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  • rosebajoplinkharsyntiew_ 8w

    ~you and me~

    Alone in my bed,
    Thinking and wondering what you might be doing ;
    Wishing and praying that you'd smile,
    Catching yourself remembering me.
    Our lives is full of ups and downs,
    Still, I can see you're always beside me ;
    Encouraging me to not give up.
    I like the way you hug me ;
    Placing my head on your chest, makes me feel secure,
    Because when I hear your heart beat ;
    I'm sure enough it's beating for you and me.


  • rosebajoplinkharsyntiew_ 9w


    Life, life, life
    You're the reason I eat,
    You're the reason I breathe :
    I've wasted most of my time.,that i almost lose you now
    Sitting, doing nothing and ending up feeling disappointing...

  • rosebajoplinkharsyntiew_ 12w

    It's easy to fake a smile,
    But faking happiness is like living a fake life.


  • rosebajoplinkharsyntiew_ 13w


    There are friends that are always beside us,
    Even through the hardest, tough time.
    But there are fake friends too,
    And if u have one,
    Who always talk at the back of you
    Just remember you have yourself
    Don't get depressed,
    Be independent
    Stand up and fight..