XXIII “Here to Impact and not to Impress.” ®

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  • rodney 18h

    25th February, 2021.
    11:56 p.m.

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    Pardon, mademoiselle.

    Leather foams,

    I see lather foams when I close my eyes.

    I see your bare feet feeling the warm sand and the wet floor.

    When I close my eyes,

    I fantasize you and our paradise isle.

    The one that's half-melted,
    Time turning cold water to rime.

    Alike, my fingertips trying to freeze the wine in the glass.

    Alike, alike your smile that evaporated as soon as time.

    As I was left wondering and wondering and wondering of it thrice,
    Thrice and more, until it sliced my valves open,

    Baked it in red saucy flavours.

    ‘Bon appetit!’ as it sounds.
    À la carte on the menu cards astounds.

    Desolé - my French, it is melancholic.

    Stargazer's art is metamorphic.

    His love is fantastic,

    It bloats to float.

    It crawls to roar.

    It is subjective to the objective.

    A kind of metastatic euphoria.

    A kind, a mind that is ideally romantic towards its own feelings.


  • rodney 1d

    25th February, 2021.
    4:27 p.m.

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    When you'd casually walk.

    Would you come and see me?

    come and hold me?

    When the atmosphere condenses to form the clouds,
    Would you consider me before it rains?

    Would you be there standing,

    Holding a candle for my life survived in thoughts?

    What brings forth remembrance when you close your eyes?

    Could the choir that harmonises forget to sing high?

    Am I,
    The victim?

    Am I just someone lost in the crowd?

    The crowd amongst your crowd.
    The doubts about the doubts.

    Would I survive the lie of life that we live?


    come and hold me?

    Tonight, before it gets indistinguishably dark?


  • rodney 2d

    He's bringing me up from the abyss.

    Wind speaks of the fire that it swept.

    Wind gushed to melt the clouds to dissolve my tears.

    Wind held me close to help me to fly;

    I'm flying tonight.

    For those that are weeping tonight;

    With arms cramped with life's weight,
    With pain in your chest that takes your throat to task—

    This poem reads for your plight.

    It prays in the name of the God of all creations.

    The One who is about to change my life,

    The One that laid there - wounded and heart broken.

    The One that proved the ultimate commandment of blood sacrifice.

    The Lion, trampled by the same people's feet.

    In the will of Jehovah's sight,

    He brought me back to life.

    Time and time again,

    He keeps bringing me back to life.


  • rodney 3d

    23rd February, 2021.
    12:48 p.m.

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    Life makes it possible;
    Living forces it to make everything plausible.

    Tough times bring about reformations.

    For what it is to lose your senses to feel the destitution;

    I've come across strength and clement souls' affirmations.

    To beat yourself down could only damage your visions.

    To let go and hold fast to the tumultuous sail,
    Creates stern realization out of worn-out resolutions.

    To believe is halfway through your unwavering determination.

    Hold fast, rudder swift.

    Fly high, dive deep.

    For there can be nothing here on earth that a man cannot bear and break in;

    To recalibrate and show what makes him—him.


  • rodney 4d

    22nd February, 2021.
    8:49 a.m.

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    Vain attempts.

    I have to write,
    I have to write about you.

    If I didn't,
    It'd only over-weigh on my shoulders.

    As if I'm solely responsible for your reminders.

    If you'd try and think of getting through my head,
    If you'd always smile and once lose the sense of smiles—
    What would bring back all that which I've lost?

    Will it be the words that came out of my mouth?
    Or, the air that is inhaled to pump the blood?

    Stuck in-between my teeth are the words that never came out.

    In memories of our history that I had created in my head,
    In addiction—that writing has latched onto everything unsaid—

    I bleed verses in red.

    If I'd never write ever again,
    It'd only be because I've strolled through the park of my grave;

    In black suit and black shades covering my eyes.

    ‘To be honest’ is killing me instead.

    Since, privacy is key to everything I've previously said;

    I bury in silence of poetry,

    I bury myself in, completely in the mud of my mud,
    Before I wake up and practice smiling to strain my heart to brain - everyday.


  • rodney 4d

    22nd February, 2021.
    12:50 a.m.

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    As I am, as I leave.

    I'm vulnerable when you're around.

    I stumble,
    All over my words and actions,
    When you're around.

    I mumble,
    When I'm asleep or when I'm
    half-awake past

    For you are just a figment of my

    For my love would only tear
    you down in the end.

    So I stay away,
    Far away from your overwhelming presence.

    To let you know of how I feel could
    only be done here;

    For to carry everything inside—
    Is suffocating my heart and mind.

    To hold you close can be dangerous to
    you in the end.

    So I leave you where you are,
    To only come home and play fetch with my life.

    For what happens to love,
    If you tend to destroy everything that you caress?

    I'll leave you be,
    Where you are at your best.

    I'll walk far,
    Far away from your chances of calling you mine.

    To show myself vulnerable would only betide my heart and gush to my eyes.

    I'm a mystical lie in your eyes.

    Go and live your life.

    For my heart came not to share,
    But to bear and break what it has.


  • rodney 5d

    21st February, 2021.
    6:59 p.m.

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    Ballad of spring,
    gone to gray.

    I must've been sad,
    I know I must've—

    I grew a rose,
    I raised it to die again.

    I felt it curl,
    I felt it all fall,
    One by one.

    Petals that bloomed,
    Petals that started with yellow,
    Then to pink.

    I let go, before you pierced my heart.

    I let go of your thorns and thistles too.

    But somehow and some way,
    It reminds me of my life.

    Like the force that is applied on a body,
    Like the river that dries up in spite of running steady,

    I was squeezed by my soul to dry my body.

    I'm gone like the river,
    Perished like the flower—

    All in one,

    None at all.

    For you or for anybody at all.


  • rodney 1w

    20th February, 2021.
    9:37 a.m.

    #erotic #passion #lovepoem

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    Private territory.

    Straight to heart,
    And, then to the body that scratched the floor.

    Straight to your spirit,
    Then, we both are explorers in a new territory on our own.

    Own it darling, when my love is all over your artistic melody.

    Holding your breaths, to gasp like you're submerged entirely;

    As my touch caresses your feelings.

    Drop down to the beats of my heart and heal me.

    With the passion that our mouths are - DNA exchanging.

    Love lighted the fire that's burning all over me.

    Yours passionately,


  • rodney 1w

    19th February, 2021.
    11:06 p.m.

    This is a work of fiction, however the point I'm trying to make here is that God's will and plan for your life will always be the best. Don't go chasing after your own heart; but instead, hope, pray for His will to be realized.
    I'm happily single, until His will for me is to get married. Not a man who'd play around. One woman for life. ��

    #Godslove #Godswill #Godsplan #marriage #holymatrimony

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    His will made you my wife.

    Arms wavelike,
    Head tilted to amuse light.

    Your body is lifesize,
    Your soul is mine to abide.

    As you sway in,
    Drop your shadows to swallow my sinning,
    I'll watch you come to me.

    Bargaining your way in.

    As I curve my back to swallow more lighting,

    Your eyes are glimmering,
    In between the shadow and lighting.

    As your heart keeps racing,

    I gently hover over your waistline to push your back to press in.

    As we come together in unity;

    I feel the temples racing,

    In the scent of your sweat,
    All through your teasing and awaiting,

    I've come clean.

    To finally meet and unite as one body,
    As God intended it to be.

    As my Lord intended it to be.

    My love, you are everything that I need,

    From the tattered dusk,
    Through till the suspended dawn—

    You are everything that I need.


  • rodney 1w

    19th February, 2021.
    9:25 a.m.

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    Into my head, leading to my heart.

    I lost track of time,
    As I lost track of my life.

    I lost track of time,
    As I walked past my life behind.

    Mornings have become hard for me,
    Because your absence has stolen my happiness
    covering it with blinds.

    I'm unable to see, feel or hear what you can say.
    While I carry-on with my life, my back hurts with all
    that I've gotten to bear.

    I don't share this to get likes,
    I share this to empathize with readers' losses.

    For a life that's left this planet can only be visualised in

    For my life is thoroughly filled in grief but my smile
    envelopes it with grace.

    As long as I've lived, I've missed her every passing
    thoughts of my days.