self destructing,masochist,broken,pessimist.

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  • romyyy 79w


    Why do you like the rain?
    -cos they represent my tears.

    Why do they represent your tears?
    -cos my tears don't fall.

    Why do your tears fail to fall?
    -cos I'm numb

    Why are you numb?
    -cos I'm accustomed to pain.

    -Any more questions?

    -I know.

  • romyyy 79w


    I'm ugly.

    I have bumps and bruises on my face.

    And my skin is dark,

    And my hair is frizzy,

    And I have bad posture,

    And I make ugly faces.

  • romyyy 79w


    Just once I let myself consider that I was in fact worth it.

    That I wasn't simply just a waste of time and oxygen.

    And man did optimism sting like a bitch.

    Because optimism wasn't realism,and realistically I'm this broken girl with a rotten soul.