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  • rubatosis 10w

    Freud- Your Id is too strong. Driven by pleasure principle.

    Fanny in 2020 - No its driven by netflix and chill.

  • rubatosis 10w

    Freud- Your potty trainer was too strict.That's why you are so frugal with money.

    Fanny in 2020 - Please explain that to my friend who keeps asking her money back.

  • rubatosis 10w

    Freud - You are in denial Fanny when you say he loved you.

    Fanny in 2020- Because he is in denial when he says he doesnot.

  • rubatosis 11w

    An ode to the story I never wrote

    Travellers in metropolitan city know
    That while travelling in a metro you are in a different dimension of time
    Where seconds seem like minutes and hours like days
    Where a million strangers look at you with their million eyes
    So not to get lost in this expansive space of time and faces
    I reached out for my life jacket
    My earphones and plugged them desperately
    The morose world turned into something exciting
    It took on a different sheen altogether
    I was listening to songs which have no meaning
    Korean, Japanese, Russian, Turkish, you name it I have it
    After all who said that to feel it was important to understand
    The soothing romantic beats are enough to sway me and fill my mind
    With a million stories, Weaved in a different context
    With strangeness and life
    The next man I see in the metro
    Amuses me to become my muse
    He gives soul to my character
    And maybe the pretty woman sitting beside him can be his lover
    While they sit in front of me, both engrossed in their smartphones,
    Totally oblivious of each other
    I have already started their courting period,
    The way they meet will be subtle yet sensational
    He will not be able to take his eyes off her, off her beautiful curls
    And he decides to take his chance,
    Meanwhile the woman is also conscious of his glances
    And inside she is exhilarated as she has never seen a man with such luminous eyes
    She shifts in her chair and leans forward and he also leans automatically
    Now she just can’t stop smiling
    He is bewitched by her smile
    And the only thing that remains unsaid between them is their names
    The woman will board off the next station
    And almost in a panic the man will also board off almost missing her
    Then he goes behind her, for a second hesitant
    But then her smile flashes across his mind, infusing him with courage
    The woman has crossed her fingers, and she is wishing akin to burning that the man mayfollow her, she may even allow him to stalk her.  Damn feminism.
    The moment she starts loosing hope a raspy voice calls out for her
    She looks back, drowning in happiness and sees him
    There he is a portrait of handsomeness
    Such a familiar stranger
    She walks towards him and reaches out for his hand.
    And that exact moment my reverie of thoughts break
    As the woman beside the man asks him to stand up for her grandmother who is coming at next station
    The man spits at her why does she not stand up or go into the woman’s coach.
    And then the perennial scuffle of gender related debate only exclusive to the metro ensue
    And I just change my song to the blasted raps of Eminem.
    To drown the unnecessary skirmish.
    And I come to a spirited conclusion
    Some people are just better in my head.






  • rubatosis 14w

    Every other sibling going to bed in this quarantine -
    Goodnight! Sleep tight!

    My brother -
    Guess I will stick with sweet dreams cause nightmares are now reality.

  • rubatosis 15w

    On the brighter side...there will always be friends drunk enough to make you laugh even in the darkest of your days.

  • rubatosis 19w

    Confessions of a shitty friend

    Well there is no work and there are no friends.
    Just a lockdown and my lonely thoughts.
    Sorry people for the times I ditched you.
    But didnot know this Karma would hit us all.
    Probably because there are too many shitty friends out there in the world .

    PS- just kidding.

  • rubatosis 22w

    A little thought to you

    Half of the day is gone

    Figure out how will the next half go.

  • rubatosis 25w

    When the sun goes down
    I want to see the stars with you.
    I want to drink a fizzy champagne in a glistening glass and then I want you to kiss my wet lips just to wipe those drops.
    I want you to take me to a beautiful restaurant and see me gasp over a delicious dessert.
    And then I want you to take me home and make love to me not because you can but because you really really want to.
    I want all this just with you.

  • rubatosis 25w

    The unfortunate thing is our search for reality is in the most unreal places.