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  • ruchita_dewani 3w

    Why we want someone to understand us ?
    Why we want someone to get change themself for us?
    Can't we love that person with their imperfections, as first their uniqueness made us feel to connect them.

  • ruchita_dewani 4w

    Samaj ni aata!

    Agar Baatein Bi Sharato Pe Ho Toh Fir Baat Hi Kyu Karni!

  • ruchita_dewani 4w


    Sometimes in life people think he/she is difficult to talk with
    No! noone is difficult, it's just that they have different mindset and by giving them freedom which they want then many relationships/friendships can be saved.

  • ruchita_dewani 4w

    A Step toward's myself

    Do whatever that makes you feel good..
    Dance it out, sing out loud, laugh out loud, do crazy things then see what changes occur in your life. That moment of joy gives you blissful feelings for rest of your life.

  • ruchita_dewani 5w

    If Someone Hurts You So Much, Smile And Leave
    And Show Them Your Attitude..

  • ruchita_dewani 5w

    Khud se khud tak

    Have you ever talk to yourself?
    Have you ever pampered yourself?
    Have you ever shout/done fight with yourself?
    It feels awesome when you lost in your own world to find yourself,
    It's only you who is with your soul to make her feel good.

  • ruchita_dewani 7w


    In this world of darkness stars seems the Hope of Light
    Telling you not to worry what if one door closes there are many other more doors in your path which will lead you to your destination..
    Telling you the next morning will be more blissful to you..

  • ruchita_dewani 8w


    A sparkle come in you when you just imagine a dream which you want to achieve. So think what blissful moment it will be when your dreams come true.

  • ruchita_dewani 9w

    Emotional Pain

    Emotional Pain jisme soch ek esa gehra khua hai joh tumhe apni under lifetime tak rakh sakhta hai
    Jab haaste haaste ek dam se rooh padho
    Jab khush hote hote ek dam se khamosh ho jao
    Khate raho ki waqt se thik ho jayega par pata nahi kab tak chalega
    Phir ek din aata hai jab tum sab chodna chahte ho
    Thak gaye ho sab soch soch ke
    Toh chalo na saath milke hal kare
    Thoda mera dard tum samjo
    Thoda me tumhara...

  • ruchita_dewani 9w

    It's Complicated?
    Or we are making things complicated!!