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  • rose12 25w


    The dim light touches her gloomy face piercing the thick shield of her fingers. Although visible, its intangible. She wanted the light to be tattooed on her skin forever but alas it vanishes as the dusk slowly arrives. She cherish the colors light make her see but she knows deep inside it's not for her. The only color she knows is the dark hueless.

  • rose12 28w


    Full moon in the sky,
    Pieces of her on earth,
    Scattered haphazardly,
    She's tired of hail efforts to gather,
    It slips again and again and so on ,
    Her ailing heart and soul finds no peace.


  • rose12 29w


    Sleepless nights
    Wet eyes
    Ailed heart
    Depressed she

  • rose12 31w

    Let me know how you feel about it

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    Peace ☮️

    I sat down quietly in a room full of darkness,
    Silence followed me from behind,
    Ages passed, they are the only ones that didn't depart from me,
    And fill up my empty edges,
    I found peace in those empty words,
    Heart felt delight in blacks.

  • rose12 32w

    By unknown writer

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    Light is easy to love. Show me your darkness