A budding medico, considering writing to be the most soothing therapy to heal , with a heartiest effort to make a tiny difference..!

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  • rounak3107 12w

    Do watch to praise the efforts of doctors these days..! Like and share if you like the same...!
    Show some love to the struggles behind the white coat...! ( Link in bio)
    A tiny tot, with that playful stetho,
    That her fragile hands lay on her mom’s chest,
    She had already typecasted being this hero,
    Much before, the tongue could barely utter a word for,
    Heart, kidney ,lungs or Neuro..!!

    Yes, someone said it right,
    If something in universe was so pure and bright,
    That was an innocent, tot's insight..!!
    The profession, playfully chosen by these purest of hearts,
    Itself describes the charisma of this life saving art..!

    The degree comes before heart ,in hand,
    For, it is first the healing attitude that happens ,
    Then paving way, to Ganong and Harrison’s ..!!

    The story is long, with a plot quite strong,
    Reciting all the struggle that came along..!

    When it kicked off, enthusiastically, to prepare for neet,
    She pleasantly gave up, those parties and treats.!
    For, all faded away, before the prestigious, holy seat..!!

    Soon, the doors of medical college lay wide open,
    When, she had just began pressing those untouched buttons,
    Again, commenced the ratrace of specialization..,
    At this bloomy peaking age of life, and passion..!

    Now, in the wards, day in and out,
    Sleeps esacped, body drained out,
    nerves firing the impulses of traction,
    What if, the case detroriated, inspite , the best action..!??

    You see, the hardships, physical and mental,
    That lay her personal life entangle,
    Still, with smile…how corageously did she handle..!?

    These lines were to lit the candle,
    To light the perspective through this angle…!!

    It arouses, a gushy stream of adrenaline,
    To see those horrid , shameful scenes,
    Of the foolish, cowards, nasty and mean..
    Throwing the stones, at this butterly cream..!!

    For it was easy to spot just that mistake..
    But, did you look at the better side of the cake..?
    So, let me get you back awake,
    To admire the countless smiles they bake,
    By keeping their pleasures, all at a stake..!!

    Yes, it’s the white coat dripped with blood,
    Which is a glamour, in trend, of the world,
    For all those, theatres have now shut off,
    Now, in the crisis, of On and off,
    the heroes in white are slaying it off…!!!

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    Doctor's life through a broad insight..!

    Yes, it’s the white coat dripped with blood,
    Which is a glamour, in trend, of the world,
    For all those, theatres have now shut off,
    Now, in the crisis, of On and off,
    the heroes in white are slaying it off…!!!
    Instagram: @med_pie: "Doctor's life through a broad sight" by @rounak3107

  • rounak3107 14w

    Yes, your typical advices infuriates me a little….!
    Yes, your scoldings compell me to drift the cell a little away from the ears..!
    Yes, often we don’t get our logics matched together…!

    But yes, your deepest love shooks me down to the core…,
    When I look myself through the mirror, to realise.,

    How wonderfully you make a perfect match to an imperefect lass..!

    Happy father’s day .!

    - Rounak Maheshwari

  • rounak3107 15w

    Rip #sushantsinghrajput

    Not all wounds are visible,
    Not all screams are audible..,
    And Not all who cry have tears,
    Those deepest pain directly explode as massive losses..!!

    Sir your indigestible loss has reminded us once more to increase our transactions of love and generosity…!! You left, but your dynamic work will stay with us as your shadow forever..!!

    - Rounak Maheshwari
    - @rounak3107

  • rounak3107 15w


    This stye on my eye, made me realize….it is generally the smallest of things which shook our cores up to the bottom..!

  • rounak3107 16w

    To you..!!!

    Here is this shy girl who could never open up to you about how much she liked you…and she never will. All I could do is to think about you endlessly scrolling through your profile being cautious enough that it does not hit the like button. Whether it is the , gossips of the college that stop me.,which catch fire without even doing much or the fear of society that judges, there is some hidden cause that leaves me paralysed even from the thought of doing so. I wasn't myself aware how and when this emotion paved it's way in my heart, but I had to admit this when I literally felt terrible on seeing you with someone else. It takes a hell lot of courage for such shy people ,to even accept the thought of having crush on someone. Confessing is then, really a high deal to us.
    Honestly, to me who had never been in this all before, to like you means literally to just have you as a friend and nothing more. I don’t believe to make things deliberately a certain way. If I like you, I’ll be happy to take hold on whatever place you offer me in your life, be it just sharing of memes and nothing more. I’ll accept you with the people close to you rendering back all my insecurities. For me having even a mild contact with you is satisfying enough. But all I I just want is to establish that mild bond, before it’s too late and you move ahead. For once, I want to know, by being with you,whether what I felt about you was actually you. I’ve a fear of things getting more awkward and messy that too keeps me apart….for, I believe the things that happen in the flow of genuinity are naturally the best. So, It may sound a bit ninny, but actually I have my deals with God everyday to flow the wind of genuinity in such a way that somewhere in life it makes us to cross our paths.

    I just hope you give me a small character to play in your life.

    - Rounak Maheshwari
    - @rounak3107

  • rounak3107 17w

    You say you have a rigid heart, right…??

    Wait till you meet your Bright candle, melting it all.


  • rounak3107 17w


    She extended her hand besides the tiny ant who sat panicking for her life, at the very edge of a tub brimming up with water.

    A few seconds later, the hands landed her to a safe dry land.

    This was the first life the future doctor had saved..!!


  • rounak3107 17w


    Yesterday, It felt a little empty when I couldn’t find a single trophy there on my shelf.

    The very next day, you told me that I was the bestest friend you got till date.

    I smiled, for ,I had got my 1st trophy, saved with that screenshot in my gallery forever….!!!!

    - Rounak Maheshwari.
    - @rounak3107

  • rounak3107 17w


    Lay more emphasis on making your story bright rather than casting superheroes to get it high.

    Good characters are always naturally attracted towards the exciting plots…!


  • rounak3107 17w


    Yesterday, you told that I was so sweet and that you could spend your entire day talking to me.

    Now today, you say that you can not be my forever, due to the fear of watching the charming bond fade.

    I wish I could have given you the comfort of the entire daily meal, rather than the sweetness of an occasionally offered dessert…!!