12:00pm I’m blooming In the dark

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  • rosie 1w


    I put all my dreams
    Into the flaming fire
    Spread the sparks
    Into the cloudless sky
    And pale moon
    Decorated it with
    Endless snowflakes

  • rosie 9w

    All the time,
    I was not destroyed
    By the frustration
    But myself that giving up something
    Made me felt
    I was useless

  • rosie 13w

    How all theses obstacles
    Make you become more indestructible

  • rosie 14w

    Star doesn’t stop twinkling when it is a star
    Sun doesn’t stop rising when it is the sun
    Thus, your story will never be ended even though you turned every pages

    Your life is a part of the most beautiful story we have ever heard

  • rosie 14w

    Live passionately like the flame burning the forest
    Die gracefully like the autumn leaf falling on the ground

  • rosie 15w

    I painted the sky in blue
    So the stars can be shining too

  • rosie 15w

    Never be wasting times on those worst situations you cannot control
    But focusing on things that deserve your smiling face

  • rosie 16w

    Most of the time
    Life put you at the edge of the world
    Feeling lost is ok
    Cause each of us
    Is the light
    That make up the whole universe
    Sometimes we cried a lot
    But always there
    Are still so many things
    That deserve our smiles

    A cup of coffee
    Mixed with a little
    Bright sugar
    A fluffy Samoyed wailing tail
    On the street

    We are the hope
    If only we tried to find it
    From our inner self

  • rosie 17w

    There is always a place where the wind leaping with you and the light going through

  • rosie 17w

    Forever young
    I still remember how to love someone