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  • rubhen 5d



    Everyday im walking on a thin line,
    Lies of telling you im fine,
    I miss the old younger days,
    Where i knew my happy place.

    We didnt have a bunch of people to impress,
    Now all we want is relief from our stress,
    Days past as we get older,
    Only to realise the walls getting closer.

    I've got broken wings but i keep flying,
    But the pressures too much and im trying,
    Time has been so fast, so cruel,
    We're trying not to be a fool.

  • rubhen 4w



    Im trying to talk to you but my hands are tied,
    Walking everyday on a fine line,
    Everyone has a dark and cold side,
    I feel embarrassed when they see mine.

    Rain and thunder in my dark skies,
    Clouds parting but its all lies,
    Lonely night and quite cries,
    Wonder how i look in God's eyes.

  • rubhen 4w



    Strangers in the night,
    Two lonely people they were
    always thinking of wearing white.

    Looked at each other by accident
    and they've fallen at first sight,
    Wanting to meet under the
    bright moonlight.

    Something about his eyes,
    was so inviting.
    Something about her smile,
    was so exiting.

    But both were scared to
    make the move.
    Neither had to courage,
    Both had something to prove.

    The night got late,
    they both had to go,
    It started getting cold because
    of the Christmas snow.

    They wished they could have met
    at the end of the day,
    All one other knew was that other
    was the one that got away.

  • rubhen 10w



    I want out, I want out,
    All I see above is a dark cloud,
    I feel alone and nobody is near,
    The cold fog doenst seem to clear.

    I feel like a messed up machine,
    In a world thats cruel and mean,
    Broken parts and forgotten to check,
    Waited to be pulled out of this train wreck.

  • rubhen 12w



    I miss those days,
    We would drive around eating Lays,
    Every trip brought us together,
    Drive around no matter what weather.

    We would go to places only a few know,
    Go to our favourite hill and see the city glow,
    We would buy some snacks and talk,
    Sometimes play some songs and just walk.

    Each day I got to know a new page,
    I tried everyday to free you from that cage,
    But you block me out and say something wacky,
    All you wanted was me to be happy.

    That same car that you love dearly,
    Broken and beat so you named it Emily,
    If only i knew that our journey was coming to an end,
    I would've say goodbye to another friend.

  • rubhen 12w



    Sometimes, your true colours
    need to spill.

    So you can realise, you weren't
    made to camouflage.

  • rubhen 12w



    Listen to the wind,
    it speaks.

    Listen to the silence,
    it speak

    Listen to your heart,
    it knows.

  • rubhen 13w



    Some people need help.

    They feel so alone and cold.
    Like something taken from them like
    the soul they sold.

    They feel lost and out of place.
    Constantly criticized and fallen
    from their grace.

    They feel like they're trapped.
    Wanting to be normal like others
    but get their heart cracked.

    They feel like there's no one
    actually there.
    No one to talk to and no one
    to share.

    These people are everywhere.
    They could even be your loved ones.
    They could be anyone.
    These people are always forgotten,
    and it shouldn't be like that.
    I once had someone, someone very
    close to me,very close.
    Until one day, i was too late.
    I tried to help,i really did. But it wasn't enough.
    I was minutes too late.

    All i want to say is, some people do need help.

  • rubhen 13w

    Its okay


    At some point
    We just have to surrender
    To the magic of our heart.

    We try to forget,
    And it begs us to forgive.
    We run and hide,
    And it screams in love.

    Its okay to feel broken,
    But hearts never break.

    And neither will you.

  • rubhen 13w

    Let Me Dream


    I dreamed of something
    big,something high.
    Dreamed about falling
    while looking at the sky.

    The view of heavens
    and the crisp of air.
    Weightless and the feel
    of the breeze on my hair.

    For a moment, I forgot
    about all my problems.
    Feeling the ray of
    sunshine and warm autumns.

    Then my vision starts
    to get blurry,
    I wasnt planning to
    finish this as a short story.

    The light that was once bright
    starts dimming,
    Then i wake up in my dark room
    and see my fan spinning.

    I was back in reality where
    the dark was my friend,
    I knew some dreams are meant
    only to be broken in the end.