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  • roheeth 5w

    Amidst that chaotic grooves, yet 'him' was but alone.....

  • roheeth 6w

    In this chaps book, swearing and love the immortal virtues , both are bad luck....

  • roheeth 6w

    I was once addicted to listening my wrong rumours,I still crave for them..for they were stupendous!!

  • roheeth 6w

    Why we search for our own snap before anyone else's in any of the photo album??

  • roheeth 10w

    Those are happy, those are smiling and here I am I guess not prone to happiness for a longer period.

  • roheeth 13w

    We all like to hide know just in case your need to portray tragedy arises.

  • roheeth 14w

    Sympathy, pampering, mollycoddling, warmth,affinity, sentiment....well all are just a view for me...


  • roheeth 16w

    Are we adults yet or shall we continue mocking kindle love...............STILL??

  • roheeth 17w


    We laugh, we cry, we adore, we hate...In this our very own dialect...
    Albeit never the less achieve triumph over evincing

  • roheeth 18w

    "Good boy gooder lips"....."bad luck badder choices".....