that person

  • rochi_sd 38w

    When I was little I was told that girls should be always that moment I thought it was about appearance.

    Then when the time pass I understood that (Girl's/woman's) have to be:
    - Pretty strong at any situation.
    - Pretty noisy to say what she want.
    - Pretty brave to defend her opinions
    - Pretty honest with herself
    and the most important Pretty sure about how valuable and wonderful she is.

  • rochi_sd 38w

    Sometimes there is no second chances to say goodbye to those who we love

    Sometimes we have to conform ourselves only with the memories.

    And remembered that we did best we could to make that person happy

  • rochi_sd 38w

    Words are the powerful weapon in this world:

    -Can destroy a life
    -Can hurt feelings
    -Can kill a person
    Or .....
    -Can make fall in love
    -Can create happiness
    -Can construct trust & friendship

    Use it wisely!

  • rochi_sd 38w

    The truth is that your words has destroyed me so many times in so many ways, and that cannot be fixed

  • rochi_sd 39w

    Success is not matter of money....... Is to be able to stand up and keep fighting for your dreams after failing, especially when everyone stopped believing in you.

  • rochi_sd 40w

    We belong to those who we think every night before sleep, even if we don't see, we don't talk or write anymore

  • rochi_sd 42w

    Give up with people:

    - Selfish
    - Arrogant
    - Hypocrite
    - Toxic
    - Negative
    - Abusive

    Cause You are not the trash can, were people can put all their shit. You are a warrior, a light, a person that matter and deserve all the good vibes and love from the world.

  • rochi_sd 50w

    The best life lessons are learned from the people you least expect