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  • ruchithareddy_19 1w


    Yellow is colour of sunshine
    Blue is colour of loyal
    Red is colour of love
    White is colour of perfection
    Black is colour of power
    Pink is colour of passion
    Orange is colour of happiness
    But do you know something


  • ruchithareddy_19 1w


    Meri zindagi mein sari kushiya bas tere bahane se aaye hain!!!
    Kuch tujey satane se aur kuch tujey manane se


  • ruchithareddy_19 3w

    Self respect

    "Never leave your self-respect and run behind a person because it feels worst than a break up"

  • ruchithareddy_19 3w

    Self obsession

    The way you like yourself,
    The way you love yourself,
    The way you treat yourself,
    The way you accept yourself,
    defines the way you are


  • ruchithareddy_19 3w

    Play to win

    " If you wanna play then just play to win
    weather it may be game or life "

  • ruchithareddy_19 4w


    Zindagi ka kadwa sach
    "Bas thoda sa sabar karna sekho
    Har sawal ka jawab milane lagta hai"

  • ruchithareddy_19 4w


    Dosti karna asan hai lekin isee dost banau ki aap dono ka beech koyee teesra na aasake agar aa bhee gaya to uskee phaat jayee

  • ruchithareddy_19 4w


    When you are in relationship fights are just common but the most important thing how you solve it and how you get together matters

  • ruchithareddy_19 5w

    Life challenges

    It's not easy because we are humans. Two people in love always have uphill battle but it's how you handle those challenges that matters

  • ruchithareddy_19 6w

    Break up

    If you wanna break relation then break but break it up at point where when you face eachother in the real world then you could just smile and wish eachother